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A letter from Connor to a pregnant wife please. PUSSY WILLOW – Motherhood, TRUMPET FLOWER – Separation, IVY - Wedded Love, Fidelity, Friendship, Affection, FORSYTHIA – Anticipation, BLACK BRYONT- Be My Support, MILK VETCH - Your presence softens my pain, PETUNIA - Your Presence Soothes Me, CAMELLIA (PINK) – Longing, LUNGWORT - Thou Art My Life, TULIP (YELLOW) - There’s Sunshine In Your Smile, RANUNCULUS - I am Dazzled by your Charms. Rated M but more intimate than sexual.

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It is only been a year since we married and now, you bring this other joy upon me—this child that you are to bear within time.

How can I rightly express the amount of happiness that it gives? The amount of bloodshed and the tears that have been shed on my journey to making this world better and protecting the innocent…you’ve done everything to settle my mind that would sooner go dark and become tainted by this world—tainted by my actions.

Every morning I wake to find you waiting there for me, with our child at rest within you, and I find myself at peace.

I grow impatient at the mere thought of having the small one in my arms in time, seeing your body glow with the idea of motherhood even now is mere beautiful on its own, but the scene of you holding our child will not leave me at night and in my waking mornings either.

Is it a bad thing? Hardly, (Y/N). If my thoughts be restless, let them be restless with such pleasant memories of these even if false for now.

Your beauty is only more so with the joyous one we’ve been blessed with by the Spirits. My hand upon your stomach, I desire to kiss upon it in time and marvel at you in this state. Can I say you are only more beautiful and empowering as this? You carry life within you that only makes me wish to shed such joyous tears at this treasure you’ve offered to grant us with.

You recoil as of late at this new presence, but I know it is merely the appearance of you that makes you worry. Know this: I would gladly kiss upon every part of you and touch every glorious landmark of your splendor if you would let me. I wish not to harm you or the child, but perhaps we could find other ways in which I could remind you of how this little one came to be inside of you, if you’d allow it.

My wife, I will do anything that pleases you. You have given me more of a reason to fight harder and to find strength in my daily activities whether it is liberating this world or hunting for you.




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  • Spanish and Italian are a little similar:

Italian: Come stai?
Spanish: ¿Cómo estas?

Italian: Bene, grazie!
Spanish: ¡Bien, Gracias!

Italian: Il pane con la marmellata è delizioso.
Spanish: El pan con mermelada es delicioso.”

I give you that as an example to understand the joke.

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