Le diversità ed i connubi.
Una domanda che mi pongo è sulla presenza contemporanea nell'individuo di due o più “concezioni”.
Esempio: religioso praticante + xenofobia.
È intrigante e stupefacente.
Merda di diverse sfumature inglobata in una capsula organica.
Merito dell'evoluzione? dei cortocircuiti interni neuronali?
Non lo so.
Ma esistono anche questi super-individui.


“Today would have been our 63rd anniversary,” Tom said. He turned his gaze toward the water, and I could see the sunlight dancing in his eyes. I reached for his hand anyway and set my hand on his.

He didn’t seem to notice. I looked at his profile as he stared out into the vastness.

“That’s a long time,” I managed, my throat grasping to contain the words that fell from it. I took my hand from his hand and brought it briefly to my chest then to rest on the wooden railing that kept us from the edge of the cliff. A seagull barked overhead, and I turned to watch it glide above us then swoop onto a nearby rock.

I knew my role—the placeholder, until he could see her again. In heaven. Taking a deep breath, I gained courage to speak again.

“Do you see that sailboat way out on the horizon? I wonder where it’s headed? Maybe to Catalina. Catalina’s wonderful this time of year.”

I turned to see if his expression had changed, but he continued to stare beyond our physical world. So I checked my watch.

“It’s nearly time for bridge,” I said.


by Stephen Dunn

Because with alarming accuracy
she’d been identifying patterns
I was unaware of — this tic, that
tendency, like the way that I’ve mastered intimacy
in order to conceal how I felt —

I knew I was in danger
of being terribly understood.