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  • Phandom: *crying because of TABINOF & TATINOF*
  • kickthepj's fandom/kickthestickz fandom: *is extremely happy about Oscar's Hotel every Tuesday wooooo*
  • Connor's fandom/Franta family: *is so proud of Connor and the thirst project atm*
  • Tyler's people: *patiently waits for Binge to be released*
  • ptx/superfruit fandom: *happily awaits ptx's new album*
  • me, in all of these fandoms: well it looks I'll never see the light of day again
Summer in the City - Connor Ball AU - more

You’d been friends with Connor for years. You two spent so much time together that your parents had jokingly starting calling each other ‘the in-laws”. Ever since he’d got on tour with his band, The Vamps, things had changed a little. He was always touring or, when he was home, doing some interview, and you didn’t get to see each other face-to-face as often. Luckily, he’d noticed the change and missed you just as much as you missed him. Maybe more. For your birthday, he promised you he’d spend an entire week devoted to you. The promise came true.

You two were spending a week in the city that was holding Summer in the City. Remembering how much you loved youtubers, he’d figured it’d be the sweetest place to take you, and boy had he been right. What he hadn’t figured was that one of the youtubers, Caspar, would get more than a bit flirtatious with you, and that it’d threaten to ruin the perfect week he’d set up.

In truth, Connor was simply jealous. You didn’t really notice until the fifth day, the day after Caspar had taken you both to the beach. You had noticed, of course, that the two weren’t liking each other, but you’d begged Connor to be civil. The next day, though, that fifth day, Connor had overheard a voice-mail sent to you by Caspar while you’d gone to grab some treats for a movie night. You came to the hotel, and Connor was furious, not that you could understand why. He yelled that you cared more about spending time with Caspar and shoving your tongue down his throat, while you yelled that nothing of the sort had happened and that he shouldn’t have been snooping. 

You ended up storming out. Seconds later, he freaked out and wouldn’t stop calling. It confused you - you had feelings for Connor. You’ve known for a long time. You’ve known for a year or two. Every time you were around him, you were just… happier. More willing to let go and just do whatever. It confused him - he had feelings for you, but he thought you had suddenly developed feelings for Caspar. He loved the way you smiled, the way you fidgeted when you got even the slightest bit nervous. He loved when you told stupid jokes and he loved how passionate you were about even the smallest things.

Eventually, you went back to the hotel. You hadn’t been expecting Connor to have set up a huge pillow fort and to have ordered room service. The night ended with you two on the balcony, talking about everything and nothing, and with him asking the question he’d planned to ask you: “Can I take you on a real date? As more than friends?”

3 Star Hotels: Tronnor Oneshot

The soft tune of BLUE escaped quietly from Connor’s phone as he hummed along, grabbing his phone charger from his suitcase. Troye was already comfortably snuggled into their hotel bed, scrolling through his Twitter timeline. Laurelle and Sage had just left their room after saying goodnight and gushing about how proud they were of Troye through tears.
“They love it!” Troye said excitedly, reading the tweets from his fans. He was feeling so many happy emotions, with laces of extreme exhaustion. He decided he would go to sleep right after Blue Neighbourhood was out internationally.
“I told you they would. You had no need to be worried,” Connor’s reply made Troye smile even bigger than he already was.
Connor plugged in his phone next to the bed and shuffled to get under the covers. He scooted close as humanly possible to Troye. Troye glanced over at his beautiful boyfriend, smiling at the boy who supported him endlessly. Connor was reading something on his phone with a stupidly big grin on his face.
“What are you reading?” Troye questioned.
“Your explanations on the for him. lyrics on Genius,” Connor answered, the giant smile still taking over his features. Troye just laughed, remembering what he had said, and thinking about how lamely adorable their relationship really was.
“God, I’m so lucky.” Troye felt like he was on top of the world. He went back to his timeline, his heart happy as he read every positive comment on his debut album. Happiness was taking over him and his heart kept beating a beat too fast.
“Everyone is so sweet with all these tweets about the album,” Troye paused as Connor looked up from his phone to look into Troye’s eyes.
“Well, almost all these tweets are about the album. The other ones just say, ‘my beautiful boyfriend’ in all caps.” Troye laughed as he read the tweets, and Connor joined in on the laughter. Their laughs fit so well, each of their pure joy lacing together in the form of giggles.
After the little laughing fit came to an end, Troye tweeted a final goodnight to his fans and switched off his phone.
“Goodnight,” Troye yawned through his words, snuggling up even closer to Connor in their hotel bed. He rested his head by Connor’s neck and Connor put his arm around Troye.
“All I need is you.” Connor whispered in Troye’s ear, kissing his forehead afterwards. Troye grinned lightly at his own lyric.
“I love you so much.” Troye replied, falling into slumber.
“I love you too, goodnight. I’m so so proud of you.” Connor whispered. Connor had one final comment to make before his boyfriend fell asleep on the night of his first album debut, “And, you know we totally did look like badasses with those e-cigarettes.”

Why 2015 was a good year:

-Troye Sivan went on tour and released a Wild(ly) popular album.

-Dan, Phil, Connor, Tyler (and others) published bestselling books.

-Markiplier continued to be.

-The Holy Trinity blessed us with more content (and a forthcoming movie).


-Oscar’s Hotel

-So much vlogmas


I can only hope 2016 is as great