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Mcdavid talking to NHL Network on the win against the devils and about the all star game.

“later this month you’ll be the captain of the pacific division all stars at the all star weekend in Los Angeles what’s does that experience mean to you at getting that nod at this age? ”

“yeah I appreciate it so much you know from the fans voting me in to be the captain. It mean the world to me. I don’t know how to repay them but definitely gonna enjoy those few days in LA and my first all star experience and hopefully the pacific division can pull through and have a good tournament. ”

Coliver is dead.

You heard me. Coliver is dead. They killed Coliver. The person under the blanket is Coliver. Their relationship is so unhealthy, and you can’t fight me on this. The lies, the secrets, the “lets break up” but then “lets have sex!”. Their relationship is founded on pain, and it began the first time they met. Connor literally /used/ him at first, but then it became more. Then came the lies, the murder, the “drug addiction” (are they still using that plot or was that ditched early season 2?). What I’m saying is, their relationship is beyond recovery at this point. Connor slept with a guy Oliver really liked, who also rejected him. But don’t get my wrong, Oliver’s been kind of a dick to Connor too. Calling someone “damaged” right to their face and claiming they only see you as a “security blanket” is pretty harsh, and honestly uncalled for. I believe Connor loves Oliver, based on the way he broke down at the end of the most recent episode. But I also think that their relationship has had so many different turning points that if they “work it out” and suddenly become a beautiful, loving and domestic couple that would be very, very unrealistic. Oliver is going to be very hurt by what Connor’s done. But Connor has also been very hurt by Oliver, in different ways. I used to ship Coliver so much, but honestly? I don’t think there’s anyway they’ll become a full blown relationship again. And I think that’s for the best.


Made a video of the happiest boy in the league right now.