The Day after 4th of July

Selina: Connor?

*flicks on lights*

Selina: Are you awake?

Selina: Oh dear, what a mess…

Selina: Aw, Connor, that 4th of July cookout really tuckered you out, huh?

Connor: *groan*

Selina: Oh good, you’re up just in time for breakfast.

Connor: So, um, yesterday…4th of July…

Selina: Yeah, did you have fun? You stuffed yourself on pie, you know.

Connor: It was good. The fireworks were nice too.

Edward: WOOooooo! By golly, that was a bloody good party, kiddos! And you, girly, make a mighty fine what-do-you-call-it? Ehhhhh…..BURGER!

Selina: Edward, I told you not to bring rum to the cookout. Now look at you.

Edward: I didn’t want to listen to ya ‘cuz ya ain’t my mumzy!

Selina: Your breath stinks. Back up, will you, Eddie.

Edward: Aaaahhhhh, Connor, that lass hurt yer pappy’s feelings! Gut her with yer toma-hack thingy and defend my honor!

Connor: What honor?

Jonnor: Stars and Stripes

So i thought it would be cute to do a little 4th of July Jonnor drabble and this happened! Hope you like it!

          Jude was woken up by someone shaking him. At first it was sweet and gentle, but after the person realized that Jude wasn’t budging, the shaking became a lot stronger. At first when Jude opened his eyes all he saw was a flash of red, white and blue. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and realized that the red, white, and blue was none other than Connor. “Connor?” Jude question, his voice filled with sleep.

           “Yeah, your moms let me in! And you have to get up, the parade starts in like half an hour!” Connor was always excited to spend the day with Jude, but today was one of his favorite holidays and it was going to be amazing!

           Jude gave his boyfriend a confused look at first. “What parade was he talking about?” he thought.  Then it dawned on Jude what day it was and that he promised Connor they would go to the 4th of July parade together a few days ago. It took all of his willpower to get himself to leave the comfort of his bed. “Okay, okay I’m up! I’ll be ready in like 15 minutes, meet me downstairs.” Jude said as he walked into the bathroom to get ready for his day.

           15 minutes later and Jude was headed downstairs wearing a shirt Lena had bought for him for this very day. It was a simple dark blue t-shirt with an American flag on it. He figured that it was enough to be patriotic that day, that is until he actually got a good look at Connor. He couldn’t believe that he didn’t notice what he was wearing when he was waking Jude up. Sitting at the kitchen counter was Connor in a short sleeve red, white, and blue plaid, red shorts, stars and stripes socks, red shoes, and an American flag bandana.

           When he greeted everyone a good morning and Connor turned around he saw that his face had been painted like the American flag. He had to have done that while Jude was getting ready because he did not remember that when he woke up. Jude stood there with his mouth speechless at everything had boyfriend was doing to celebrate America. Connor gave Jude a smirk and asked, “Is that all you’re wearing? Do you want some face paint?”

           Jude shook his head and replied, “No thanks!”

           “Come on just a little!” Connor said as he started to raise the little brush towards Jude’s face. Jude quickly swatted Connor’s hand away before he reached his face. Connor giggled before saying, “Fine, are you ready to head out then?”

           “Yea I think so.” Jude took hold of Connor’s hand and headed for the front door. “Bye everyone!” He said as an afterthought.

           “Bye boys! Be safe, call us if you need anything.” Lena told them when they exited the Adams-Foster house.

           While walking down the steps of the porch Jude turned towards Connor, “So you’re very umm.. patriotic today.”

           Connor look down towards the ground embarrassed that he was so over-dressed. “Well yeah I thought it would be fun to go all out today. I can go change before the parade if you want.”

           “Connor, no you dork! The face paint might be a little too much though,” Jude joked, but Connor didn’t get it and turned back towards the house to go wash it off. Jude pulled his hand back towards him, “I’m just kidding, I think it’s cute! It’s like I have my own personal Captain America.”

           Connor’s face lit up when he heard Jude’s words. But then the dirty blond face became void of emotion and he saluted his boyfriend. The two immediately burst out laughing. When they had finally stopped Jude looked at his watch and told Connor, “The parade is going to start soon we should probably get going.” And with that the two boys started off towards the parade, hand in hand ready for awesome day!

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hi! i'm new to this fandom and i am wondering is there like a sort of masterpost? xx


This is chronological.

San Francisco vlogs- Troye, Tyler, Connor and Troye’s brother Steele went to San Franscisco to visit Twitter headquarters. (xxx , xxx)

Playlist Live- Tyler’s vlogs of playlist live have some tronnor/tronler (it’s on

 Italy Trip- you may know all the British boys + Tyler+ Connor + Troye toured Italy (xxx) This specific vlog is where Louis filmed them traveling together, going to bed together (same room), and filming a vine.

(There’s also one with a cute moment with them under a umbrella but idk where that one is and it’s a really short moment. The thing about that was how Connor tweeted this: xxx ).

4th of July - Marcus + Niomi + Connor + Troye had a couples’ day out (xxx)

Troye in LA - Then Connor and Troye spent most of September together and a little of August. I looked, but there’s really no tweets or pictures to direct you too. They were almost silent about interacting, except they were constantly out and about together and fans kept finding them shopping alone. They went to the Streamy’s and DWTS together (xxx) but we wouldn’t have known if Ricky, Beth, or DWTS hadn’t posted pictures. Connor was in the background of the Troyler Auguest videos. They spent Connor’s birthday together (we think?).

SYDNEY (NOW) - Then they were supposed to be apart for the next 5 months until playlist and Connor’s tweets and instagram photos were clearly sad (quotes about loneliness and black and white filters. Honestly he’s such a hipster) BUT CONNOR TOOK A SURPRISE (AT LEAST IT WAS A SURPRISE TO US) 14 HOUR FLIGHT TO SYDNEY (CAN YOU TELL IM STILL NOT OVER IT) and here’s my post summarizing the highlights (xxx) or you can stalk their twitters.

But basically Connor met Troye’s family and since then they’ve been inseparable to the point that Connor waited with Troye’s family while Troye had a meet and greet with Bethany. And we have no idea why the silence has ended.

I hope this was enough. If you see references to “I cherish you” that’s because of this (xxx)  or “the best person I know” (xxx) . Also there’s Marcus’ collab with Connor where Connor’s gazes and laughs at Troye can break your heart (xxx).

I honestly think that’s a good summary.

If you’re hooked, here’s fanfiction I can recommend.


Our Eyes Meet- My amazing friend Lauren wrote this

Peaceful Heartbeats – I read the entirety of peaceful heartbeats in one night

3 Songs For Connor - this is mine and it’s still in progress

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(and I’m sorry for not including more fanfiction writers. It’s literally because I don’t know you’re there. Feel free to enlighten me. We need more writers)