Imagine Connor getting sick, but he’s too stubborn to admit he needs your help

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You knew two things for certain when it came to Connor.

The first, he never got sick.

The second, the first one was a lie.

You had returned from a trip to town when you noticed the first symptoms of sickness in Connor. He was sniffling, stuffed up, and even though he was always warm to the touch, he looked like he was sweating; it was the middle of winter.

You wasted no time getting down to business, “Connor, are you feeling alright? You look a bit… uncomfortable.”
Connor waved you off, “I am fine, Y/N. It is nothing-” He hurriedly grabbed a handkerchief and sneezed. Looking a bit closer, you noticed his eyes were a bit puffy and his nose was red.
“Connor, I mean it, you aren’t feeling well. Here, lie down and I’ll get you some water and make some soup for you.”
“That is not necessary, I can manage.” Connor continued. You crossed your arms, “Oh really? You look half-dead. I’m sure whatever you think is so important can wait until you’re back to your normal, healthy self.”

Connor half-glared in frustration, “I do not get sick. I will be fine.”
You crossed your arms, “Suit yourself.”

Three days had passed and Connor had only gotten worse. You had kept nagging him about getting help, but he only got more obstinate about it. Finally, you stopped being nice and cornered him in the kitchen while he was looking for something to eat.

“Connor, I’m not letting you leave this room until you tell me why you’re being so… stubborn about this!”
“I am not sick, Y/N. You are the one who is being stubborn!” His voice raised a bit, but at the moment you didn’t care.

“What’s wrong with admitting you’re sick? Everyone gets sick! I get sick, too! You’re just making it worse for yourself by not letting me help!”

Connor’s voice was practically a growl, “I. Am. Fine. Now let me go.”
Connor disregarded you entirely and began walking past you. You, acting fast, grabbed his arm. Of course, in this prickly mood of his, Connor instinctively ripped his arm out from your hand, a serious glare on his face. You’d never seen him so… mad. You pulled your arms to your chest defensively, eyes glittering with hurt and concern.

Connor’s attitude changed right away; he never meant to scare you or make you feel bad.

“Y/N, I… I am sorry. I did not mean…” You were still rather spooked, and Connor had to find the words to apologize quickly.

“I did not want you fretting over my wellbeing, I-” He sneezed halfway through his apology, his eyes watering a little. The corner of your mouth raised just a little in amusement, but you were still quite cautious about the whole thing.

“I am sorry. I thought I could get better on my own, but it seems I was wrong.”
You opened your mouth to say something, but Connor raised a hand to stop you, “You only wanted to help me, I know that now.” He looked down at his feet; a telltale sign that he was blushing.

“Connor.” Your voice made him glance back up at you.

“Would you like some soup, and something to drink?”
“…Yes please.”

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Hi, could I please ask for a male ship? I'm British and I'm shy when you first get to know me, but once we're close friends then you can clearly see just how immature I really am but I know when I need to be serious, and an easily take charge in a situation. Most people tend to come to me for advice. I laugh a lot, and always try to find a positive side to a situation, though I hate failing, and have a wild spontaneous side. Hobbies include playing the violin, archery and reading - thanks :)

I ship you with Connor!

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Connor is a little awkward when interacting with new people so he doesn’t really mind you being shy when he first meets you. On the downside it takes very long for both of you to actually create a solid relationship with each other. Once you both manage to open up to each other you two are both pretty much attached at the hip. Connor also comes to you for advice and appreciates you taking charge in situation as well as seeing the bright side to things. You and Connor will spend days practicing archery together in the forest.


Why didn’t you finish him Haytham, why?

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More Connor nsfw!! ( I will burn in hell...)

i’ll be down there with you, pal. 

i decided to make it a continuation of this prompt because why not? 

Connor Kenway x (F)Reader

“Best two out of three?” 

You rolled your eyes. There wasn’t any winning with Connor; a highly trained assassin who tracks and takes down people for a living up against you, someone who is not a highly trained assassin who tracks and takes down people for a living. 

But, quitting was for quitters, and you aren’t a quitter. Huffing, you crossed your arms and looked up at him, an almost challenging look in your eyes. Connor caught on quickly, and shifted his weight to one foot. 

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What Your Favorite Assassin Says About You
  • Altair:Good taste. You can appreciate the new stuff, but there's a special place in your heart for the classics. Probably a little bitter over Maria's death, but you're lowkey about it. You probably have a soft spot for puzzles, but you still hate half the ones in the AC games anyway.
  • Ezio:You just came here to have fun. You loved the Glory Days™ of the franchise and miss them, and you cry every single time someone mentions the names "Federico," "Petruccio," or "Yusuf." You love minor characters but they all die and you're sad.
  • Connor:Highkey bitter as fuck. Literally one of the saltiest people in the fandom. If given the chance, you would fight all of Ubisoft, on your own, with just your fists. You probably feed stray animals and can't walk into a dog pound without crying.
  • Edward:Would probably fight anyone, but there's no passion behind it. Certified Dank Memer. You never have any idea what you're doing, at all, ever, but somehow you make it work. You don't give a fuck about the modern storyline at this point.
  • Arno:Cinnamon roll. You like witty humor but you're also sad as hell. Probably a closet masochist, because you've for some reason stuck with this franchise for so long. You probably don't care about the modern storyline all that much, either.
  • Evie:Either Altair or Connor was your favorite before Syndicate. Probably an older sibling, or otherwise has to deal with children. You have nothing but love for good female characters, and you're probably pretty gay. You would thank Evie Frye for curb stomping you.
  • Jacob:Probably liked Ezio or Edward before Syndicate. You love being right and rubbing it in people's faces. Cried at the end of Syndicate, but you'll deny it to the grave. You make smart-ass remarks but run the moment someone tries to fight you. You'd inbox someone the entire Bee Movie script.
  • Connor Kenway:*helps everyone he meets, is ridiculously kind and gentle to people who do him and innocent people no harm, does tiny little tasks for his neighbors as well as people he doesn't really know, sees the good in the world even though he's constantly exposed to negativity and shitty people, genuinely cares about the Homesteaders and almost certainly views them as family, does absolutely everything he can to protect those he cares about*


—2016.04.04 Connor’s 260th Birthday

 I tried to invite all the characters who Connor had helped and(or) be a friend, after then, I realized there are so so sooooo many of them lol I hope I did well… it was so hard, Connor. In other words, you are a true hero, Connor. I mean, did you see that? you had saved that many people. You had made friends a lot. And so, this is one of the reason why you’re always best assassin to me XD

 Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CONNOR. :) 


Practice practice. This was fun.

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Assassins bragging about their fighting styles

Arno, Jacob, and Evie: we can kill ten guards in five seconds

Edward, Shay, and Connor: we’re the most brutal

Ezio: I do the most amazing kills

Altair: bitch please. Talk to me when you can bitch slap a guy and send him flying over five feet