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Nervous Ticks - Assassin's Creed
  • Altair: He will pace, try and collect his thoughts, fiddle with the knives on his belt.
  • Ezio: He will cover his nerves in courage, hoping that his friends go along with it.
  • Connor: He swings his tomahawk, shifts on his feet slightly, even picks at his sleeve every once and a while.
  • Edward: If he isn't intoxicated slightly, he will chuckle and try and brush things off as if they were nothing.
  • Shay: He will clench and release his fists, let his eyes wander around the room, or even tap his foot slightly.
  • Arno: He will stifle his anxiety by pushing himself to run more, to drown out the fear crawling up his spine by exerting himself and forgetting his legs even work.
  • Jacob: Jacob will mess with his tophat, hum a tune, or seek out someone to scuffle with. He would rather feel the sting of a wound than the sting of worry.
  • Evie: She will put things in lists, click her tongue, or flick her eyes to the ground for a few seconds in distress.
  • Desmond: Desmond will pick at his own skin, tremble, or shut the thoughts worrying him out completely.
Me and AC characters cooking.
  • Altair: I can cook.
  • Malik: can you really?
  • Altair: ......I..
  • Malik: novice >:D
  • --
  • Ezio: WOMEEEEEEEEEEN....yeah, women are for a desert :D
  • --
  • Me: no Connor, the meat is already prepared-
  • Connor: IT MOVED!
  • Connor: *tomahawk chop*
  • Me: stay away from the seafood!
  • --
  • Haytham: *cooks like a professional* I got this
  • Me: accidentally forgot one slice of an apple...
  • Haytham: ....*throws all 30+ meals in the trash, starts again*
  • --
  • Charles: ;-; how do I do this?
  • Me: get a wife.
  • Me: oh wait, who would want to marry a shit product.
  • Charles: :O you....
  • --
  • Hickey: Drinks for breakfast, drinks for dinner, drinks for life!
  • --
  • Aveline: FOOOOOD COOK!
  • Food: Yes ma'am!
  • Aveline: dinner is ready!
  • --
  • Edward: .....let's go get Taco Bell.
  • --
  • Shay: Imma make some apple pie!
  • --
  • --
  • Elise: desserts, because fuck my diet.

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@all assassins fight me n my squad ( ͡°( ͡° ͜ʖ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°) ͡°)

Altair slid his hidden blade out with a quiet schink. Ezio drew his sword from its sheathe, Connor twirled his tomahawk in his hand, Edward drew out his two pistols, Arno got his Phantom Blades ready, Jacob slid on his brass knuckles, and Evie popped the dagger out of her cane sword.

At the front of the group of highly trained killers Sara stood with her arms crossed and a small amused smile on her face.

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

Connor Costume Update FIVE!  8/7/14

Ok last one today, folks!  Spent some time working on the leather items.  I finished the belt and made good progress on the holsters.  I distressed the leather on the bow and the quiver.  I feel much better about them both now.  I think what bothered me so much about them is that they were too pristine and unblemished.  They needed some wear and tear.  It was rather heartbreaking to deliberately damage such expensive leather but the end product is much more satisfying.  The leather bits got on the white embroidery of the quiver and I rubbed them in so the white is less white and more dirtied, if you will.  

Then I took some pictures.  And got excited.  Then I started adding stuff in and, well, there you go.  Good night!

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It’s been long overdue that I do this list. I’ll be leaving home for the university in about 3 weeks. So this will be probably one of the last things I really get to do on here. In light of somehow reaching 1,264 followers I give you this follow forever list!


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I KNOW that’s not a lot of followers but being on tumblr and having this blog has been a life changing experience, whenever i need a break or get away from the stress in life OR on my rp blog i come here. 
i met so many people that i look up to,
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