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Ratonhnhaké:ton x Reader

A/N: I didn’t have much time to write today, so I posted this! I’ve actually had like ¾ of this written for a while but I never finished it until today.

“Ra-doon-hag-” You groaned, knowing you’d gotten it wrong. A soft chuckle reverberated throughout Connor’s chest, eyes twinkling with mirth under the bright sun of the spring afternoon. It’d been a long day despite the fact that it was only noon. You and Connor had lost the regiment of soldiers long ago, choosing to stroll quietly through the forest. 

It was a beautiful day, the sun high in the clear sky, the forest alive with the sound of wildlife, the flowers blooming into vivacious colors, and the love of your life beside you. Of course, he didn’t know that. But, a sly smile broke out on your face as you glanced at him out of the corner of your eye, maybe he’d know someday.

“Ratonhnhaké:ton,” he repeated, his tongue rolling over each syllable naturally. You couldn’t suppress the need to shiver, his voice sounding like pure sin as he spoke in his native tongue. Your feet stopped on their own accord, body turning so you could get a better look at him. Your eyes were lidded, tongue darting out to wet your lips as you watched him blink curiously. To him, the obvious desire was all but invisible. You weren’t sure if you found that more of a relief or an annoyance.

“Ra-doon-ha-gat-” He shook his head, cutting off your attempt. A nail dug into your palm, trying with all its might to keep you from claiming Connor right then and there. You needed control. Unfortunately, when the sun was illuminating the features of the Native and his lips were pulled up in a smile, there was nothing that could stop you. Control, you repeated like a mantra, holding onto the very essence of the word.

 A soft breeze blew through the space between the two of you, Connor’s scent of freshly fallen rain and grass rolling over you. His smile broke, giving way to a much more serious expression. Even he could feel the emotions that were boiling over the two of you, drowning you beneath the surface.

“Co-” Your sharp cry cut off your voice, hands moving down to the blossoming pain in your abdomen. You heard a distant shout, the blood rushing around your body causing it to be muted. It was like the world was in slow motion as a searing liquid covered your hands, leaving nothing but red in its wake. 

Connor was moving, doing something, but you couldn’t tell, the world dimming down to the sharp stab in your stomach. Your breathing felt ragged, something liquid traveling up your throat at a slow pace. You gulped largely, clawing at the skin on your neck for some sort of relief. It came when you coughed painfully, your knees slamming down into the green blades of grass below. Suddenly the world didn’t seem as beautiful as before, the rays of the sun much too hot and the scent of the newly grown flowers much too overpowering. 

The stench of death was heavy in the air, wrapping around your form like armor. The world was darkening with your thoughts, the sudden reality throwing you into a whirlwind of questions. It was overwhelming, the warm blood sliding slickly between your fingers being a constant reminder that you were alive. The ringing in your ears strengthened when the faded shouts and yells stopped abruptly, two strong arms holding you to a broad chest. 

You cracked your eyes open just enough to see Connor’s face come into view, fear burning back at you with his gaze as he shifted your form slightly, adjusting you so he’d have a better hold. He was carrying you, your head bobbing slightly as his feet pounded against the ground beneath. Your body jolted, a whimper being torn from your throat at the stab of pain in your middle.

“Sorry,” he muttered, slowing his pace for only a moment.

“Connor,” you mumbled, trying to move out of his grasp. He didn’t respond, only holding you tighter and moving faster. “Connor, please.” You cried, a hot tear slipping from your eye.

“I need to find you help.” He replied, only seeming to move faster as the greens, browns, and blues all blurred together. It was dizzying, causing your head to roll back against Connor’s chest. “Do not close your eyes.” He warned, voice cutting through you like a knife. You forced your eyes open, watching the rise and fall of his chest as he ran swiftly through the forest, the sound of twigs snapping beneath your combined weight echoing around the seemingly empty area.

“Please, stop for a second.” You begged, each connection with foot to ground sending aching tremors through your body. It was obvious he was trying to keep his emotions in check, his jaw tightened and his fingers grasping onto your skin desperately. “Please,” you paused, attempting to remember how it was pronounced. The memory was hazy despite it being only from moments ago, but you still forced it to the forefront of your mind. 

“Ratonhnhaké:ton,” you whispered. His feet came to a stop, eyes shining down at you with unshed tears. Silence followed, neither of you seeming to breath in the moment. It was like his greatest fear was being realized as he opened his mouth to speak, emotion thick in his tone.

“Perfect,” he murmured, his voice like a melody as it rolled over your broken body. You smiled, the faintest drop of crimson spilling forth from between your lips.

“You don’t have to lie because I’m-”

“Don’t.” He interrupted your weak voice, an arm resting heavily on your cheek and something so terrified in his big, brown orbs.

“It’s okay, you did everything you could.” Each word tumbled gracelessly from your tongue, your voice made rough by the sudden need to cough bubbling low in your throat.

“You will live.” He stated seriously, his warm fingers caressing the smooth skin of your cheek.. The tone prompted a shiver, almost as if it truly could stave off death. “I will not lose you; I can not.”