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Dawn Squad

From top to bottom: Darren, Connors, Ralon, Lyrene, Cyrus

Fanged Four AU
  • So I've seen someone woke talking about a role reversal of the Scoobies and the Fanged Four so here's some head cannons I came up with for this thing that I hope to write but probably won't anytime soon.
  • • The Master is Darla's father and watcher, acting as a mix of Giles and Joyce
  • • Angel's family is made up of vampire hunters who died because of the Scoobies leaving him sole survivor.
  • • Drusilla and Spike as childhood pals.
  • • Spike's mom was a potential slayer who never was summoned but Spike inherited abnormal strength from here.
  • • Spike's mom being a total badass who listens to heavy metal, drives them to the graveyard and just kicks total ass.
  • •Spike going from this total bookworm nerd to this dork who has like five piercings and bad tattoos to ward off evil.
  • • Drusilla being sane and later losing her sanity due to the world she has to live in.
  • • All of them having had sex with each other at least once (whether by accident, or in the heat of the moment, etc.)
  • • Spike trying to study for finals because new looks or not he's still the only one who cares about school, only to have his friends fighting demons downstairs. He comes down, yells at them to either take it somewhere else or help him with MacBeth.
  • • They all leave except for one demon who thinks Shakespeare is awesome and that's how he meets his BFF Clem the demon.
  • • Darla being a badass who takes no shit.
  • • Angel being this mix of Angel/Angelus. Ruthless fighter, clueless in relationships, great in bed. Lots of feelings.
  • • Drusilla collecting dolls because her mother (who was killed by a demon) loved them and it was the last thing she gave her before she died.
  • • The master being a "cool" dad.
  • • Connor taking on Dawn's role.
  • I just have a lot of feelings about this AU okay.

jynersoandor  asked:

6, 11, 12

6.  Has fandom ever made you enjoy a pairing you previously hated?*

Most of them I am like okay I dislike this pairing and move on. It takes a lot for me to HATE and I mean HATE a pairing. I think because when I do ship it’s either all in or all out, it’s hard for me to go from one to the other. So I can’t really think of any.

11.  Is there an unpopular character you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

I wish you could see my face right. I WISH YOU COULD. This list would be epic but how about: Cordelia Chase, Dawn Summers, Connor, Poe Dameron, Finn, Ruby. Meg Masters, Bela Talbot, Tara Thorton, Martha Jones. I’m sure I’m forgetting SO MANY more.

12.  Is there an unpopular arc that you like that the fandom doesn’t? Why?

I actually don’t hate the Jasmine arc post-birth. I think it’s an interesting commentary on blind faith and religion. But you are talking just a few good lines, one good episode. It could have been SO AMAZING if Whedon hadn’t let his grudge get in the way. 

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thetreeofyggdrasil  asked:

For your procrastination-station: You Heard Nothing - (Hanin); Behind Closed Doors - (Varlen); It’s Nothing - (your character pick). Feel free to choose which one(s) you do!

Send a SickFic Prompt

You Heard Nothing - (character) is obviously coming down sick - sneezing, sniffling, coughing - and absolutely refusing to admit to it, let alone take things easy. (650 words)

“Again!” Hanin barked, his voice straining to be heard over the clattering of training blades bouncing off shields. Shouting was strangely uncomfortable, leaving his throat itching and his chest tight. Must have breathed in some grit, he thought, reaching up to cough into his balled fist. He went to clear his throat but coughed again instead, something itching frustratingly down the length of his neck, causing it to spasm. 

“Coming down with something, huh?” Cyrus asked, flashing that crooked smile of his. “Next you’ll start telling us you bleed like a regular person too, Maker forbid.”

“Nah, that right there is blasphemy.” Lyrene, breathing hard as she lashed out at Connors’ shield, offered Hanin a shameless grin. “We all know Sir’s made of stone, after all, as all good statues are.”

“I’m fine, Hanin insisted flatly, but the reply was hoarse, like the words were being strained through a metal mesh. He swallowed, cleared his throat, blinked back his suddenly foggy vision. “Back to work. Focu–” 

He sneezed. The sound was so loud and so sudden that it actually startled Darren about a foot in the air, his shield clattering to the dirt in shock. The silence that followed was like the after-echo of canon fire.

“Maker,” breathed Ralon, equal parts scared and impressed. “That’s one hell of a sneeze you’ve got there. Like a war horn.”

“Should just tickle your nose to announce charges,” Cyrus added, folding his arms and smirking. “But listen, you look like shit, Sir. Go lie down before you burst a vessel or scare the kid to death.”

All eyes turned to Darren. “I wasn’t scared,” he argued hotly, but the tremor in his voice was about as convincing as two dwarves in a trench-coat trying to infiltrate Par Vollen. “J-Just caught me by surprise is all. Not my fault! You all heard it! He was right next to me.”

“Enough.” Hanin reached up, rubbing his eyes with his fingertips, blinking rapidly to clear his vision. Come on. Focus. “You’ve still got an hour of drills to do, so get back to it. Darren, you’re with me. Lyrene and Cyrus, swap to shields. Connors and Ralon, offense.”

Taking up the shield that was left abandoned in the dirt, Hanin turned to Darren and squared his feet. But the boy looked hesitant, his training blade held low to the ground, about as far from an attack pose as was possible. Hanin raised an eyebrow expectantly, and Darren shuffled.

“I… it’s just… you really don’t look so good,” he said, sounding endlessly apologetic, eyes fixed on Hanin’s feet rather than his face. “Doesn’t feel right, you know? Making you stand there while I swing at you. I can just use one of the training dummies. It’s okay.”

Hanin opened his mouth to chastise the boy, but found himself coughing again, only this time the painful hacking shook up from the depths of his chest, wracking his frame from back to shoulders. By the time he was finally done, his arms had gone tingly-numb, his vision foggy and useless once more. Grinding his teeth, Hanin began the ritual of blinking away the tears once more.

“You know, hate to be the one to say it, but you’re done for today, sir.” Ralon had come forward, shaking his head like the parent of a child who refused to go to bed. He angled back, throwing his voice over his shoulder. “Ain’t he, Connors?”

All eyes shifted to Connors, who stood impassively at the back of the group, her shield in hand, her expression blank as fresh parchment. Silence haunted the training grounds for what felt like an eternity.

“Yes,” she declared flatly. Ralon turned back, cocking an eyebrow as though that was all the confirmation needed in the world.

“Well, you heard the doc! Go lie down.” He grinned, white teeth flashing against dark skin. “Sir.”

anonymous asked:

Can you tell us more about the 'first loves' of the Dawn Squad?

That I can, nonny-dear! Or better still, they can tell you…

Darren: Oh… well, um, his name was Raylan. Tanner. Raylan Tanner. His family owned the farm next to mine, and he played with me all the time before my brother and sister was born. Even afterwards, he would just come down and run around with all three of us, although I think he might have found Cian and Claire a little too excitable. But I think that’s what I liked about him. He was just nice, even when it was hard to be, or he didn’t really want to be. People’s feelings mattered to him. My feelings mattered. I remember him standing up for me when some of the older boys from the town started picking on me while we were walking home. It was stupid – they were a lot bigger than us – but he just wouldn’t let it go. We both ended up in the mud, but it didn’t seem so bad. We were together, after all. I think that was the first time I feel in love with him. Just a little bit.

Lyrene: My first love? Not sure I loved him, but he was all right, I guess. Not bad on the eyes, pretty quick on his feet. I was sixteen and he was mine. I think that was the part of it we both found the most alluring. That we were spoken for. Not sure why it mattered so much, looking back, but at the time it seemed weirdly important. Maybe because we were both a little on the fringes with the clan. Pariahs, in a way. We saw things differently. Wanted to go further, see more, do more. So we did. Together. I’d go with him to human cities, cloaked and looking about as suspicious as a single dark cloud on a sunny day. Sometimes we’d steal. Sometimes we’d cheat shems at cards. Neither of us had our vallaslins yet, so it was easier to pretend, and we loved it. Made us feel alive. We ah… broke up after a couple of years. He got serious – you know how it is. I just wanted a little fun, and he wanted more. I still think about him sometimes. Adahl. It meant tree, and I used to always tease him about that because he was so tall and skinny. Yeah. Suppose I do miss him. Just a bit.

Ralon: First love? Sure, I’ll tell you about her. Impressive girl – sure knew her wood.  Actual wood, you sleaze, I saw that look! My folks made barrels for storing wine, they were famous for it, and she came along and apprenticed under my father. I was seventeen. Carina was eighteen, and Maker, she was beautiful. Had a set of hands like metal vices; used to bend the metal barrel hoops herself. Her folks owned a vineyard apparently, but it was hard to get to so they needed someone on the estate who could make or repair them in a pinch. My da was never one to deny a person in need, and she ended up being fast learner. A shame, that. I would have liked to have spent a few more months in her hands. It all started out with a bit of play-fighting. You know, a stupid wager over who could pin who first. She pinned me damn quick and, well… kept me there for nice, long while. Best fight I’ve ever been in. What was between us was mostly physical, I won’t lie. We were at that age and what-not. But she was just impressive. A force of nature. Turns out I have a bit of a type. I’ve been chasing hurricanes ever since.

Connors: Tinesha. I called her Tin. She was funny. We’d laugh so hard we cried. I don’t have much to say about her. We were lovers. Partners. She was the daughter of a weaver, and every winter she would make me a new scarf to wear. It would always match her hat. She was… silly like that. I loved that most of all. She… made things lighter. Made me lighter. Every time I set my eyes on something new, she would support me. Swing at me with a blunt sword when I wanted to learn the shield. Help me gather herbs when our shop ran low. Sit up with me all night trying to brew something that would ease a sickness or a pain faster than anything we were currently using. Sometimes she would help. Try to learn. Sometimes she would just knit and keep me company. I loved her either way. Now she is gone. I can’t help but think how things might have been different, had she… but no. She left our town when she turned twenty, set on life in the city. Such a small place could never hold someone like her. It was inevitable, but… it was not for me. Now my only regret is not going with her.

Cyrus: Love? Can’t say I’ve had one. I’ve screwed around with people, sure, but I didn’t love any of them. I loved my dog – no, not like that, Maker’s breath. But people just… never worked out for me. I… didn’t get out much, before I turned eighteen. Had no friends. No one visited. After eighteen, sure, I sneaked out all the time - who was going to stop me? - but never for anything serious. I didn’t want anyone and they sure as shit didn’t want me. You can get into all sorts of beds with a face like mine, but I’ve been told my personality is a deal-breaker. That’s fine. Fuck ‘em. I wasn’t there to pretend they meant anything to me, and I wasn’t dumb enough to think I meant anything to them. It went on like that for years, then… well, some shit happened, and I found myself here with the Inquisition. Plenty of attractive people around, sure. Can’t say any of them actually like me. Why would I waste my time chasing after someone who’ll just get sick of me anyway? Even if they don’t at first, they will. They always do. It’s not worth it.