connor dawn

Admittedly, Iacopo has a secret. One he finally admitted to Connor on a cold autumn day: he was desperately, maddeningly in love with him. And to his great surprise that feeling was returned.

He knows that he’ll keep wooing the local girls, his father all but expects him to break a new heart every week, but at the end of the day… he has eyes only for Connor. The other boy has his secrets but it doesn’t matter to Iacopo. Just like it doesn’t matter that he’s going to marry some poor girl and carry on the family line, that Connor might very well do the same if he doesn’t stay with the Order.

As long as they both know… it’ll be enough, won’t it?

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can I ask who else is in the dawn squad?

Of course! Here they are:





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Mady’s best friends were Ginger & Gavin Newson, (adopted) siblings. Her parents had allowed her to invite Ginger over to stay the night while they took one more romantic night off together before the new baby came. Of course they didn’t know that the girls had plans. Ginger didn’t come alone. Ginger had invited Connor Dawn, her crush, and Gavin to come with her to the sleepover!