You guys don’t understand how important this episode was to me. As an older sister myself, I absolutely loved the dynamic between these two. It made me miss late night movie nights with my brother, watching dumb anime and 80′s movies, throwing popcorn and cracking silly jokes with each other. I’m really liking this show so far, and I can’t wait for more Murphy sibling shenanigans and bonding!

I’m going to say this again: Just because you’re unhappy with Disney XD’s recent decisions regarding its animated series doesn’t mean you should attack other shows on the network and be disrespectful. There are even some people here and anywhere else who can like many Disney XD series at once, even the ones that are hated on. The creators and their staff don’t run the network, they’re just doing what they do – working hard on their shows.

And besides, there were instances where some people contributed to both Gravity Falls and Pickle and Peanut, Wander Over Yonder and Pickle and Peanut, The 7D and Pickle and Peanut…you get the idea.

Part of me isn’t crazy shocked Tumblr is legit angry about the Amanda/Milo thing yet i also am because i thought they were joking around when they bashed it. (Some people are joking when they bash forced “Het” ships, while others are actually serious as if it’s the sexuality that’s the problem and not the writing,  a mindset that has it’s own bad implications)

I think in the context of the episode, it’s rather cute from Milo’s reactions to her to him going out of his way to help her. Ir’s also kept in the show’s usual silly humor, so it’s not like an out of left field dramatic turn.

As long as they don’t go too far with it like some shows do, I’m cool. And lt’s be honest, Milo.Zack was not gonna happen because Disney won’t do that main the main character. Maybe side characters or one offs but not the leads, unfortunately.

The last time i posted a post to comment on something in the fandom, it did not end well, so just know i get the problem, I’m just saying what i think/ Kindly inform me if if i’m wrong or whatever..

EDIT: Have to address another thing: One complaint is that they are being addled together despite not having interacted prior. That would valid…if this was later into the season.

?This is the first month of the show, and this was episode 4b. At this point into Phineas, BALJEET, a major character, did not exist yet. The first 5 or so episodes is for introducing concepts, either as you plan it out, or as they come to you.

It is likely this was planned but they waited until establishing other things first. This is still very early in the series, guys. Also, in the episode right before. they establish her personality. They establish her before putting her with Milo, even if it’s just right before.

This was their way of introducing the idea as it is early. They hadn’t interacted for the same reason there was no Buford or Baljeet  in the first few production order episodes: They weren’t fleshed out/established yet.

In short, this complaint is from people who don’t know how writing and planning a series works.

(Just know that if you still don’t like th ship or the episode, that’s fine, it’s certain people and how they are going about it addressing it that bothers me. I’ll admit Milo having this crush is a bit forced, but the rest of the episode makes up for it/

.It’s interesting to  see him prevent his luck from affecting others he cares about. Plus, the opposites attract angle makes this more interesting than a typical random romance like this. Again, as long as they don’t go too far with and make it cheesy or whatever, I’ll be fine.

My last note is don’t attack specific writers over this. I already saw one person do so and i hate that. For one, animation, especially Dan and Swampy’s shows, is collaborative, and for all we know, a different came up with the the idea and the credited writer was tasked to implement, we don’t know.

Even if 1 is to blame, attacking them specifically is wrong. Okay, hopefully that’s all i will add.