When They're Sick:

Altaïr: He’ll pretend he’s fine, not because he doesn’t want her to worry, but because he wants to look invincible. He’ll go through the day running into a wall or desk, and pretend that was intentional. He’ll try to hide his coughing and sneezing by keeping the sound low, but she’ll know better. She’ll let him believe he had her fooled, but she’ll make him soup and give his temples a massage once they’re alone.

Ezio: The whole world knows when Ezio isn’t feeling well. He’ll complain that he’s too hot or two cold, that his head hurts, that he’s dying, whatever it takes to get her to baby him through this trying time. He’ll give her puppy dog eyes, throw in a soft cough here and there, act a little faint, until she’s making him food or holding him as he sleeps.

Connor: Connor doesn’t tell her when he’s sick because he doesn’t want to worry her. However, she’ll know by his running nose and thunderous sneezes. She has to practically tie him in bed to keep him from over working himself. He’ll also ask that she stays away from him so she won’t get sick, but he’ll end up following her around the house just watching her go through her day without him because he’ll miss her.

Edward: He’ll complain that he’s fine, or that there’s work to do, but his stubbornness only tires him out and he’s asleep within moments. If that doesn’t work, he’ll wrap himself up in a blanket and she’ll read to him until he falls asleep on her shoulder. He’ll be knocked out until he’s back to his health, and this will scare her so much that, if it wasn’t for his snoring and sleep talking, she’d push him of the bed to insure he’s not dead.

Arno: Arno knows she means well, so he’ll do whatever she asks. He’ll not run missions, he’ll stay in bed, and he’ll even let her try out new hair styles with his hair; whatever to pacify her. But he’ll try to be funny sometimes and he’ll call her into the room by repeatedly calling her name, or faking an emergency, just for her to run in and him to say hi.

Request: Could I request a little fluffy fic with Connor?

A/N: Man… I love Connor. Want to give him all the kisses, all day, every day, to be honest. Also a little short, I apologize!

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45: With Connor

Prompt: “Tell me a secret.”

The sky lit up with gun fire. Both Assassins ducked, her behind a barrel, and him behind a tree. They were outnumbered.

“Ok, I’m thinking you go left, I go right, we meet again where the river bends to meet the willow. Agreed?” The voices were getting louder, searching for them. Connor didn’t speak.

“Connor?” She found him gripping his stomach, laying with his back to the bark of the tree. “Connor!” She would’ve run to him, he was clearly injured, but she couldn’t risk drawing attention to him.

They had to make it to a safe place. Connor’s wounds had to be treated. She had to remain calm and fight her way through twenty armed men. No pressure.

She closed her eyes, sighed deeply, and hit her head on whatever it was she was hiding behind. She would not die here. She wouldn’t allow Connor to die. But what to do?

She took a deep breath, and looked over her shoulder. The men were walking up the hill now. White letters on the box she was hiding behind caught her eye. A plan formed, and she ducked into the woods. She just needed to get a few things.

When the men came into view, and she adjusted herself in the tree. A flaming arrow zipped through the air, and the box she had been hiding behind, filled with gun powder, exploded. The men were blown to pieces, and she leapt down to where their horse trotted nervously. Connor slumped over in the saddle.

With no time to admire her work, she leapt onto the beast, and rode through the night, begging Connor to hold on.

“I do not mean to worry you.” Connor shook his head, fighting to keep his eyes open. “I am just tired.”

“Then talk to me.” She demanded, “Tell me a story. Tell me a secret. Anything! Just stay awake.” She begged, White’s house was only a few minutes away.

“A secret?” Connor groaned, “I do not know what you mean.”

“Anything!” The horse neighed loudly as they reached White’s door. The doctor was on his porch, and helped her get Connor off the animal.

“Connor?” She asked when they dumped him on the bed. His eyes fluttered and he groaned. White ran out of the room to grab supplies. “Connor. Please.” She begged. She had always known Connor was important to her, she just didn’t think she would ever live without him.

Seven bullets, three stab wounds, and a mild bump on the head. White took two days to fix Connor up, and he was finally awake. He looked tired, and a bit weak, but he mostly looked annoyed.

“White refuses to allow me to leave.” Connor said when he saw her, as if she would make it otherwise. “Is something wrong?” He asked when she said nothing. She threw her arms around him, burying her face the nook of his neck. Connor groaned in pain, but held her, kissing whatever he could reach. Her shoulder, her hair, her hand.

“What is wrong, dear?” His warm brown eyes were filled with fear, but she just shook her head.

“Nothing. I’m just glad you’re alright.”


welcome to the world of Pokemon: AC where you will encounter:
♥ 6 gym leaders
♥ the elite 4
♥ 1 Pokemon Champion
♥ and 1 secret organization hell-bent on taking over the world.

but first,

it’s finally finished !!

i got pretty burnt out half way through and finishing up the later ones was such a chore. but i ain’t no quitter! so there! take that self!