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How to Save a Life- Chapter Fifty (Epilogue)

Here is the final chapter of How to Save a Life!!! A huge thank you goes to Karley of dwyerdaily for helping me come up with ideas for this epilogue! I hope y'all enjoy this last chapter and please hit the heart and leave your feedback!! :D

***12 years later, 2025. Hadley’s Point of View***

“It’s been so long since the last time we did this” Conor says heavily, trailing his lips down my neck and moving his hands to the bottom of my pajama top. “I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too, darling” I reply between happy sighs. My husband’s mouth feels so good and familiar on my skin, sucking on that sweet spot that always drives me wild.

Our bedroom is dark, but the room suddenly fills with a quick flash of light coming in from the windows, but we’re too caught up in each other to notice or care. Followed by the flash of light is a huge clap of thunder.

“Crap, it’s a storm” I whisper.

“So?” Conor hisses back, starting to push down my pajama pants. “Its perfect weather to get close to someone.”
“Yeah, someone meaning the kids” I remind him. “You know Rory and Mackenzie are scared of thunderstorms.”

Conor sighs and pulls away, bracing himself above me, his huge hands on either side of my head. “They went to bed two hours ago. I bet they’ll sleep through the storm.”

As if on cue, the pitter-patter sound of two pairs of tiny feet makes its way down the hall. I hear a squeaking of a doorknob and the thud of the bedroom door as it hits the wall.

“Mommy! It’s thundering!” our 4 year-old daughter shrieks in her high pitched voice.

“I’m scared!” Rory, our 3 year-old son shrieks alongside his sister. Conor sighs again and just shakes his head at me in disbelief. I respond with a silent, smug smile. Mother always knows best.

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Sneak Peek to my possible fan fic

feedback would be greatly appreciated since this is my first fan fic and I’m just writing this on the spot right now. If you want me to keep going and make this into a full story then please give me ideas, comments, and suggestions for both plots and titles. Thanks guys <3

Sneak Peak

Alex and I walked into the club after flashing our ID’s and made our way to the bar.

“OK, listen,” I yelled over the sound of the music, “This is your 21st birthday. You only get one of them and I don’t care if you don’t like to drink, tonight you’re gunna have the time of your life, even if I have to force you to get on the dance floor!”

Alex shook her head at me but yelled back, “Fine, so what are we getting first?”

I smiled and called the bartender over, ordering a shot for Alex and me. We took it back and Alex gagged. I laughed and shook my head. I tried to grab Alex’s hand and pull her toward the dance floor but she didn’t budge. “I’m gunna need a few more drinks before I make a complete idiot of myself”

Laughing, we ordered another drink to sip on for a little bit. After about twenty minutes we were still sitting at the bar talking. I felt someone tap my shoulder and I turned around. I couldn’t see their face very well in the lighting but I could tell whoever it was was tall and muscular. He didn’t say anything for a second and I got a little frustrated.

“Can I help you with something?” I asked rudely.

“Oh. Uh yeah. Sorry.” He stuttered. “Do you wanna dance?”

I turned to Alex and she nodded with wide eyes, giving me permission to dance without her. I told her to have some fun before grabbing tall guy’s hand and walking to the dance floor.

We started dancing face to face for a little bit before he grabbed my waist and turned me so I was grinding against him. He held onto my hips and moved his body with mine. Eventually he started kissing my neck, his breath hot. My breathing got fast and I had to pull away.

“I’m gunna get a drink.”

He followed after me, “let me take care of it.”

I nodded and sat down at the bar. I noticed that Alex was still sitting a few seats away but she was now talking to a good looking guy.

“So what can I get for you?”

“I’ll have whatever you’re having.”

Tall guy ordered us both a beer and sat down next to me. “So what’s your story?” He asked.

“What do you wanna know?” I questioned back. This guy seemed genuinely interested in me which was weird for a guy at the bar.

“What brings you to Gainesville?”

“I’m a junior at UF.”

“Cool. Whats your major? Do you play any sports?”

“Majoring in psychology and I swim on the intramural team.”

“Why not varsity?”

“My times weren’t quite good enough to make the team but I couldn’t give it up. How about you? You go to UF?”

“No, I’m Florida alum but there’s something holding me here.” He smirked.

“Oh. A girlfriend?” I felt my face fall.

“No. It’s kinda job related.” He chuckled at himself and I raised a eyebrow. He shook his head and went on to ask me more questions.

About an hour later, tall guy and I were still getting to know each other. I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket and I looked at it to see a text from Alex.

im resfy go hpme.

I laughed at her messed up text before looking back at tall guy. “It looks like I’m going home, nice getting to know you Tall Guy.”

“Let me give you my number. I’d love to talk to you again.” He smiled, showing off a beautiful smile.

I handed him my phone and he typed his number in my contacts before giving it back. He winked and said “Seriously call me though.”

I walked outside and found Alex by the road trying to find a cab. I walked up to her just as a cab pulled up. I could tell she was tipsy as she climbed into the back not caring about her dress riding up and mooning the people on the sidewalk. I laughed before sliding in after her. I gave the driver our address and looked at Alex.

“Did you have a good birthday?” I asked.

“Yeah. But I didn’t have quite as good a time as you.” She said with a little slur.

“Tall guy was pretty cool.” I replied, smiling.

“Tall guy? Wait a minute!” She practically shouted. “You really don’t know who you were hanging out with all night?”

“Alex what are you talking about?”

She shook her head. “Danielle, that was Conor Dwyer!”

Conor Dwyer Oneshot: Appreciation

Conor Dwyer Oneshot: Appreciation

Requested by allthingsashxo! Inspired by the pic on Conor’s Instagram in his awesome hockey gear. Hope you guys enjoy! ;D


“Conor! I almost didn’t recognize you without your lil Speedo on!” Patrick yelled at him, turning to laugh with his teammate.

And the trash talking begins.

Your boyfriend just got on the ice and Patrick, Conor’s life long hater, was already up to no good.

Conor and a few of his swim buddies started their own hockey team, cleverly called the Olympic Dolphins. Conor and Patrick were team captains of their respective teams. Patrick’s team coined the name the Arctic Polar Bears.

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How to Save a Life- Chapter Forty Seven (NC:17)

I received requests for one last sexy chapter between Conor and Hadley before I wrap the story up, so here it is! Reader discretion is advised. My apologies for any errors because I didn’t edit this thoroughly. Enjoy! :) 

“You know” Conor begins to say once the couple has cleaned up the wrapping paper from the floor. “It’s really cold out there tonight. You need someone to-“

Hadley holds up her hands to stop him from dropping another cheesy pickup line. She hadn’t even heard the rest of it, but she already knew it would end with ‘You need someone to warm you up. Let me take care of that.’ “Conor, don’t bother” she laughs, moving into kiss him. “I already love you; there’s no need for the pick-up lines.”

Conor pokes his lip out, half pouting, half waiting for her lips to touch his. “You don’t like my pick-up lines? You don’t even know what I was going to say” he mutters.

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How to Save a Life- Chapter Twenty Two (NC:17)

Hadley parks her car on the curb and marches up to the front door of Conor’s house before she can lose her nerve, turn around, and come up with some excuse to bail. She had been so nervous prior to coming here that she had to play pump up music on the car ride over and give herself a pep talk to get psyched.

“You are one hell of a sexy bitch and you are going to blow Conor away with your moves” Hadley told herself as she turned her car onto the swimmer’s street.

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How to Save a Life- Chapter Forty Nine

Here’s Chapter 49! I didn’t have time to edit so I apologize for any mistakes you find. I hope y'all enjoy! Please click the heart and leave your feedback :) 

The four young adults enter the house, immediately greeted by a large, brown bull mastiff.

“Aww” Hadley coos as the dog trots over to say hello to the brunette. “Who’s this?” she says in her distinct animal voice.

“This is Biggie” Conor informs her, joining his girlfriend on his knees to pet the family dog. “The laziest dog around.”

“Aww he’s a cutie” Hadley gushes, rubbing Biggie’s short fur affectionately while he licks her other hand.

“I see you’ve met Biggie” a feminine voice comments.

Hadley looks up to see a tall blonde woman in her fifties smiling down at her and Conor. Hadley smiles back and rises to her feet to greet her elder and her boyfriend’s mother.

“You must be Mrs. Dwyer” she says pleasantly.

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How to Save a Life- Chapter Forty Eight

The excitement of Duel in the Pool slowly fades away, but Conor and Hadley have plenty of other things to get excited about without it. Now that the meet had ended, it was time for Conor to fly back to his hometown of Winnetka, Illinois for the holidays, bringing a very important guest with him. Although Hadley’s father wasn’t pleased that his eldest wouldn’t be getting back home to Baltimore until Christmas Eve, he knew it was only fair for Hadley to meet Conor’s family as he knew hers.

The couple sits in the airport terminal, waiting to board the lengthy flight to Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.

“I’m already know that I’m going to mix up your brothers’ names” Hadley tells her boyfriend. “And all of your forty cousins should probably expect the same.”

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How to Save a Life- Chapter Forty Five

Conor and the team couldn’t do too much celebrating after his 400 IM victory. Team USA was still way behind the European All Stars in terms of points, and they only had one more day to pull it around and pull ahead. Despite Conor’s, along with a couple of other teammates’ victories, Team USA went to bed the night of the 20th feeling a little disappointed yet determined. Luckily, Conor’s best events, the 200 IM and 200 freestyle, are tomorrow, and America needs him to kick butt on those to close the gap.

The hazel eyed swimmer receives his share of celebratory kisses from his girlfriend once he sees her after the events wrap up for the night, but nothing more.

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How to Save a Life- Chapter Forty One (NC:17)

The following chapter of HTSAL contains mature elements, strong language, and nudity. Reader discretion is advised. Enjoy ;)

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Conor whispers as he feels the hem of his t-shirt being grabbed by Hadley’s fists.

“Absolutely” Hadley whispers back, growing hungrier for him by the second. It had been practically a moth since the two had last slept together; the last time was before the Golden Goggles back in November. Now, in mid-December, it was clear the two wanted to warm each other up.

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How to Save a Life- Chapter Thirty Nine

My youngest daughter is smart enough to know that you should never reveal your hand before you play it. She knows it would be in everybody’s best interests if she kept fact that she knew about Hadley and Conor’s breakup a secret from Hadley. If Rosie wants any prayer of getting the two of them back together again, she needs Hadley to be in the dark as much as possible.

After her grueling yet rewarding swim practice, Rosie collapses onto the passenger seat of Hadley’s car.

“Tough practice, huh kiddo?” Hadley asks, surveying her sister’s damp hair and exhausted posture.

“You have no idea” Rosie replies. “He worked me hard today, but I needed to be. I haven’t been in the water since before Thanksgiving.”

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How to Save a Life- Chapter Thirty

It’s been so long since the last time we hooked up Conor thinks to himself as he pushes Emily against the hotel room wall and kisses her roughly, more than ready to treat himself to some no-strings-attached sex. The Olympian wastes no time yanking off the model’s white tank top and dropping it on the floor next to him, growing both impatient and hard.

Emily seems just as eager to do this as he is, grabbing the belt buckle on Conor’s jeans and undoing it rapidly so she can push his pants to the ground. She moans loudly as her booty call starts to kiss the sweet spot on her neck and tugs her shorts off. He knows just what I like the model thinks to herself. I’ve got to make him my boyfriend and not just my fuck buddy she silently vows as her shorts hit the floor and she steps out of them, kicking them aside.

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Desires and Decisions- Chapter Thirteen

Conor’s Point of View

Ryan Calling my caller I.D. read as my phone keeps ringing, ruining the moment between Veronica and I. This would happen to me; Ryan interrupting just when things were going so well. How did he even manage to time these things? He did the exact same thing at the club that night in Rio, stealing Veronica away right as it was starting to heat up between us. Ryan’s my buddy and all, but did he seriously have to call now?

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Thinking About You-Chapter 2

Jess POV:

I awoke to the beautiful sunlight that is Florida. I turned over but realized I wasn’t in my own bed. I jolted up and realized I wasn’t in my PJ’s either. I couldn’t believe that I did this to myself. I had to take the walk of shame to find out who I slept with last night. So I got up out the bed and walked down the hall, which was when the smell of pancakes and sausage hit me. I come to find a very tall, fond skin man with a back to crawl all over with just sweatpants on.
Conor- good morning! How are you this morning?
Jess-I’m good but I have a huge headache.
Conor-would you like some coffee?
Jess- yes I’m dying for some.

He had then offered me some food, and I gladly took it. He was a good cook, and good looking too.
Jess- so how bad was I last night?
Conor- besides the fact that you cuddled with me the whole night, you are a good sleeper.
Jess- So, wait we didn’t hook up last night?
Conor- no way. I’m not that kind of guy.
Jess- and I’m sorry but my mind is blanking on me, what is your name?
Conor- Conor Dwyer.
Jess- Jess or Jessica Bradley
Conor- well nice to meet you Jess. So would it be alright if I take you home? I wouldn’t feel right if you just took off in a cab.
Jess- sure, it’s cool. And I would like to thank you for not taking advantage of me. This would have been really awkward.
Conor- can I call you sometime?
Jess- mr. Dwyer, I think that you can.

Conor POV:

I put on a shirt and waited for Jess to finish, so I could bring her home.
Jess- Umm I think this belongs to you.
Conor- You can keep it. I own like a thousand Gator shirts.
Jess- thanks.

We got in my Tahoe and to my surprise she lived right around the corner from my place.
Jess- So I guess, I’ll see you around.
Conor- I guess so.
Jess- Well see you around Mr. Dwyer.

And just like that she left me with a huge grin on my face and butterflies in my stomach. It was Sunday afternoon and I was prepping myself for tomorrow’s 5AM practice.
*Incoming text: 2 Messages
*Reezy: Diggy, I got so fucked up last night but I landed an awesome blonde.
*Jess: Mr. Dwyer, I hope we see more of each other, you are quite the catch. ;)

Jess POV:

I just couldn’t shake this Dwyer dude. He was truly a catch. So I did something that I thought I would never do, and I took my phone out and text him.
*To Conor —-> Mr. Dwyer, I hope we see more of each other, you’re quite the catch. ;)
2 New Messages
*Anna: So where did you end up last night?
*Conor: I think you will Ms. Bradley. You have a great set of legs that I simply can’t resist.
To Anna: Well, I ended up at this guy’s house, his name is Conor Dwyer, know him?
To Conor: So you want to see me just for my legs, and I was thinking it was for my pretty smile.

To Anna: I guess so. He was really nice but we didn’t hook up. We we slept in the same bed, just no sex. He is a total gentleman.
Conor: Oh trust me, it’s more than your legs that I like about you.

Anna: I am going to faint. My friend is talking to an Olympian.

So I decided to look Conor up, and just as Anna said he was a gold medalist. And he trained at FU. This was a lot to take in. Even while I was in the shower, I couldn’t shake this guy from my mind. But I knew in my mind, that I was only putting him in danger. He couldn’t know my secret.

Oh yeah it’s a cliffhanger. Chapter 3 coming this week. Feedback please. And let’s know if you want something in the story.

Desires and Decisions- Chapter Twenty Six (Mature)

Warning: the following chapter contains some explicit content. Please continue reading at your own risk. Enjoy! ;) Leave love and feedback please! 

Conor and I exit the limo, both of us receiving a warm, please-think-about-my-suggestion smile from Holly as we part ways from her for the night.

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