Team RetroPulse!

We are RetroPulse. We are a group of driven artists and musicians planning to make an impact on the music industry. Our music taste consists of a unique combination between Hip Hop, Electronic and a hint of Rhythm & Blues. Our goal is to create a sound that brings together these popular, powerful genres into a blend that well-represents the beauty of the art of music.

Team Members:

Emily Wilson - Emily’s experience in music entertainment, specifically reality television, has taught her how to be a leader in a collaborative environment. Singing as well has always been a major part of her life. She loves Hip Hop and House music and is determined to produce pieces within those genres as well as establish and advertise them as a part of a brand.

Xan Marsella - Xan has an incredible amount of experience vocally and instrumentally. She plays the ukelele and piano and also loves singing. Hip Hop and R&B are definitely within her interests, however her vocal tone tends to lead toward a more acoustic side. Xan loves performing and will work hard to develop entrepreneurial skills as an artist.

Connor McCarthy - Connor enjoys and has much experience with the production aspect of music. He loves to listen to and produce electronic music. Alternatively, Connor takes pleasure in performing songs, especially in the theatre realm. His talents with production software are a great addition to our team.

Michael Fulton - Michael produces music completely on his own and loves to create and listen to Hip Hop and Dubstep. He has worked hard on combining the two genres into an entertaining blend, which will contribute greatly to the blend within our team. His experience with playing piano and using his midi keyboard makes him a valuable component of RetroPulse.


RetroPulse has been working hard at one track. We feel that if we put all of our energy into only one song as a group, we can maximize the perfection of our craft. Xan has written an incredibly emotional song that has taken our sound to a whole new level. The lyrics have a dark yet empowering meaning that we can all appreciate. With a little help from Emily on the bridge, the song came full circle and Connor and Michael got right to recording it. We’ve been working hard at recording the vocals and editing the complex track. At this point, all that’s left is fine tuning the track and vocals. We’re so excited to complete our project.