connor wilkinson

This is me when i realize that I will never marry one of the omaha boys.. Or one of the magcon boys.. Or the boys from o2l

Kian imagine

*Y/N’s pov*

“Y/N! DID YOU TOUCH THE NUTELLA?!” my best friend Kian yelled from the kitchen

I just sat on the couch with my mouth in the shape of an o and the nutella tub in my hands, i quickly went to hide it but as i went to put it in Wishbones bed i felt two strong arms lift me up and place me back on the couch. Im not going to lie I’ve had a crush on Kian ever since we first met in 7th grade.

“i *kiss* knew *kiss* took *kiss* the *kiss* nutella *kiss*” Kian said in-between kisses

“Kian what if someone catches us” i said pushing him off

“Don’t worry Y/N, the guys went out with Dom” he explained

We were cuddling on the couch watching The Little Mermaid when the doorbell rang but Kian was too lazy to answer it so as i went to open the door Dom’s arms were wrapped around my torso and he began to spin me around

“Y/N I’ve missed you” Dom said putting me down

“I’ve missed you too Dom” i said

“Kian whats up?” Dom asked Kian

“Nothing much how about you Dom?” Kian sounded pissed i wonder why

During the day it started to get hot so i decided to change into my bikini

grab a water gun and sneak outside. All the boys were sitting by the pool so i looked around for my first victim, i aimed towards Dom and got him straight in the middle of his head, as soon as he spotted me he ran but i was to fast and he ended up falling in the pool anyway

“Y/N has anyone told you how hot you look half naked” Dom said and i giggled 

“Not that your not hot fully naked” he continued with a wink and i feel to the ground laughing

“What a charmer” i replied

I was too busy laughing to notice an annoyed Kian storming into the house.

When i eventually noticed i walked into the house to notice he wasn’t anywhere to be seen.

“KIAN!” i yelled but nothing

As i got to his bedroom door i could hear sobbing 


“W-w-who i-i-is i-i-it?” he asked in-between sobs 

“its me” i quietly said

When he opened the door i was face to face with and tear stained face Kian and my heart broke

“What’s wrong?” i asked

“What was with you and Dom Y/N?” he asked

“We were just having fun” i replied

“FUN?! YOU CALL FLIRTING FUN?!” he screamed

“FLIRTING! IS THAT WHAT YOU THINK WE WERE DOING KIAN?! HUH?! WHY DO YOU EVEN CARE IF I WAS?!” i screamed back at him and he went silent

“WELL?!” i was expecting an answer

“BECAUSE LIKE YOU! THERE I SAID IT I LIK-” i cut him off by slamming my lips on his soft pink ones and God did it feel good

“I like you too Kian, i promise not to ‘flirt’ with Dom again if it means i hurt you” i said

“Thank you” he said and we spent the rest of the day together.


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Magcon Preference

-Your YouTuber Best friend(s)-

Nash- Troye Sivan

Cameron- Zoella

Taylor- Tia Valentine

Shawn- Dan & Phil

Carter- Conner Franta

Jack J- Kian Lawley

Matt- Jc Caylen

Aaron- Andrea Russett

Jack Gilinsky- Austin Jones

Sammy- Tyler Oakley

Skate- Jenna Marbles

Hayes- ThatCherJoe

Hope you like it(: