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About that new Sarah Connor poster…

Why do I care? Why take the time to write this down?

There have been very few famous heroines in Hollywood action movies to begin with. Sarah Connor (The Terminator), Ellen Ripley (Alien), Beatrix Kiddo (Kill Bill)… I guess that’s about it.

The main thing here is that the new Sarah is completely stripped of her character. It’s not just the fact that they didn’t bother to hire an actual poster artist; it’s the complete lack of substance.

In the original photo the emphasis is on the behavior of the character, which makes her real. It implies that she has a mind which she uses to make her own decisions. A past, present and future. She has a history: she is scarred, carries a heavy weight on her shoulders, is traumatized. She’s in ‘survivor mode’, super focused, routinely loading the gun while her mind drifts away, planning for what’s coming. She is a small and vulnerable person, but she’s doing everything she can to prevent a war, smoking a cigarette because when you’re on the verge of a mental breakdown and believe the world will end; why not?

She radiates true courage, because courage isn’t about physical strength (even though she clearly trained like crazy); it’s about doing the right thing no matter how scared you are. And she is super scared. To do what she does you’d need lot of focus, while your mind would be going in ten different directions. Which is all visible in the photo.

I’ll admit I’m prejudiced because I saw the movie, but still…

What is the new Sarah Connor doing? Standing? Does she even have a mind? It doesn’t seem to matter, as long as she looks sexy.
But she doesn’t look sexy because we’ve all seen this picture a thousand times. It’s not a character, it’s an object created in Photoshop.

It wouldn’t be fair to compare the actors. While Hamilton is in character here, Emilia Clarke was probably told to 'just stand there and look pretty, we’ll Photoshop the rest’. Which is a shame. There are many talented people working on this new production, but in the end, the ones who ultimately call the shots simply have no idea what they’re doing.

I care about this character and to see it reduced to a hot chick makes me cringe. It’s very off-putting to watch this icon being sexualized. It’s like the poster is telling me to see her as a sexy girl, but I don’t want to see her that way! I want to relate to her; to her personality. I am a woman myself and to be forced to see my favorite film character through the eyes of heterosexual men… I just feel pushed away. Like this film is not meant for me; just 'the boys’ (even though I find it hard to believe they’d still fall for this crap either).

So yeah, this post is kind of personal. I saw The Terminator when I was a little girl and it made a big impact. I loved Sarah. Blockbusters seem to have less and less substance to them and it’s sad. Marketing departments no longer seem connected to what their movies are about and I feel for little girls growing up today. Like the music industry and other media, it’s a bubble, hijacked from the talented by the rich and powerful and about to burst. I hope it will collapse quickly and completely.

It’s only when the studio bosses decide no more money can be made here that a fresh generation of talented people can start a new era of high quality mainstream film-making. And new Sarah Connors.

I received this wonderful poster this morning😍 zoella pointlessblogtv connorfranta tyleroakley troyesivan sprinkleofglitr danisnotonfire amazingphil casparlee joesugg marcusbutler (my faves❤️❤️)

a/n: after rereading, i think this turned out to be much more of a drama club!au than i’d originally intended. oops….

This is the dumbest thing in the world (and it’s not even a real ficlet bc I’m too stressed to actually write anything using ‘sentences’ and ‘grammar’ and blah blah blah) but I really REALLY want a coliver hs!au where they are both nerds, like the nerdiest of the nerds. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love hs!aus where Connor’s popular and Oliver’s not (or vise-versa - love them all) but I also really want a fic where Connor Walsh is little bit a lot of a nerd. 

Like, where he’s captain of the debate team and actually campaigns for class president. Connor totally makes posters and wears a button and tries really hard on his campaign speech. (And he’s super pissed when he loses out to that asshole captain of the football team who promised everyone pizza for lunch. Like the class president has any authority whatsoever over the cafeteria menu. Come on, Adam!)

Pair that with Oliver who is the editor of the technology section of the school paper and runs the sound and lighting boards during school plays and assemblies. Oliver who says ‘good morning’ to all of the janitors and not only knows all of their names but also about their kids and families because he’s kind enough to ask. Oliver who uses his study hall to help Ms. Winterbottom put away books in the library and helps organize the coat and food drive in the winter. 

Now, they’ve always been sort of friends. like they say ‘hi’ when they pass in the halls and share a few classes together. They instinctively have each other’s backs in the living hell that is gym class. Not that anyone actually messes with them. I mean, they’ve all see Walsh on the lacrosse field. The guy’s a freaking animal. Not to mention Oliver’s captain of the wrestling team and a few of them were witness to Oliver taking down Frank Delfino in last year’s conference final. Delfino didn’t know what hit him. (There was a rumor floating around that Oliver actually dislocated Delfino’s shoulder and made him blackout but no one ever actually asked Oliver if that were true.) 

But that’s all it really is. Just those sort -of-friends friendships you have in high school. They don’t hang on the weekends or see each other outside of school. (Well, they did once. Oliver was grocery shopping with his mom and Connor was their cashier but that was really it and all they did was exchange small ‘hi’s while Mrs. Hampton dug eighteen cents out of her purse.)

Then it’s time for the play tryouts and Ms. Winterbottom is getting desperate. 

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Connor: *smirks* 

Jude: Oh god. Don’t you dare say it-

Connor: There’s this part of Jude’s neck that’s really sensitive. Right under his jaw. And if you kiss it a certain way-

Jude: *blushes* Connor! They do not need to know about that!

Connor: It’s embarrassing to you, but it’s pretty cute to me. 

Jude: Shut up. At least I’m not the one with a shrine to Chris Evans in his room-

Connor: IT’S ONE POSTER! I was nine when I put that thing up, okay? Cut me some slack. Plus, the man has a nice face. You can’t deny that.