10 Things I Learned While Watching Disney’s Descendants

Apparently Disney villains reproduce asexually.

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After 20 years a 16 year old kid is the only one who thought about getting these kids away from their abusive parents who everyone knows for a fact are evil. And everyone thinks it’s a bad idea because…because…reasons.

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On an island full of “heroes” this 16 year old kid who is next in line for the throne is the only one who’s not a self-righteous jerk.

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Disney villains are so self-centered they choose variations of their own names for their children.

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Mal may have some sort of mental illness since she hallucinates a statue of her mother coming to life and singing a song about evil with her. But it’s okay, because it gives us more Kristin Chenoweth!

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Despite hating them enough to put them on their own island, people still don’t know how evil villains are.

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Maleficent - Mistress of All Evil - has no idea how to use video chat.

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Beast and Belle have forgotten how to dance and instead “parent dance”. Come on guys, you had one of the most famous waltz’s in all of movie history. And now…

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Repressed homosexuality is a thing in a magical-modern-Disney-world too.

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Kristin Chenoweth makes everything fun to watch.

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This humor-intended post aside, I did get a kick out of this Disney Channel film and would watch it again.