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Voltron as Dear Evan Hansen lyrics

Keith: “Our friendship goes beyond your average kind of bond. But not because we’re gay!”

Shiro: “Does anybody have a map, anybody happen to know how the hell to do this?”

Pidge: “Kinky,”

Allura: “All we see is sky for forever. We let the world pass by for forever.”

Coran: “I’m sending pictures of the most amazing trees, you’ll be obsessed with all my forest expertise!”

Hunk: “All that it takes is a little reinvention!”

Lance: “No one deserves to feel forgotten. No one deserves to fade away.”

Matt: “ I will sing no requiem tonight.”

Ulaz/Thace (to Zarkon and Haggar): “After all you put me through, don’t say it wasn’t true. That you were not the monster that I knew!”


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Honestly the Alana hate needs to stop. Leave the girl alone. You’re all awful.

She’s a girl, who in the time of tragedy, see’s that she, and others, are in need of something to grasp on to. One of the main ideas behind the show is people’s want/need to feel included when tragedy strikes.

She was alone. She tried so hard to make friends. She wasn’t rude, but she could be over bearing and that make people not welcome her presence. She looked at Connor and his situation and probably realized that it could have been her. She wears a mask, and it’s a genuinely wonderful mask. She knows that people are judgmental and she attempted to hide her weakness but over does it and it has the opposite effect. She felt alone, but she spoke up, and told people that she would be there for them, even if they weren’t there for her.

Also keep in mind she lost her grandmother not long before the start of the show.

She makes some mistakes, she does something that is honestly so horrible. That letter was private and she should not have shared it, but you CAN NOT criminalize her and stand to the side while Evan does what he does or Jared for that matter. I’m so tired of the women and POC getting criminalized while the white boys become your “cinnamon rolls” or your “sons”.

And trust me. I love Evan, Jared, and Connor just as much as the next person. I call The Sincerely Three my sons on the daily, but I’m also not out there acting like they are innocent while I throw Alana under a steamroller.


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what if connor has burns on his hands from where he tried to rescue ziio from the fire when he was a kiddo and that's why he wears fingerless gloves. what if haytham saw them. what would his reaction be??

After Haytham and Connor got on the deck of the Aquila, Mr. Faulkner, who had been taking care of the ship, greeted both of them - the first on with curiousity, the second one with cordiality.
“I’m glad you made it” he said, patting Connor’s shoulder and pointing his head at the burning warehouse that they were leaving behind. “It sure looked nasty”
“It was” Connor nodded, glancing at Haytham, who walked away from them.
“I can take the helm for now, if you want to rest, Captain” Faulkner offered.
Connor nodded gratefully. However, when Mr. Faulkner left him, the Assassin didn’t go to his cabin, but instead headed towards the prow. He preferred to be on the deck, instead of below it and the clear, salty air helped him recover his strength more efficiently than the stuffy atmosphere of the cabin.
Connor rested his palms on the ship’s side and took a deep breath. He realized that his hands were still shaking slightly. Connor clenched them into fists.
The incident in the warehouse moved him more than he’d like anyone to know. Especially his father.
Fire was his weakness, ever since he was a child. Findng himself in the middle of the burning building almost made Connor lose control of himself.
The Assassin glanced at his hands, where the memories of the events that took place eighteen years ago were burned into his skin. He noticed that his fingerless gloves – the only part of his usual clothing that he hadn’t hidden under the disguise – were all blackened and, at some places, charred. There was more material burned, than intact. Connor took off his useless gloves and threw them overboard. He’ll need to find another pair. Maybe there was some spare in the cabin…

“Don’t you want to have those dressed?”
Connor flinched, disgruntled that he allowed his father to sneak up on him.
“It’s too late for dressing those burns now, father” he said coldly, crossing his arms on his chest and hiding the burned hands “Eighteen years too late”
Haytham, who stood next to him, was silent for a moment. He wasn’t expecting this answer. The Templar thought those burns were new, acquired only some minutes ago.
“I see” he finally said, his tone less curt than usual, yet still far from sympathetic.
Connor stood motionless, with his eyes fixed somewhere on the sea. He still wasn’t sure whether he could believe his father. He wanted to believe him so badly. He wanted to believe that his own father was not a monster who sentenced the woman he claimed he’d cared for to such cruel death.
“I was trying to save her, you know” Connor said, not really sure what for “But I wasn’t strong enough.”
“You were a child” Haytham responded after a few seconds “There was nothing you could do”
“No” Connor shook his head, feeling angry, but this time for a different reason “But maybe if you had been there it would have been different.”
“Maybe it would” Haytham said quietly “I wish I had been there”

Connor finally looked at his father. The older man’s gaze was fixed on the horizon, but there was some absent look on his face, that made Connor guess that the man’s thoughts were actually very far from here.
Who knows, the Assassin thought, maybe deep inside my father is human, after all.

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ooo what tronnor drama fill me in

there’s a preview of connor’s poetry book going around and it’s like

‘it must hurt
to know i was your first everything
for everything now
is sloppy seconds’

next to a photo that, if u look at his instagram, was taken with troye

basically connor called troye his sloppy seconds and i am LIVING for it

Jude hears that Connor is permanently back in San Diego, and is re-enrolled at Anchor Beach. He sees him wave from a distance in the schoolyard, and excited to be seeing him again, he smiles and waves back. He holds out his arms expecting a hug, but goes unnoticed when Connor runs past him in total obliviousness, running into the arms of his new boyfriend and greeting him overjoyed.
Jude goes into the bathroom to cry, but turns out that’s where Connor and the mystery bf are fucking. Jude wishes he could get dick like that.
He cries about it to his family who only tells him that karma’s a bitch, and maybe he shouldn’t have been such one.