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Dear Evan Hansen Aesthetics

I love how throughout Dear Evan Hansen, Evan becomes less of “Act 1 Evan” and more like Connor. The way he holds himself, the way he dresses. He still wears the blue button up or collared shirt, but during most of Act 2, he covers it up by wearing a gray jacket - just like Connor wore. Actually, right after “Good For You” when Connor and Evan are standing side by side, they are wearing identical outfits. I love when shows subtly use costume design to add so much more to the story. Evan was trying so hard to no longer be “Evan.” He now had that family he’d always wished for - Connor’s family. But in reality, he still is Evan. He’s still that awkward kid that plays with the hem of his shirt. That little blue collar peeking through the gray still shows that he’s still right there - just masked. The gray jacket just goes to show how much he was becoming (or already like) Connor. The good relationships that turned sour. The feeling of giving up on everything he worked hard on. The feeling of having it all, yet nothing at the same time. Evan and Connor are the representations of the same kind of person. They were the same person. They just chose different paths to follow. Well, maybe not. They both chose the same path at some point in their lives, but Evan’s path took a detour.

It’s notable to point out that Evan looses the jacket right after “So Big/So Small” - which if you haven’t heard yet, gives Heidi Hansen to chance to tell Evan how much he honestly and truly means to her - something that (as far as the audience knows) Cynthia Murphy never did with Connor. This sign of “losing the mask” or becoming someone new is such a poetic change. Something that only Costume Design could pull off successfully. You can actually tell during the Finale that during the year that we don’t see, he’s become more confident, more like the true Evan Hansen. I think it’s at that moment when we really see who he truly is.

Emily Rebholz may or may not get nominated for Costume Design for the 2017 Tony’s. (I personally think she should!) Regardless, that simple act of putting Evan in a basic gray hoodie speaks for so much of his character.

“That’s the challenge of contemporary clothing: We need to be able to translate a large amount of truth through how these characters appear.” - Emily Rebholz


Connor Costume Update 8/10/2014 “Hood in Plain Sight”  (Isn’t everyone always saying Connor likes cheesy jokes and puns?)

Behold!  My arch nemesis has been vanquished!!!!  This hood…..  What a trip it was to get to this point.  I’m very proud of it!  I was terrified to cut into the fabric that had 6 hours worth of my hand embroidery on it but after checking and rechecking that I’d positioned my pattern correctly I took a deep breath and did it!  

And three cheers for my husband! He was a good sport and let me put it on him so I could plaster his face all over the internet at 11pm.  (He’s much better as Ezio than Connor though, I must say.)

Huzzah!  So I just have to do the gussets and finish a couple more button holes and this thing is in the bag!  We should be able to get it on it’s way across the country on Tuesday!

Connor Costume Update FIVE!  8/7/14

Ok last one today, folks!  Spent some time working on the leather items.  I finished the belt and made good progress on the holsters.  I distressed the leather on the bow and the quiver.  I feel much better about them both now.  I think what bothered me so much about them is that they were too pristine and unblemished.  They needed some wear and tear.  It was rather heartbreaking to deliberately damage such expensive leather but the end product is much more satisfying.  The leather bits got on the white embroidery of the quiver and I rubbed them in so the white is less white and more dirtied, if you will.  

Then I took some pictures.  And got excited.  Then I started adding stuff in and, well, there you go.  Good night!


Connor Costume Update July 28, 2014 (Take Two!)

Got one of the beaded sections completely sewn onto the band!  Snaps on the inside for secure positioning on the sleeves.

Thanks again sunnyxstars!!!!  Having your beading in my hands and working with it, I can see how well done it is.  It’s sturdy and neat and I appreciate that immensely!

Connor Costume Update July 28, 2014

Here are the armbands, beaded by sunnyxstars and constructed by me!  The one with the feathers is the right armband, the one without is the left.  I’m cheating a little in this picture because I needed to sew the blue onto the leather and 1" into the first line, my only needle I had with me broke.  So the blue and the beads aren’t really attached yet.  BUT THEY WILL BE TONIGHT!  I’m just so excited about how they’re turning out I had to post a picture!!!

Update: I found a machine needle. It was dull and too thick for working with leather but I turned the wheel and forced every stitch through.  Now I can attach the beading!  Huzzah!


Bracer update!

Bracers are done. The right one will button directly to the sleeve so that’s why all the buttons holes are empty.

The left one has a couple snap options on the straps for the hidden blade. Once Noah has it laced on the first time, if he doesn’t need the outer snaps he can simply cut them off.

I’m tired, I have a blister on my thumb and my back aches but it was worth it!



Come find us in section 101 row 7 guys!! :)

René’s and Connor’s costumes are missing in this post but we’ll add them as soon as they’re finished :) 

Hope to see some of you! 

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