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NAME: Corraidhin Halloran (before taking new name Nergüi Kah Tumet)
AGE: 20
SPECIES: Au Ra Xaela
INTERESTS: Learning how things work and creating things with his hands (has a nack for sewing) 
PROFESSION: Adventurer (Dragoon)
BODY TYPE: Athletic (Skinny when first arriving in Eorzea but Mallory Mercers cooking fixed that)
EYES: Dark Brown eyes with Yellowy-Orange Limbal Rings
HAIR: Long and black (either worn open like above or braided at the back)
SKIN: Tanned 
HEIGHT: 2.10 Meters / 6 Foot 9 (but still growing)
WEIGHT: 110kg (242lbs)
COMPANIONS: His Fiancée Mallory Mercer and his best friend Mae Banrion. Petey, his Chocobo is also never far.
ANTAGONISTS: Asscians and Imperials and half the wildlife or Eorzea it seems
COLORS: White, Blue and Silver
SMELLS: When clean earthy, after battle musky and bloody
FRUITS: He’ll eat anything
DRINKS: Mainly water but drinks anything offered to him
ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES?  Yes / No / Occasionally (socially)
SMOKES? Yes / No / Occasionally
DRUGS? Yes / No / Occasionally
DRIVERS LICENSE?  Yes / No (I don’t think you need one in Eorzea?)
FIGHTS? Yes / No / Occasionally (doesn’t go looking for conflict, but he thrives in battle)

Im-a tag:
@ryoura @nevananxa and whoever else wants to do it!

So I recently had a big influx of followers, and realized I’ve never done any sort of FAQ or Follow Forever thing so I decided to smush them together and do it in one post, so here goes!

I’m Sarah! I’m an animator and recent graduate of SCAD. Avid gamer, bookworm, and giant nerd. Perpetually mistaken for a high schooler and master of resting-bitch-face. Tiny Latina Cowgirl. I love all things Disney and Disney World, and really really REALLY LOVE BIRDS. I have a love of all things dark and macabre, and have a habit of drawing my cartoon critters doing pretty terrible things. I basically run on coffee and love staying up till the wee hours of the morning and sleeping in late. I spend way too much time freaking out over fictional characters and reading fanfics. I’m ridiculously introverted in person, but I love chatting with my followers, so don’t hesitate to message me! I am also bilingual, so if you are a Spanish speaker who would prefer to speak to me in their native language, go for it!

This is my main blog/gaming/fandom blog, and the blog I’m most active on, but I have an art blog and a horror/inspiration/aesthetic blog too! 

Art blog         horror/inspiration/aesthetic blog                

Things worth mentioning that you will probably see on this blog:

Fav games:

Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Skyrim, Assassin’s Creed, Dishonored, Spyro, Pokemon, Portal, Animal Crossing, Okami, Starship Titanic, and Bioshock. 

I got back into gaming fairly recently, so if you have any recommendations don’t hesitate to send them to me!

My OTP/fav ships:

♥ ♥ Shakarian ♥ ♥ , Cullen/Inquisitor, Alistair/Warden, and Handers.

I also greatly enjoy Fenhawke, Zevran/Warden, Shiros, and Dorain/Inquisitor, but I post most canon ships on here because I love fanart to bits! 

Fav Non-Gaming Series:

Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Star Trek, Pride and Prejudice, The Walking Dead, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Monty Python, Turn, Mad Max, Parks and Recreation, Game of Thrones, Criminal Minds, The Killing, Over the Garden Wall, Courage the Cowardly Dog, The Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show, Adventure Time, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kuroshitsuji, D.Gray-Man, and Code Geass. Also a whole lot of Disney and Dreamworks movies, too many to list.

Things I tag:

I’m pretty terrible about tagging things, which is why I made a separate blog for all the horror/gore I reblog so as not to make anyone uncomfortable. But there are a few things I do tag!

all text/personal posts are tagged #we interrupt your regularly scheduled video game trash to bring you a message from the blogger

all bird related posts are tagged #precious birb 

all posts related to male characters I really like especially Garrus are tagged #let me smooch your stupid face

FOLLOW FOREVER - People I think are really rad and you should follow too!!!!

My Bros/Partners in Crime

reellifejaneway2 my tumblr BFF and Birb Sister!! She is super cool and an amazing writer and artist!

the-assquisitor the Queen of Sass and Connoisseur of Asses. They’re hella rad and have an awesome blog, and send me the best silly Shakarian headcanons tbh

geekandglitter one of my other really great tumblr friends! They are super nice and fun to talk to and have a great blog!

inquisitor-naptime literally my best friend ever! Seriously she’s the bomb. Go follow her. Like now. You won’t regret it.

animatedkitty my Stitch Friend and fellow Disney enthusiast, as well as a kick-ass effects animator! She did all the effects on my senior film, her work is AMAZING. 

booker–dont–dewitt one of my good SCAD buddies, she’s also a really awesome effects animator and artist, and comes up with really really great headcanons!

draseria and missyrayney these gals are both super great and fun to talk to and have really awesome blogs. They’re also twins  so you should follow them both for double the awesome!

benefaris this gal is super sweet and a great writer! if you don’t follow her already you definitely should!

noodlerutherford we don’t talk as much as I’d like, but they kill me with their sad headcanons and are just really awesome in general

garrus-the-spectre another person I don’t talk to as much as I’d like, but they’re super cool and have an awesome blog! They also tag me in lots of bird things so extra cool points :D

karlsonart my boyfriend and probably the coolest dudes I know, as well as one of the few people I can spend 50 billion years hanging out with. He deserves an award for putting up with my nerdy shenanigans! He’s also a really great artist and animator!

narwhalthegreat my other best friend ever! I’ve known this girl for years and she’s the bomb! If you love random and zany then go talk to her because she is so much fun!

other really great blogs that brighten up my dash!

acequeenking // arthurcurried // azuremosquito // beakfreaks // beccabluebonnet // bioticnerd // blimington-bear // cccrystalclear // cheekywithcullen // chantryboom // commander-shakarian // commanderbecca // commandershepardvasfuckit // connor-is-the-captain-of-my-bed // coolandexplody // corellianrutherford // coriander // corvou // dany-vakarian // domirine // dragondizzy // drparisa // elisabethcousland // eternalshiva // esacmeda // falsesecuritysketches // fat-birds // fenrispenris // fenfearnley // fyeahartstudentowl // fourth-age // foxloft // frost-butt // gaarrus // gaiafesbak // garrus-vakarian-fanclub // gaurdian9sunshine // girlofthegothicrevolution // greendelle // gruesling // grumpyapostate // importantbirds // incorrectdragonage // incorrectmasseffectquotes // indominusrex // itsmyfreakin // jinzilla // jollyart // keelahsecry // kelgrid // killbilloreilly // kriosgat // laur-rants // limpstella // lintufriikki // lyriumnug // massdefect // mihtrandir // minditingley // misspentaghast // miyku // molto-bene-on-my-pene // momochanners // mynoodlesdoodles // nambroth // nataliehall // obsidianbutterfly // officialvarrictethras // ohcararara // onemooncircles // orlesianwyvern // parrotsdoinghumanjobs // penciltests // pepperandpals // pheberoni // picchar // phenris // pluckypanda // permanentchaos // preservedcucumbers // princessstabbity // qunaributts // rah-bop // rhymeswithnutella // rihouston // rmassacre // roolph // ryuichifoxe // siriusdraws // sketchingsparrow // skinnedfawx // skybound2 // smolderbone // snap-snaps // sol-vikar // spinninglenny // stab-stab-assassin // stormborns // strix-and-stones  // swimmingtrunks // tanatot // tarysande // templar-queen // terribleterribleterrible // thatapostateboy // thefalseshepherd // therealmcgee // tinyhatsandbats // tranquillavellan  // unoobang // vivziepop // vladimirpuddin // walkingbomb // yu-dari // zipperaward

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Thank you so much for following me you’re all super awesome!

Thief Blogs

Here is a list of amazing Thief related blogs!

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Feel free to reblog and add yourself if you enjoy Thief (all games) so I can follow you!


Hello again  (◡‿◡✿) Time for another follow forever, my third one! I recently hit 3'000 followers actually I clamorously missed it because I was sleeping and woke up with 3'020 lol YEEEE I gained like 500+ followers during the last month and I followed a lot of brand new awesome blogs that’s why I really felt like thanking you all. First of all all the people who sticked with me since the beginning, who always supported me and watched me grow, and then the people I met during the past (almost) two years :) 

So here’s a selection of those awesome human beings and their extraordinary blogs which everyone should seriously follow! PS if your name is not on this list (probably because I’m lame and I forgot you or because your url changed and I didn’t take track of it) or if I mispelled something you should contact me right away without even thinking about it! I’m always here to answer!

First there’s a couple of people I should thank for being friends and my precious mates here (hold your cursor on the little crown for a moment, there’s a special message for each one of you):

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Then my personal list of follow forever blogs (these guys are awesome I’ll never stop saying this so I recommend them to every single one of you). There aren’t any bolded because really I owe this blog and my growing to every single one of you with no exceptions. so…here you are: 

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abawong ♔ abstergoes ♔ abstergo-entertainment ♔ aenseidhe ♔ aephus ♔ aiidenpearces ♔ aimys ♔ altairschronicles ♔ alphagravy ♔ altaiiir ♔ altair ♔ amy-box ♔ anndewitt ♔ aoba-moaning ♔aquilaofarkham ♔ arigena ♔ arnodorian ♔ arno-dorians ♔ arnopearce ♔ arnoscrotcharterius ♔ ayi-sanaydenpearce ♔ aspio ♔ augustinebrooke ♔ baioshock ♔ beltsquid♔ biosshock ♔ bioticallychallenged  ♔ boatsong ♔ bookersdewitt ♔ calicojack ♔ captainpearce ♔carmine-brothers♔ cptreborn ♔cassandapentaghast ♔ caterinaasforzas ♔ cccrystalclear ♔ cervvo ♔ chignonesque ♔ chocolaten1nja ♔ clipperwilkinson ♔ connor-in-my-pants ♔ connor-is-the-captain-of-my-bed ♔ connorkawaiicowboybebutt ♔ cryptcombatcryptickiss ♔ dantesbooty ♔ darkymoony ♔ de-fer ♔delsinrovve ♔ delsinsfire ♔ delsins ♔ deshmund ♔ dewtts ♔ dunwall


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Dishonored Secret Santa! 
To: lightbringer34 

From: connor-is-the-captain-of-my-bed 
(which is connected to this blog also, cause its my artblog)

Uh hope you enjoy your gift! 8D 
I just thought it be cute/funny to make corvo and daud slap snow in each others faces- other then swords n shit =u=b 

ok since i finally reached 666 followers i thought it was time for a follow forever post!! thank you everyone so much, everyone!! i’ll link my favourite blogs that i love to see on my dash! friends and mutuals are in bold!


8ackspace | 8ayonetta | aclawong | bowserfuckerconfused-pikachu | connor-is-the-captain-of-my-bedconnorskenways | chihiro-is-chiherenomorecrisssaegrim | deadrisingthree | dronningannaduck-doctorfacelessmachine |followyourdreamsspider | fridafucker69


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varians | xigboned | zackfair | zantfucker69

all of you are having really great blogs, even if you are not listed! thank you everyone who is following me!! thanks to those porn blogs too who helped me reach 680 followers right now

also sorry if any of u have changed url lately i am bad at keeping up with that kinda stuff ):

so since i recently hit 2k followers (thank you all SO much ;w;), i thought it was about time i did my first follow forever. i’ve been on tumblr for close to 2 years now and it’s been one hell of a ride and i’ve met some of the most amazing people along the way. so this is for the blogs i draw inspiration from, for those i just admire from afar, and for all the dweebs incredible friends i’ve made <33

a - d

abstergo-entertainmentabigailwlkeragentoftheorderallsoundsasscreed an-adventure-awaits-usanoratheirinaominekunartvinskyassashkiinassassinscreedauditoreesberunovbuckybisexualbarnescannibal-crunchcataclysmecaterinaasforzascccrystalclear cciintracervvocheesyprodochignonesquechipper-toronto-lasschocolatecoloursconnor-is-the-captain-of-my-bedconnnorkenwaylooser connorkawaiiconnorkenwayyconnormonbebecroissantcrumbsde-ferdoortotomorrowdoriannpavus doubleleafdrparisa

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i - l

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m - p

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Hello guys!!!! Uhm … recently I hit 2’500 followers so, as promised, here’s my second follow forever :D I gained like 300+ followers during the last month and I found a lot of brand new awesome blogs that’s why I really felt like thanking you all. First of all all the people who stayed with me since the beginning, who always supported me and watched me grow, and then the people I met during this year and a half :) 

So here’s a selection of those awesome human beings and their extraordinary blogs which everyone should seriously follow! PS if your name is not on this list or if I mispelled something you should contact me right away without even think about it! I’m always here to answer.

First there’s a couple of people I should thank for being friends and my precious mates here:

chevron1encoded ♔ crisssaegrim ♔ ezio-auditore-morning-glory  connormonbebe

Then my personal list of follow forever blogs (there guys are awesome I’ll never stop saying this so I recommend them to every single one of you). There aren’t any bolded because really I owe this to every single one of you with no exceptions. I’d love to say I’ve met someone in person but unfortunately that hasn’t happen yet so…here you are: 

#- D 

abawong ♔ abstergoes ♔ abstergo-entertainment ♔ aenseidhe ♔ aephus ♔ aimys ♔ altairschronicles ♔ alphagravy ♔ amy-box ♔ anndewittaoba-moaning ♔ aquilaofarkham ♔ arigena ♔ arterius ♔ aspio ♔ augustinebrooke ♔ baioshock ♔ berunov ♔ biosshock ♔ bioticallychallenged ♔ bioticbooty ♔ boatsong ♔ bookerrdewitt ♔ calicojack ♔ cannibalsanddinosaurs ♔ cptreborn ♔ cassandapentaghast ♔ caterinaasforzas ♔ cccrystalclear ♔ cervvo ♔ chocolaten1nja ♔ clipperwilkinson ♔ connor-in-my-pants ♔ connor-is-the-captain-of-my-bed ♔ connorkawaiicryptcombat ♔ dantesbooty ♔ darkymoony ♔ de-fer ♔ delsinrovve ♔ delsinsfire ♔ delsins ♔ dunwall


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Follow these blogs for Thief only content:

thiefgame thiefimagines, thiefconfessions orionshealingtouch 

Follow these blogs for Thief heavy content:

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Follow these multi-fandom blogs including Thief

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2014 is soon ending and this year has been really great.

I fully changed my blog to something I prefer more now which is gaming and art. I got a new gaming computer and let us not forget this was the year I become “Corvo’s wife” lmao 

I’ve gotten new friends too and I’m so grateful for all of you. I apologize if I haven’t spoken that often to many of you it’s just that I’m awful at socializing sometimes.

I’m soon at 1K followers too which is just unbelievable and all I want to say is

thank you

I also want to make a big shout out to the bae mrscroft for literally being there for me almost every day this year. You are very important.

Another shout out to all of my mutuals. You know who you are.


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I’m so sorry if I have forgotten anyone. I’ve made this in a haste since I’m heading away for New Year’s eve. If you feel like you should’ve been on this go ahead and message me. One thing; I find every single one of you that I follow and the people who follow me remarkable. And yeah…

Happy New Year!