connor franta preference

  • •Connor taught me to be confident
  • •Ricky taught me to look at the positives in life
  • •Sam taught me to smile in the hardest times
  • •Jc taught me to chase my dreams and stand up for what i believe in
  • •Trevor taught me to never give up on what makes me happy
  • •Kian taught me to never be afraid to be myself

I’m am so grateful that they were a part in my life and I can’t thank them enough for every smile they put on my face whenever I was feeling down …o2l forever ❤️

I Hate Couples (Connor Franta Fluff)

Summary ~ I hated the things couples did until i did them with someone i liked.

Words ~ 1548

Requested ~ No

I placed the last t-shirt in the draw sighing. It had took me a whole hour to unpack everything, and all I wanted to do was go for a nap, but I had to film and edit a video for tonight. I started moving around my room setting up my camera and lights. I stopped when I heard a knock on the door., looking up I saw my best friend standing in the doorway.
“Hey, hows it going?” He smiled.
“I am all unpacked, I am now going to film a video” I said as I turned on the camera.
“Okay well I am going to start cooking dinner, so if you finish your video in time there might be some left over” He laughed before exiting. I stared at the door for a minute after me left before I shook my head and smiled. Connor was my best friend, I had just moved to LA and he was letting me stay in his house while I look for an apartment. I had been best friends with Connor as a kid and when he moved to LA we made sure to stay in touch, I came to visit every now and then. And one visit started the rest of my life, while I helped Connor set up for a collab with Ricky, he started telling me I should start a channel. I laughed it off but for the rest of the day he kept telling me I should. He made some really good points telling me that I would be the perfect youtuber.
“You are funny, sarcastic, beautiful, you know how to do make up, you have great taste in clothes and music, and you give great advice” I remember him telling me. I kept telling him it was a silly idea, but at the end of the day I found my self sitting in front of the computer setting up a channel and learning how to edit. I sat down on the bed taking a deep breath.
“Hey what’s up you guys, so have you noticed anything different? Yeah that’s right the background is different. That is because I have moved to LA, I am currently staying with my best friend until I get an apartment. Today I will be talking to you about something that really annoys me. Couples. And before you fill the comments with ‘You are just jealous that you are alone’ Yes I do wish I had someone to make out with but I hope I never do any of the following” I looked down at the list on my phone picking out the first one.
“Okay number one if you go out to dinner why do couples feel compelled to sit on the same side as each other. Can you really not stay away from each other long enough to eat a meal across from each other. I understand if there are other people sitting on the other side, but when it is empty come on” I finished raising my eyebrows and looked down at my phone.
“Number two and this is a big one. PDA. It is everywhere. Okay I am glad that you found someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with or the next ten minutes, but I don’t need to see it. If you are in park I don’t need you rolling around in the grass making out. If you are on the bus I do not need you sitting on your boyfriends lap with his hand up your shirt, I get it trying to spice up your love life, but there is a line that you are not suppose to cross” I looked down at my phone and laughed at the next one.
“Number three: Why is it that when people get into a relationship they feel the need to not be two people they just meld into one and everything becomes 'We’ not 'I’ any more. Like 'We went to the gynaecologist’ or 'We bought a new t-shirt’ or even 'We ate shit’ Stop you are you, you are not him or her” I looked back down at my phone and realised I was nearly done.
“Number four: Why do couples feel the need to tell everyone how in love they are. One way couples tell the world that really annoys me, is when couples tweet to each other publicly how much they love each other, like please stop tweeting him how you love him more then Kanye loves himself and go to his DM’s, just slide into the DM’s and slide out of my timeline” I looked down at my phone and saw the last one.
“And lastly number five: This one annoys me the most, when couples try and cuddle each other while they walk, like this” I paused as I planned to add in a clip in editing.
“When the taller person cuddles the other person from behind and they do this weird waddle walk. Please just stop, for one it is just weird to look at and you are making everyone very uncomfortable, and secondly if I get stuck behind you and your slow fucking waddle I will kick your ass down and speed walk over you in heels” I laughed at my anger.
“Okay that is it for today guys, give this video a like if you liked it and give the video a like if you hated it. Subscribe for more sarcastic humour. Bye” I said covering the lens. I stood up stretching before going to find Connor to ask him for help. I found him in front of his laptop laughing at a funny cat video.
“Hey how is dinner going?” I asked.
“Oh shit” He said running to the kitchen suddenly I heard the smoke alarm and a lot of swearing. I walked to the kitchen to see the oven open and Connor fanning the smoke. I opened the window and stopped the alarm.
“I forgot about the chicken” He pouted as the smoke cleared.
“Aw don’t worry I was in the mood for pizza anyway” I said going on to his computer to order some. After I was done ordering I looked up to see Connor putting the burned tray in the dishwasher.
“While we are waiting for the pizza can you help me film something for my channel?” I asked.
“Yeah sure, what do you need me to do?” He smiled.
“I am doing a video about why I hate couples and I need to demonstrate the couple cuddle walk thing, to show people why it is stupid” I explained.
“Sounds fun” He laughed. As we walked into my room and set up the camera angle. We stood in front of the camera and Connor wrapped his arms around me. We slowly started to do the waddle and I leaned back into his chest. I started to enjoy his touch. I felt so safe in his arm, and I started to enjoy the way you both rocked as we walked.
“I kind of understand why couple like this” Connor said before removing his hands from you.
“I still don’t like it” I laughed.
“Really?” He questioned.
“I mean…. I don’t like seeing it, I maybe kind of like the feeling” I blushed looking down.
“Yeah, I would do it if I had someone” He laughed.
“Yeah” I said laughing along. We both stopped laughing and just stared at each other for a moment.
“Fuck it” Connor nearly shouted and before you could process what was happening he had moved across the room, and his lips were on mine. I leaned into the kiss savouring every part of it. The way his lips were so soft and how they fit with mine. I felt my back touch the wall and I hadn’t even realized he was moving me backwards. I felt his hands on my thighs as he lifted me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist. The kiss was deepening until the door bell rang. He let me down and moved away from me. My gaze went straight to the floor and he left the room. He came back a couple minutes later while I put my camera away.
“Pizza is here” He said.
“Cool, I’'l get some plates” I said trying to move out of the room but he blocked the doorway.
“I like you” He blurted out.
“What?” I said shocked.
“I liked you ever since, we got seated beside each other in school and you took the blame when my phone went off so that I didn’t get another detention” He laughed.
“I like you too Connor, I liked you when that happened, and I really liked you when you attempted to break me out of detention but it didn’t work and you ended up getting detention too” I laughed remembering that day.
“I don’t want you to look for an apartment I want you to stay here, I want this to be our home, I want you to be my girlfriend” He whispered the last part.
“I want all of that” I smiled. He placed the pizza on the bed and pulled me into his arms, whispering the magic words.
“Pizza and Netflix's”


Snapchat ~ crazey_jadey

Your Matching Bathing Suits (O2L Preference)

Ricky- (His Choice because…”ITS MY LITTLE PONY DUH”)

Sam- (Your Choice because it “Looks like Arizona Tea kinda”)

Trevor- (His Choice because “it has all of the places that I want to take you to one day”)

Connor- (His Choice ((As best friends)) because “he thinks that anchors kind of resembles our friendship, we keep each other grounded”

Kian- (Your Choice because “You love floral and black and white are awesome”)

Jc- (Your Choice because “blue looks good on me and tribal print looks good on you”)


I HOPE YOU LIKED IT!!! It actually took me a while to find these, and then I had to crop the faces out, because then it would ruin the preference.


Kian Lawley Imagine

“Babe, stop, we’re in public,” you said as Kian slowly slid his fingers down from your waist to your bottom, making you blush. The two of you were currently at VidCon, sitting at an open booth, waiting for the other boys to begin the q&a meeting.

“I can’t help it, you’re so fucking gorgeous,” he mumbled seductively in your neck as his hand grasped your ass. “You’re killing me in that little black dress.”

“Kian, people are star-,” you were about to finish your sentence when he interrupted you with a kiss, pushing your chin up. He brushed his hand up your inner thigh, turning you on intensely. You ran your fingers through his hair as he licked your bottom lip for entrance.

“For god’s sake, this isn’t a fucking hotel room!” You recognized Sam’s voice as you two quickly broke away from your heated make out session. Standing in front of you was the whole o2l gang.

“Sorry, got a little carried away,” Kian chuckled, fixing his hair as you shyly got up from your seat.

“This isn’t over yet,” you whispered softly in his ear. You walked out the door, leaving him behind with a boner.

O2l Preference #1- Quirks they Love About You *requested*

Hey Anon, i wasn’t sure if you’re magcon request also meant the O2l one but i did it anyways (:

Connor- Get’s quotes mixed up

You and Connor had spent the night talking about movies. He clearly had been obsessing over The Fault in Our Stars since he last saw it and you were pissed cause he didn’t take you. You eventually changed the subject and moved to other movies and you began quoting parts of Perks of being a Wallflower since you knew Connor loved that one as well. “And I swear that in that moment i knew we were infinite.” You said trying to sound all cute. Connor looked at you and bursted out laughing “Babe no it's And in that moment i swear we were infinite” You crossed your arms and rolled your eyes “Whatever Con, same thing.” Connor just laughed and pulled you close and you two continued your movie talk.

Ricky- You get too into sports

“Y/n” you heard Ricky say. You two were in the O2l house watching the World Cup. Ricky wasn’t that big of a fan, but you were a hard core one. Your team was playing and the game was getting near an end and your nails had been bitten to the core. You couldn’t contain yourself, you yelled at the referee through the tv and threw a complete spam. Ricky chuckled and you ignored it. “Babe you’re so cute, i’ve never seen you get so worked up.” You looked at him and then back at the tv “Not now Ricky i’m not in the mood.” Ricky laughed and pulled out his phone recording you on snap. “My girl is feisty!”

Sam- ODD

You were kind of a perfectionist, so whenever someone broke the little things you freaked out. You liked everything in place, your room was organized in a way where you could easily find whatever it was you were looking for. On the other hand Sam wasn’t. Every time you went to his house and stepped foot in his room the little hairs on your arms stood up. Sam was messy, really messy. He had dirty clothes hiding under his bed, and on top of the nightstand. Food wrappers and dirty plates laying all around the floor. “Ugh Sam can’t you clean up after yourself?” you asked annoyed already starting to clean up his mess. Sam walked out of the bathroom and laughed “I already have you to do it for me” You rolled your eyes and continued picking up. After all if you want things done, you’re gonna obviously have to do them yourself.

Jc- Draws random doodles

Whenever you got bored you drew. In school you would always get distracted and wander off to your notebook and doodle. You just loved to doodle, it kind of calmed you down in a way. You were laying in Jc’s bed as he filmed his O2l video. Not wanting to disrupt him you picked up a sharpie and began doodling on your arm. You were so into it that you didn’t even notice Jc mentioning you in his video. “I guess y/n really wants a tattoo guys” he says as he chuckles and points at your arm. You had drawn a cute little sun and showed it to the camera. “It’s there to light up the cloudy days” you say and put your arm next to Jc’s cloud. Jc laughs and looks at the camera “What do you think guys, matching couples tattoo?”

Trevor-  Can’t drink anything with ice on it

You had gone out with the guys for dinner and were heading towards a Mexican restaurant. You usually didn’t eat spicy and when you did you needed loads of water by your side. After the waitress took your orders she came back with a few sides to keep you guys busy. You didn’t think of much, they didn’t look that spicy either so you digged in. It came to the point where the guys noticed your face had gone a weird shade of pink and gave you water. You looked at the water and shook your head in a ‘no’ and the guys looked confused. Trevor was in the bathroom and you were dying, no way to communicate with them. As soon as Trevor got to the table and saw what was going on he immediately grabbed the bowl of ice a waiter was carrying and dropped it in your cup. “She doesn’t drink water if it doesn’t have ice on it.” Sam looked confused “Even if she were dying?” You laughed “Even if i were dying.”

Kian- Plays with his hair

When you were little you used to love it when your mom played with your hair as she brushed it. As you grew older you began doing it to other people and it kind of turned into a habit. You and Kian were having a movie night and he had his head on your lap. Your hands brushed threw his blue hair and you played with the strands. Kian groaned and you giggled. “Babe that feels nice” You laughed and brushed his hair out of his eyes making his quiff deformed. “Okay Lawley it’s my turn now” you said as you pushed him off you and layed on his lap.

A/N: Idk I don’t think i did that good with this one, i’m sorry to the anon that requested it but i’ll try my best with the others :-)

Phone Case - Random

Oli Sykes-

Andy Biersack-

Pete Wentz-

Patrick Stump-

Connor Franta-

O2L preference: you appear in a vlog


“Hey guys, so I just woke up and our hotel room here in Bali has an amazing view” you heard your boyfriend say when you woke up “Look” he said, turning the camera to your balcony glass doors.

When he noticed you were awake he turned the camera to you.

“Well, good morning beautiful” he smiled and then kissed you, with the camera still pointing at the both of you.

“Good morning” you answered and smiled at the camera waving.

“Okay guys, we’re gonna get ready and start our vacation here in Bali, I’ll try to vlog a little bit of our day” he ended.


“Hey guys what’s up? I’m about to pick (Y/N) for our date and since y'all wanted me to vlog it, I’ll try” he said in your hall.

“Hey babe” you said, kissing him. “Oh, hi” you then waved at the camera and smiled.

“Where are we going?” he asked you, with the camera in front of both of you.

“We are going to dinner, I don’t know where because this one here” you said pinching his nose “said it was a surprise”

“Yep, I’m going to stop vlogging now because we’re getting in the car but we’ll meet you at our destination” he winked at the camera and turned it off.

He ended up vlogging you two in the car blasting some pop music and singing, including it in the actual video.


“Hey guys, we’re at the restaurant and it looks really nice” your boyfriend said to the camera. “My beautiful girlfriend is here, say hi babe” he then pointed the camera at you and you said hi and waved.

He vlogged for a bit longer and then put it down when your food arrived. You were having a great time, just eating and talking but then he started goofing around so you took his camera out of your bag and vlogged.

“Okay guys, so Sam and I are out for dinner and look what this child is doing” you laughed and then put Sam in frame.

He started playing with the shrimp again and you just laughed.

When you got out of the restaurant he ended the vlog.

“Everyone was staring at us” you laughed “Because of this idiot” you kissed his cheek.

“But I’m you idiot, don’t complain” he told you.

“I’m not!” you defended yourself, kissing his nose.

“OKay guys, hm, we’re just going home now so…I love you all, thanks for watching…you know what to do”

“Bye” you said, before he turned his camera off.


“Hi guys, Trevor here!” he started the vlog.

“And (Y/N)” you shouted.

“Yeah yeah, and her. Trying to get in my spotlight, huh?” he mocked you.

“I’m the one who’s shining, baby!” you teased him and you both laughed.

“We’re going to this launch thingy, very fancy and dressy, that’s why I’m wearing this and she’s all dressed up as well, we’re looking all Jay Z and Beyoncé” he started to make some poses and you joined him.

“We’re here, Trev” you said, kissing his cheek and getting in frame.

“I’ll try to vlog in the party but I don’t know if I’ll be able to, just wait 3 seconds after this clip to find out” he winked and turned the camera off.

“I wasn’t joking, you totally look beautiful” he admitted and you blushed.


“Hey, what’s up you guys? It’s Connor” he said into the camera as you walked on the pier “Today I decided I would do a different video, just to change things up a bit. Say hi to this one” he got near you, putting his free hand around your waist, so you could be in frame.

“Hey guys” you smiled.

“So, we’re at the Santa Monica Pier and we’re just going to have a really fun day, right?” he asked you.

“Yep” you smiled back at him “and Connor’s going to win me a stuffed animal, right?” you winked at the camera when you saw your boyfriend’s panic face and then laughed.

“I’ll try my best” he answered honestly.

He vlogged the whole day and when he tried to win you the stuffed animal you recorded him and he actually did it and put it in the vlog.


“We’re in Hawaiiiiiiiiiiiiii” he started.

“Wohooo” you screamed excited, next to Ricky “I’m so excited about this, you can’t even imagine”

“Oh I can” he said mocking you “Guys, she almost screamed and jumped out of the plane when the woman said we’d be landing in like 30 minutes” he laughed at you and you joined him.

“I was really excited, okay?” you laughed and he kissed your cheek, telling you he still loved you.

“I’ll make sure he vlogs a lot for you guys” you said.

“She’s just saying that because she wants every minute of this trip recorded so she can get depressed for not being here anymore when we get back” he mocked you and you punched his arm.

“Hey” you laughed “you know you also want that” you winked and carried on.

The rest of the day was spent swimming and tanning and kissing and cuddling and…perfect.

O2L Preference #1 - Insecurities

Sam: You had always been self conscious about the way you looked. Especially now that you were with Sam. All of his past girlfriends had looked like super models, and you were just…average. But he always seems to find a way to make you smile, and to tell you just how beautiful you are.

Kian: You were always insecure about the way you laughed. It was a bit squeaky, and quite obnoxious. But to be honest, Kian adored it. He couldn’t keep his hands off of you, and it usually ended up with him tickling you.

Connor: Whenever things got a little heated, or any occasion when you were both undressed, you found yourself hiding your body. He would always kiss you and hold you close, telling you how perfect you are.

Jc: You always felt insecure about your weight, due to how fit JC is. But he found you perfect, and would pepper kisses all over your face and give you big hugs.

Ricky: You were always insecure about how immature you are. You laugh at almost everything, and crack dirty jokes constantly. But he loves it, and he thinks you are adorable.

Trevor: No matter what, you always feel insecure about how tiny you are. Trevor is considerably taller, so you have to stand on the tip of your toes to kiss him. But he adores it, because he feels like he has to protect you.