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This guy makes me so happy with his videos. When I feel down or bored, I watch his videos and I feel happy! He is one of my favorite youtubers and I hope that I can meet him someday. He’s amazing and the Sugglife hoodie is pretty amazing too! 🤗❤️

A JOE CHRISTMAS - a Joe Sugg imagine

Joe had taken the time and care to clean his apartment that morning because you were coming over. It wasn’t as though his apartment had been particularly messy either; he still felt as though it needed tidying. You were over in London for a few weeks over Christmas and Joe thought that because you didn’t have a tree or a family here, he’d invite you over to help him decorate his. He couldn’t imagine spending Christmas away from family, let alone not even being able to hang baubles and lights and whatnot.

When he heard a knock on the door, he called out, “Come on in, its open!”

“Hey Joe!” you grinned.

You couldn’t believe how incredibly nice he had been to invite you over. You had only properly met Joe a few weeks ago when you had first come to London; before then you had only chatted through a computer screen. However, you already considered him as one of your closest friends. It was just the way he always made you feel included and safe in a way you only usually felt at home with your family.

“So my tree just arrived yesterday,” Joe said. “And I’ve got some gold and silver decorations!”

You laughed, “This is awesome, Joe!”

He just grinned before motioning you closer to help open the large cardboard box in the centre of the living area. You held the box still so that he could cut through the taping that kept it shut. When you let the box flaps go to reveal green branches, both of you gave a small cheer. It was exciting business, Christmas.

“Y/N, you don’t mind if I film us setting the tree up do you? I really want a time lapse for today’s vlogmas!”

You told him it was fine and as he set up his small camera on his kitchen worktop, you began to assemble the base of the tree. Joe came back and after an hour or so, the Christmas tree was assembled and decorated. Through the fluffing of branches, draping of lights and hanging of ornaments, you and Joe spoke amiably, laughing and simply getting along. It was a really comfortable and festive atmosphere that you really appreciated.

“Phew,” he mumbled, collapsing onto the couch. “I reckon we deserve lunch.”

You couldn’t help but laugh as you nodded in agreement, falling down beside him.

“Feel like Deliveroo?”

“Yes! I am not feeling like venturing out on this freezing day,” you said.

When the food arrived, Joe and you sat side by side on his worktop eating. At first, you were both too hungry to talk much but once some of the food got in you, the conversation increased. You found out a lot about Joe during that small period of time and you told him much about yourself as well. The way conversation came so easily when you were with Joe when it really didn’t with others, highlighted the fact that he was someone you loved to be around.

“Alright, Joseph!” you exclaimed after a while, in an excessively proper accent. “Let’s get onto those lights!”

“Yes, ma'am!” he replied with a matching impression.

You laughed as you hopped down from the stool you had been sitting on to start unraveling the twinkling lights Joe planned to put on his many olive trees. He came over to join you, helping with the untangling. When you turned around, Joe began to wrap the lights around your torso, quickly so that you wouldn’t be able to get away. You glared at him mockingly once he was done and he just stuck his tongue out at you. He ran over to the other side of the room to grab his vlogging camera and turned it on.

You struck a pose as he began in his David Attenborough voice, “And here we have a magnificent tree. Look at it’s lovely limbs and features reminiscent of a human face.”

You stifled a giggle.

“The astonishing thing is, this tree sparkles and glows!”

You couldn’t help but burst out in laughter. Joe just grinned and chuckled along at the sight of a girl wrapped in fairy lights doubled over with laughter.

Part of the CHRISTMAS series.


Live action Diabolik Lovers

Emily Browning as Yui

Aaron Johnson as Ayato

Jackson Rathbone as Laito

Sterling Knight as Kanato

Bradley James as Subaru

Alex Pettyfer as Shuu

Ben Barnes as Reiji

Alexander Vlahos as Azusa

Matt Dallas as Ruki

Young Brad Pitt as Kou

Avan Jogia as Yuma

Christina Hendricks as Cordelia

Heather Graham as Beatrix

Emilia Clarke as Christa 

Travis Fimmel as Karl Heinz 

Roger Garth as Carla

COnor Mclain as Shin