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I would love to hear your thoughts on last night’s show! I got to watch a periscope that panned to the audience during Mirrors and it looked wild! But also I’m just so emotional about how he’s grown over this tour, as a singer & musician & performer & person, so I’m curious to know what stood out to you about his show!

ahh, thank you!! tbh EVERYTHING, but: 

  • ‘mirrors’ is such a good place to start - i know this song is an absolute jam, but nothing quite prepares you for how it feels live to build through the rest of the slow songs into the chorus, it was SOO GOOD. niall was so cute about this performance, too - something REALLY took off near the end, and he went out from behind the microphone toward the audience, and it wasn’t the least surprising when he turned toward gerry and john and then back to the audience after the song was over to say, ‘that was the best that song’s ever sounded!’ or smth like that. (not that i’m biased) but it WAS
  • he was SO CUTE about checking in with his band in general. jake has a couple of great solos throughout the show, not just his ‘on the loose’ one, and every time niall would turn to him and jake would cheeese at him, so cute! niall’s getting better at his band intros too, conor masterson gets a surprisingly loud reaction from the audience lmao 
  • ‘since we’re alone’ is sOO MUCH better live!! and it was so good to begin with, u know? idk if they changed anything, or if it was just the effect of performing in a decent-sized room to a bunch of people, but it really stood out to me as most improved from studio to live 
  • the set list has suuuch a nice natural build from top to bottom. i guess i just hadn’t listened all the way through in that order before, but he made a comment about it when the slow songs were over of, ‘see, you’ve just got to be patient with me for the slow ones, and then we really get rockin’, or something like that a;sdkfla;sdjf it was so cute but VERY true
  • he actually had WAY more success directing the audience than i thought he would! he got on and did the first two or three songs and asked everybody to lower their phones, and sort of kept gently reminding people not to throughout the night ‘because i can see each and every one of you’ and for the most part, there wasn’t a lot of footage being taken until he came back for the encore and started ‘fool’s gold,’ and every phone in the joint went up
  • tHE CROWD SING-ALONGS OF HIS SINGLES + ON MY OWN WAS SO FUN ! i kinda expected people to be able to sing along to the singles, but he was like, ‘sing if you know the words!’ during ‘on my own,’ and it felt like absolutely everybody there did. just such a delight - so much fun to sing, ‘you could offer the world baby, but i’ll take this instead’ with a crowded room full of people 
  • his little speeches a;lsdkfj 1) they’re so cute but 2) i think he also kinda rushes through them because he gets nervous over what to say, like, the room got so quiet, u can imagine him thinking, ‘oh shit, i didn’t prepare a speech for this, let’s just sing another song,’ but even then, his little aside about every show since the album came out being a celebration of it (and of making it go number one) were just darling
  • he’s just THE BEST
Why Jurgen Klopp changed Liverpool's sleeping arrangements for La Manga trip

Jurgen Klopp conducted an FA Cup style draw to determine the sleeping arrangements on Liverpool’s warm weather training camp in La Manga.

Players usually have their own rooms on away trips but Klopp decided he wanted them to share during their four-night stay at the five-star Hotel Principe Felipe as part of his team building exercise.

Reds captain Jordan Henderson is in with Sheyi Ojo, while vice-captain James Milner has Sadio Mané for company.

“We had this little funny gimmick. Bringing the players together by putting them in twin rooms,” Klopp told the ECHO.

“It wasn’t a free choice! I picked the names out of the hat.

“Lallana and Manninger. Henderson is with Ojo, Milner with Sadio. Firmino and Karius – nice room!

“Simon Mignolet is with Conor Masterson, I’m not sure that Simon even knew Conor before this trip. But after four days here he really will.

“The players are learning more about each other. Everything has been perfectly organised.

“We’ve had a few meetings and we’ll have a few more of them. I’m enjoying it and I think the players are too.”


The Frames - In The Deep Shade

An intimate, beautifully shot film following Dublin’s finest over 18 months as they embark on a 20th anniversary tour. Low-key yet atmospheric and emotional. Why can’t more band docs be like this?