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Dear Evan Hansen Aesthetics

I love how throughout Dear Evan Hansen, Evan becomes less of “Act 1 Evan” and more like Connor. The way he holds himself, the way he dresses. He still wears the blue button up or collared shirt, but during most of Act 2, he covers it up by wearing a gray jacket - just like Connor wore. Actually, right after “Good For You” when Connor and Evan are standing side by side, they are wearing identical outfits. I love when shows subtly use costume design to add so much more to the story. Evan was trying so hard to no longer be “Evan.” He now had that family he’d always wished for - Connor’s family. But in reality, he still is Evan. He’s still that awkward kid that plays with the hem of his shirt. That little blue collar peeking through the gray still shows that he’s still right there - just masked. The gray jacket just goes to show how much he was becoming (or already like) Connor. The good relationships that turned sour. The feeling of giving up on everything he worked hard on. The feeling of having it all, yet nothing at the same time. Evan and Connor are the representations of the same kind of person. They were the same person. They just chose different paths to follow. Well, maybe not. They both chose the same path at some point in their lives, but Evan’s path took a detour.

It’s notable to point out that Evan looses the jacket right after “So Big/So Small” - which if you haven’t heard yet, gives Heidi Hansen to chance to tell Evan how much he honestly and truly means to her - something that (as far as the audience knows) Cynthia Murphy never did with Connor. This sign of “losing the mask” or becoming someone new is such a poetic change. Something that only Costume Design could pull off successfully. You can actually tell during the Finale that during the year that we don’t see, he’s become more confident, more like the true Evan Hansen. I think it’s at that moment when we really see who he truly is.

Emily Rebholz may or may not get nominated for Costume Design for the 2017 Tony’s. (I personally think she should!) Regardless, that simple act of putting Evan in a basic gray hoodie speaks for so much of his character.

“That’s the challenge of contemporary clothing: We need to be able to translate a large amount of truth through how these characters appear.” - Emily Rebholz

It’s nearly midnight and I decided the best thing for me to do was to try making icons, so have some LGBTQIA Dear Evan Hansen teens. Sorry for the graininess, this is my first time trying this and I have no idea what I’m doing.

(feel free to use, just give credit)

keeganconnortracy The devil is in the details - I adored the little details of this sweet bolero Blue got for S6! In honor of the Once season finale tonight I’m going to (somehow) film and post my ‘We Love Once’ song. I know a lot of Oncers are sad to say goodbye to some favorites today, goodbyes are indeed the worst. Hold them fondly in your hearts though, for when you are down, the happiness they brought will always find you. 💙  #onceuponatimeseasonfinale #costume #bts #setlife #bluefairy (x)

Connor Costume Update FIVE!  8/7/14

Ok last one today, folks!  Spent some time working on the leather items.  I finished the belt and made good progress on the holsters.  I distressed the leather on the bow and the quiver.  I feel much better about them both now.  I think what bothered me so much about them is that they were too pristine and unblemished.  They needed some wear and tear.  It was rather heartbreaking to deliberately damage such expensive leather but the end product is much more satisfying.  The leather bits got on the white embroidery of the quiver and I rubbed them in so the white is less white and more dirtied, if you will.  

Then I took some pictures.  And got excited.  Then I started adding stuff in and, well, there you go.  Good night!

{C.M x Reader} Headcanons P.2

Bet you all thought you had seen that last of me but nope, I’m here to wreck your shit up. I’m still working on the first chapter to the Connor Murphy thing I’m writing, wink wink, so until that’s done have some more mediocre headcanons.

- He’s scary good at nail art? Like, he could put those Russian nail artists on YouTube out of the job???

- He offers to paint your nails as soon as he sees the paint chipping.

- He also has a huge selection of nail polish in a box hidden in his closet, don’t be too surprised if there are at least twelve different bottles of black nail polish; they’re all just different brands.
“Yes, having this many bottles of black nail polish is totally acceptable! Yes, there is a difference between them. This one has holo glitter!”

- His collection of nail polish is actually the cutest thing? But you realize he doesn’t really have any nail art tools so guess what he’s getting for his birthday!

- He sneaks into your house at the oddest of times. Once he climbed in through your window while you were showering, he did you a major frighten once you finished.

- He really likes Halloween but he doesn’t like having to put effort into a costume.
“Connor, where’s your costume?”
“This is my costume, I’m dressed like a homicidal maniac; they look just like everybody else.”
“Okay, you make yourself comfortable while I go hide the knives.”

- He really likes spider-touches. Meaning he likes when you gently trace the tips of your fingers across his skin.

- Really, he just likes small gestures of intimacy all together. He isn’t a huge fan of being overly affectionate, mainly because he’s not used to it, but he does enjoy the small gestures like you reaching for his hand while taking a walk and gently rubbing the top of his hand with your thumb, or bumping shoulders right before walking into class.

- He goes to animal shelters with you once a week, it’s become a tradition at this point.

- He finds connecting to animals a lot easier than connecting to people most of the time, so when he first took you to the animal shelter with him you were kind of in awe to see how well the animals reacted to him.

- Though, he did nearly get into a fist fight with a 40 something year old man who had stepped on a puppy’s tail.

- He craves, and I mean CRAVES, sugar cookies when he’s high.

- He’s not even a huge fan of sugar cookies but when he’s high he just wants five batches of them.

- He reads so much? He has a small collection of old books that are worn to hell because he’s read them so many times.

- The day he lent you one of his favorite novels you knew you were going to cling to this beanpole for the rest of your life.

- He had an Avril Lavigne phase but who hasn’t?

- Boy is probably really into conspiracy theories?! He’ll bust into your room at 3 in the morning just to show you a new one or new evidence to one he’s shown you in the past.

- And you, being the supportive date mate that you are, will always look into it some more when you’re more awake and then go into a full blown eccentric conversation with him over it when you see him again.

- He likes to add vanilla and sugar to his warm milk. It’s something his mom used to do to help him sleep at night because he hated the taste of warm milk on its own.

- He flips school buses off if he’s behind one in traffic or if one drives by while he’s walking home. But who doesn’t?

- Once there were a few kids in one of the buses and they saw him do it so, as a child does, they did it back.

- You had some trouble holding him back because you were laughing too hard.

- He probably really likes to burn candles and incense, so you like to keep some handy when he visits.

- He has like an entire drawer of lighters in his bedroom. Most of which haven’t even been used, he just likes the designs?

mars-gold  asked:

Could you do Mike Faist parenting hcs? Like you and Mike are married and have kid(s)? Or a fluffy imagine with mommy!Reader x Daddy!Mike and a lil child? If it's not too much trouble. Thanks! Btw I LIVE for this blog 😊

- When you come home from hospital, Mike dotes over you non stop. Whatever you want or need, he has for you in practically an instant.

- You have a daughter, and her name is Angelica Louise Faist.

- Mike initially didn’t want to name her Angelica bc Hamilton, but you ranted to him for over an hour about why Angelica Schuyler was a hero, so he let you name her Angelica.

- (Also her initials are A.F, which Mike thought she would appreciate when she gets into her teens)

-!The entire cast obsess over her when you pay visits to the Music Box. Jen and Rachel reminisce about when they had their first newborn, and they give you a whole heap of very good advice.

- Mike always sings Angelica a lullaby before putting her down to sleep. You tried to once, and she sobbed until Mike arrived. You felt incredibly offended, but you understood why she would prefer Mike over you.

- Michael and Jen consider Angie to be their ‘granddaughter’, and if Angie is missing, she’s usually with those two.

- Despite having constant late nights as it is thanks to DEH, Mike still insists on staying up to help with the baby. You try to persuade him not to, but he doesn’t listen. Ever.

- For your first Halloween, you borrow Ben’s costume and dress up as Evan, Mike goes in his Connor costume, and lil Angie is ‘The Tree’. The entire cast (and all of social media) collectively fawn over the three of you.

- When Angelica starts elementary school, Mike is an absolute mess. You, however, are glad to get some time back to yourself at home. And possibly some alone time with your husband. (Wink wink.)

- They have a father daughter dance at Angelica’s school, and Mike goes out and buys Angie a little dress, and they go together. You get sent a whole heap of photos, one of them including a crying Mike.


*(This post may look familiar- I started it in 2014 & have updated it every year since!)

There’s obviously a lot of Halloween-themed videos by youtubers but I attempted to make somewhat of a masterpost to help people get in the Halloween spirit! Keep in mind, only some are listed here and videos from this year will be posted while this post is circulating (I’ll do my best to keep updating the list so be sure to click on the original post for the most up-to-date version). Also, feel free to message me if you think I missed any that should be added. 
Enjoy! :)

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While I don’t trust DC to do right by Wally (haven’t since they quietly shuffled him aside years ago honestly) I felt like playing around with the new design for the Fastest Man Alive (which i also don’t trust dc to keep) to make myself feel better for not doing the art I was suppose to today.

And yes.  I made him a red headed black kid.  Because red headed black people exist, with or without hair dye.