i keep thinkin’ of cute connoraveline disney aus

like the princess and the frog one i mentioned awhile back 

or a tangled one were haytham is mother gothel, aveline is flynn, and connor is rapunzel

or a beauty and the beast one with aveline as belle and connor as the beast

or of course a little mermaid one with aveline as ariel and connor as eric

Connorline Headcanon Tiems with Pam and Blink

1. Connor doesn’t like to be touched, at all. Except for Aveline, except when she touches his butt, the butt is off-limits. 

2. Connor’s pretty ticklish on the sides, so Aveline just loves to make him laugh like that. Needless to say, he hates that. 

3. Aveline has this very high pitched laugh, which becomes worse during sex, making Connor quite confused. 

4. Like Pam stated before, Connor loves to steal Aveline’s chocolates, so Aveline just eats all the chocolates except for the coconut ones, which Connor hates. 

5. Connor snores, quite hard. 

6. Connor’s microscopic handwriting. 

7. His favorite part of her body it’s her legs and ankles, major turn on. 

And I think those are all. :V 

Your name is CONNOR KENWAY, and you wish you didn’t have A CRUSH on a girl like AVELINE. 

Too bad you do anyways. 

EDIT: I updated connor’s outfit since I got the game finally. Aveline is more or less the same though uou

VERSIOn WITH SCARS WIOW (help i cant draw scars)

First attempt at writing a Connor and Aveline "fan fiction"

Aveline approached Connor and she said to him “hey” Connor didn’t say anything since he was observing his environment. Finally Connor said to her back “hello Aveline..” in a cold and calm voice and tone. He coughed some as it was a cold December night then Aveline told him “how was your day? did you do anything interesting?.” Connor told her “The usual” Connor played around with his tomahawk more focused on it than  her. Aveline tells him “I see, well my day was interesting” “That’s good” Connor says. Aveline notices that something is wrong with Connor as he’s really quiet so she tells him “What’s wrong? you’re quiet” she places her hand on his shoulder and he tells her “Nothing’s wrong Aveline” indeed nothing was wrong with Connor he was just nervous around her and he was cold too. She tells him “Connor.. you know you can tell me anything right?” he nodded and said “yes I know, you also” Aveline smiled and said “aww I know” Connor looked down where Aveline didn’t see him and smiled some until she notices and says “hey! you’re smiling!” He gains some confidence and tells her “Well, I am smiling Aveline, because you’re here.” They both look into each other’s eyes for a moment, a lover’s gaze you can say, they move closer to each other until Connor and Aveline shared a moment in time to kiss dearly.. 

So for those who were curious about the Connorline AU I’m planning along with Terpy, it’s basically Connor and Aveline in a James Bond-esque scenario, in which both are agents. It will contain elements typical to the AC universe and it will be hot as hell man. It should take place in the ‘60s. 

I’m drawing them in their AU clothes right now, so yeah.