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Hey it would make my day if you could write something with sincerely three about the reader coming out to them as gender fluid?? Im gender fluid so it would be really cool to see how The Boys react to their partner coming out. Thank you so much!!

Absolutely! I’m personally a cisgender loser so I can’t write with experience, but I’ve done a lot of research on all genders and sexualities so I don’t have to ignorant. I hope this is what you want! <3


- I’m starting with him because he’s so precious

- He doesn’t really understand at first, but he’s super open to you!

- He doesn’t want to bombard you with questions and make you feel uncomfortable

- Instead, he goes home and researches everything he can find

- Days when you feel kinda bad or insecure? You get kisses!

- Days when you feel like a million bucks? You get kisses!

- When you’re feeling especially dysphoric or unsure, he lets you ramble for hours

- He tries his best to give you great advice no matter what, and always makes sure you know he loves you!


- When you first tell him, he’s just like “Okay, cool” and you’re kinda mad??

- You expected a bigger reaction and you got so nervous, but he just shrugs it off

- Not rudely though

- He’s experimented with his gender before?? He knows a lot about it, basically

- He helps you with the tiny details (”try this jacket”  “these shoes are lit”)

- Anything you need to feel great, he’ll do it

- He’s pretty laid back, but he goes all out for you


- I write about him being an ass a lot but he can sense this is a big deal

- He honestly just thanks you for trusting him enough to tell him

- No matter how you feel day by day, he makes sure to pay attention

- Like Evan, he tries research

- He’s actually a huge sweetheart on the inside? And he cares a lot about making you happy as possible

For all of them, they’ll always ask for pronouns! Every day!

i rlly like the idea of them just chilling in the afterlife or smth