conor brewster


My girlfirend bought me this beautiful blank book with hand dyed red pages while visiting Italy two summers ago. The company has been making books for hundreds of years and is very well known in the Florence area.

This is a Friedrich Nietzche quote. He is most certainly the man

Phoenix Phrame

This small picture frame survived through a blazing garbage fire, and rose from the ashes for me to find. This scan does not do it much justice, but I thought destruction was a cool process for creation. The licks of the flame helped me paint this one…

Abby’s First Cigarette

This is a photo I took a while back on a Fuji Instax. Sweet camera. My friend Abby (in the white shirt) made it 19 years without ever smoking a cigarette. This is her first and last one to date. Oh, the wonders of being blackout drunk.

Hey guys. Here’s something new. I made a bunch of new personally tie dyed and screen printed shirts today. It’s art!

EAT STRIPS SMOKE ZIPS. I know thats all you little rascals do. Shoot me a message if you want one of these for yourself. 12 bucks, and free shipping anywhere in the U.S.

I’ll custom dye and print one to your own specs, colors, and size if you’d like

Dose of Reality

I’ve been working on this painting for over 14 months now, using acrylic paint and other collage materials. The painting is done behind a piece of plexiglass, which means what would usually be the final details on most paintings, are painted first on this one. The painting measures 2’ x 4’

It is finally done, and ready for you to enjoy.

A full resolution scan will be available for you to look at soon. For now, close-up sections are available for viewing in the painting section.

Posters may be coming too… What do you think?