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Is it still sleepover Saturday? How are you doing? Sleeping well? You think you got some headcannons in you for Connor or Shay with a pregnant s/o or as fathers? If not, it's cool! It's been a pretty hard day for me and I need some babbies LOL Otherwise, hope you're doing well and have a good night!

I’m doing pretty good! Got off work 2 and a half hours ago (wow time does fly when yer havin fun!) Its close to midnight here in the Carolina’s, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For the headcanons, imma try mah best!


I believe that Connor would be a great father, better than what Haytham could have been if he had stayed with Ziio. 

Connor would have been in complete and utter shock when his s/o told him that she was pregnant with his child; he would probably be scared outta his witts, wondering if he would be a good enough father to the child. His s/o would reassure him that he is a great man and would be a greater father once the child came to the world, and of course, he would believe her. 

During her entire pregnancy, he would do his best to stay around the homestead, but his duty as a Assassin would not end till he had killed his father. Whenever he was at the homestead, he would spend every waking moment with his s/o, tending to her needs. Taking long walks with her and helping her get the nutrition she needed; he would even spend some father/child moments by just talking to her growing tummy, telling the growing child how much he loved him/her and his s/o.

When his s/o went into labor, he was worried about the welfare of her and the child, hoping that they would both be ok in the end. Whenever he heard the cry of a baby from the delivery room, relief washed over him, thanking the maker that his baby was alright. Whenever he went to the delivery room, his s/o was resting due to how exhausted she was. One of the two women (of your choice) of the homestead would walk over to Connor, having a bundle in her arms. She would hand the gesture the child to Connor, him being so terrified, wondering how to hold her. He quickly figured out how and the moment he saw the child, his heart melted. I would like to think that he had a daughter, and once Connor took one look at her, his heart was so full of love that he would probably start tearing up.

From then on, he would always protect her and his s/o in the best way he could. He would probably train her to become an Assassin when he thought she was the right age.


When Shay’s s/o told him that she was pregnant, he was so happy! Probably picking her up and spinning her around, laughing and kissing her, telling her that he loved her so very much. 

He would also try and stay at Fort Arsenal as much as he could, but there is no sleep for the wicked when you are carrying out orders of the Templar Grand Master. 

When he would be back from the sea from sailing his ship The Morrigan, he would spend every minute with his s/o after showering her with kisses both on the lips and on her growing tummy. Shay would also tend to his s/o needs as well, giving everything she needed to make sure she had a healthy pregnancy; he would, occasionally, give his s/o a foot rub every now and again due to how swollen her feet would be after taking some walks. 

When it came for the baby to arrive, he would not leave her side for a moment. He didn’t care if the midwifes told him it wasn’t proper, he wanted to be there with her through everything. Once the baby came to the world, he held his child (he has a son, its canon) in his big arms and calloused hands, trying to fight the urge to shed tears; he would kiss his son and his s/o, thanking the maker that he had given everything that he had ever wanted….. A home.

Welp! hope that fills your request @korealchemist! Sorry to hear that you had a bad day, hopefully this will lift you spirits :D

Want to talk? Still taking Sleepover Saturday stuffs even though its sunday now lol

The Vamps interview on BBC breakfast (4.4.16)
  • Interviewer: Are you feeling alright?
  • Brad: It's - we literally did two shows in London and and and and had a party afterwards
  • The other interviewer: Have you been to sleep Brad?
  • Brad: I have, for some reason I was up until like 4 o' clock watching videos of pandas, so it might be that . . .

THANK YOU, ABBY!!!! I got these buttons in the mail today from Planetariums. They are so cute, I just!!! Ahh!!!! SO. CUTE. She even included a Connor with a cupcake in there!!! I pinned one to my backpack already.

So happy ; m;

There was a new episode of Regular Show today, and I was planning on making Regular Show stickers to give out, since it’s the start of a new season and I have to make them before Comic Con to give to JG anyway, so. But all last week and this week are really tight, so I haven’t found enough time to draw anything. When is the next break!!! I need to finish these stickers soon ;__;

I usually make sets of 11 for sticker sheets, but with all the main characters put together, there are only 7 characters in Regular Show (Mordecai, Rigby, Benson, Pops, Skips, High Five, MM). Woops I forgot Margaret. Alright, make that 8. Should I settle for 8 characters or are there minor characters you guys would like to see?


I got so many amazingly adorable Connor things for my birthday this year! It’s really exciting. My cutie friend from back home sent me a birthday package in the mail with a big Connor plushie. So adorable and well made! Kevin drew me a picture with me and all of my characters in it, which is exciting. And I got a surprise email from a certain someone, which really made my day. The last one came in the mail along with some nice things and a letter from my good friend Soapily soapily butter. I feel so bad because I’ve been writing the same letter back for three week ahahahhngg ;__;