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Another year, another Black History Month, and another round of idiots talking about tired ol’ black ladies, and “what happened to peaceful protest?!” like they got hit on the head by the stupid racist stick and forgot how brutally beaten, viciously and vitriolically attacked, lynched, shot, and set on fire those peaceful protesters (‘scuse me, “outside agitators”) were. You want to bring the systemic, infrastructural racist, classist, misogynist, sexist, heterosexist, white supremacist, ageist, ableist (etc…) bullshit to an end? Then stop lying to yourself and, more importantly, to our kids, our adversaries, and anyone else who wasn’t there, or doesn’t have those images of police dogs and fires hoses, Bull Connor, burned out churches, and little black girls walking against the waves on a sea of pure white hot hatred burned into their memories. Stop the denial and quit the mythology of how easy–or even “peaceful”–non-violent protest was or is. It takes staring into the face of your own death at the hands of an entire machine constructed for the sole purpose of crushing dissent–hell, it doesn’t even care about you individually enough to identify you as anything but “obstacle to hegemony.” Ms. Parks was pissed the hell off. She was pissed and she spent years of her life preparing and training for the day when she could finally say “NO!” to the machine that was crushing, destroying, devouring her entire heritage, her community, her lovers, friends, family, and even her enemies–to say “NO!” and have it be heard beyond the impotent whimpers of a broken, beaten, bloodied body in the middle of the night, just before being hanged, or set aflame, or thrown from a bridge into a rushing river below. THAT is what I want us to teach, whether you are white or black or of an ethnicity, nationality, or cultural identity for which this almost intrinsically American violence seems like maybe just a setup for an Oscar-winning (or ignoring) performance. Let us, together, collectively, and unflinchingly, stare our terrible and terrorizing history in the face; let’s those of us with cultural privilege, however it maybe defined, see our visages in the reflection of those horrors; let’s witness and teach and never candycoat or obfuscate the violence of our past and, MOST IMPORTANTLY RIGHT NOW, recognize our past’s connection to the present extreme violence inherent in a machine of anti-dissent, racism, classism, misogyny, sexism, heterosexism, white supremacy, ageism, ableism, and so many other culturally constructed modes of spewing hatred and perpetrating violence against any person not exactly like “me.”


Title: A Touch of Color Pt. 1
Fandom: Teen Wolf AU
Pairing: Stiles Stilinski x Fem!Reader (Soulmate!AU)
Warnings: Cursing
Requested: No
Plot: In a modern world like this, finding your soulmate was nearly impossible. There were only few people who had the potential to ever meet their soulmate - people who normally saw in black and white, but once they saw their soulmate, color would start to appear all around them. You were cursed as being one of those people. You had never met your soulmate until you see your best friend from high school through strange ties. And your soulmate? Your best friend’s fiance. 
NOTE: This first part centers around Scott and the reader, but it will soon pick up to be Stiles and the reader.

The deepest of sighs escaped your mouth as you clicked away mindlessly on your computer. Staring too long at it made your eyes hurt, especially since the colors were dull and monotonous. 

“Hey, Y/N,” you heard. Your eyes flicked to your right and looked over the cubicle wall toward your co-worker. “I heard there was a cute new guy,” she said with a wink.

You internally crossed your fingers. Hopefully, this new guy would end the plague you had of seeing only black and white.

“Oh! Here he comes, here he comes!” she said, excitedly, plopping herself hastily in her seat, but sitting up enough to see over the cubicle and to the front entrance.

The door seemed to open slowly, but when he entered the room, he was still the same dreary colors you were used to. You frowned visibly and then sunk back down into your chair. 

He was cute, of course, but he wasn’t the one. But you were over it at this point. Only you were stopping yourself from dating people because of some stupid myth your parents had passed on to you. And you were already at that age where everyone around you was getting married.

“Hey, do you mind if I go for him?” you asked, peeping your head over the cubicle wall to look down at your co-worker. 

She waved her hand dismissively and flashed her engagement ring at you. “Go ahead, honey. I can look, but I sadly cannot touch.” 

You smiled satisfactorily and walked along the marble floor of the publishing firm, your heels echoing around the room. When you neared the new guy, you tapped him on the shoulder and smiled sweetly when he turned to face you.

“Hi, I’m Y/N Y/L/N,” you said, extending your manicured hand to him.

The man with the crooked jawline smiled at you and you felt yourself melting into your heels by just seeing his smile. To hell with the stupid soulmate crap. This man was nothing short of perfect. “I’m Scott. Scott McCall,” he said, shaking your hand firmly but gently.

You played around with a loose strand of hair as you looked up at him. “So you’re interested in writing, huh?” you asked. 

Scott nodded and ran a hand through his hair. “Sorta, yeah,” he said with a breathy chuckle. “I’m more into the technical side, you know. Kind of like a maintenance guy.”

“Oh,” you said, interested. “So you’re gonna be the new tech guy, right?”


The conversation was hitting a dead end, but you didn’t want it to ever end. You couldn’t see any color around or on him, but maybe it was something that came over time. He turned to walk away again, but you grabbed his arm gingerly, causing him to turn back with the sweetest of smiles. 

“Would you maybe be interested in going to get some coffee with me?” you asked. He seemed hesitant in answering, but you didn’t want him to say no, so you offered a proposition. “It doesn’t have to be just us!” you said, quickly. “You can invite some friends to make yourself more comfortable.”

Scott visibly relaxed and smiled. “I’d like that. Thank you.”

“Great!” you chirped, smiling brightly at him. “How about this Sunday? I’ve got no plans.”

“Me neither,” he said, kindly. “Meet you at the cafe downtown?”


“Great,” Scott said. He offered you one more smile and headed into the copy room. 

You grinned widely and turned to look at your co-worker, who was beaming at you like a proud mother. She fist pumped the air and did a little dance for you. All the while, you screamed happily on the inside.

Sunday couldn’t have come slower. It felt like as the day approached, time would go slower. 

But that didn’t mean you couldn’t see Scott until then. Every now and then, when you would make copies, you would go into the copy room, where he would be there 90% of the time. The copy machine the company had was extremely old, so it had to be repaired several times a day. 

You could tell Scott really enjoyed his job though. Each time the copy machine would break (which would usually coincidentally be when you used it), he would laugh and wave it off as if it were just a simple math question. And boy, did he look amazing when fixing it. His muscles would flex in the most unbelievable ways and he would sometimes grunt when pulling a piece of paper that was jammed. He was an earthbound god.

On Friday, you went to the copy room and made several copies of a document for a presentation you had soon. 

Luckily for you, Scott was there and he was leaning against a table in the room, while sipping a cup of coffee. 

“Are you excited for Sunday?” he asked, wiggling his eyebrows. 

You two shared a laugh as you nodded enthusiastically. “Yeah, I live close, but I haven’t been downtown in a while,” you said, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear. “Would you mind if we took a stroll after grabbing a drink?”

“Oh yeah, sure!” Scott agreed. “My friends will probably enjoy that. They’re getting married sometime this year, so they could probably use all of the inspiration they could get!”

“Oh, that sounds fun!” you said, excitedly, collecting the freshly copied papers from the tray. “Are you the best man?”

Scott bobbed his head up and down happily. “Yeah, I’ve known the guy for as long as I could remember. He’s really fun to be around, so he won’t make it awkward.”

“I wouldn’t mind even if he did make it awkward,” you said. “I mean, I did sort of make it awkward by asking you to go out with me on your first day.”

Quickly, he waved his hand and said, “No, no. I think it was really cool of you to ask. I don’t mind the company.”

You bit your lip to conceal the scream you wanted to let out. You and Scott were definitely hitting it off. You two had this connection that words couldn’t even describe - you two just clicked. Even if he didn’t have color surrounding him, you could tell he was the one. 

When Sunday came, you dressed yourself moderately. It was cold out, so you decided on wearing a white pullover sweater and a pair of leggings. Thrown over your sweater was a scarf. In your eyes, it was just another shade of grey, but to everyone else, it was a nice crisp red color. Your hair was curled nicely and fell over your shoulders like waves, but your bangs were pushed back with a little wire headband with fake pearls on them. You tugged on some fur boots and headed out the door, pulling your purse over your shoulder as you locked your front door. 

It wasn’t too long of a drive for you to get there. You parked near the coffee shop and entered in only minutes. 

You already ordered your drink, but you were still waiting for it to be prepared. By the time it came, Scott waltzed in, wearing a pair of jeans and a leather jacket. 

The way the jacket hugged his biceps made you nearly drop your coffee, but you made it over to him carefully in one piece. 

“Hey,” you said, looking up at him through your eyelashes. “I’m gonna go find us a seat. You can go order your drink.”

Scott smiled brightly at you and you nearly dropped your coffee again. He needed to stop doing that! “Thanks. I’ll meet you there.”

You quickly walked over to a four seated table and sat closer to the wall. 

Scott came back soon with his drink and sat across from you. “I didn’t mention this before, but you look incredible.”

You blushed and took a sip of your coffee. “Thank you. You look really great too,” you said. 

“You know…” Scott started, but he was cut off by a squeal that came from behind him at the front door. 

“Y/N?!” a girl screamed, attracting attention to everyone in the vicinity. She ran up to you and you stood up quickly to hug her tightly.

“Kira!” you cried, ecstatically. “Oh my gosh, you look so great!” 

Kira put her hands on your cheeks and looked all over your face in awe. “You do too, Y/N! You are gorgeous!” 

You smiled happily and then watched as she started talking to Scott. 

“I’m so sorry for not greeting you!” she said quickly to him, giving him a hug. 

Scott wrapped his arms around her and enveloped her in what looked to be the most amazing embrace in history. Scott’s actions toward her screamed something to you, but you didn’t know what it was. Why did seeing them interact make you feel out of the loop?

“All the parking spots are filled, so Stiles is trying to find a spot,” she explained.

She then turned to you and showed the diamond ring on her finger. “Can you believe it?” she asked. “It feels like just yesterday we were sitting in your room talking about Jake Ferguson and Connor Jackson, but now I’m getting married and you’re on a date with Scott!” 

You nodded happily. “Yeah, time really does fly fast, doesn’t it?”

You two were about to babble on incessantly about the past, but Scott uncomfortably cleared his throat and jutted his jaw toward the door. “Stiles is coming in.”

As soon as he said that, the bell above the door jingled as the man of subject entered the room. 

The world seemed to stop. 

You were struck speechless…and so was he. 

You could actually see color.

This Stiles guy was the one.


RAD in Europe

Props to the guy who filmed this.