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Toxic Musical Fans

honestly the worst thing about the musical fandom is how much people hate on those who love DEH, Heathers, BMC and Hamilton

and yeah they’re common and have a large fandom


sometimes they’re just new, maybe they haven’t heard of Newsies, or Le mis or Miss Saigon yet

calm down

just because you know more musicals does not invalidate their fandom

hey i love heathers, it was my first musical and it’s still very much my favourite

and whenever i tell people that i get snarky remarks or get called a fake fan

really? who cares if it’s popular or not

new or old

these days unless the musical is from the 80s or 90s you’re a ‘fake fan’ and honestly i hate that

noah galvin things (deh 11/22)

okay lets go before i forget everything that happened

act 1

- he did so good. lets get that out of the way so i dont repeat it 100000 times but he did so good his voice was fantastic and i love him so much

- okay so instead of playing with the hem of his shirt all the time he was kinda? constantly rubbing his hand against a small portion of his leg, when he wasnt doing that he had his hand on top of his midsection clenching at his shirt? he did really good with getting the little ticks down

- his voice kinda cracks (??) a lot its really cute. hes kinda making his voice just a lil higher pitched than it usually is and it kinda adds a sense of frantic energy its really good

- hes a lot slower line wise- instead of kinda rushing through everything in one breath he stutters a lot and forces words out kinda one syllable at a time like hes thinking and struggling to get them out its really interesting

- when he does rush through the lines his voice CRACKS and i already mentioned this but i LVOE HIM

- when heidi came in he started rubbing at his socks. he rubs a lot. rub boy. anxious rub boy. im an idiot. 

- hes so fucking funny? like he gets the audience to laugh really really well and i know this is bc he came from a sitcom show where he had to deliver his lines like that but he did it REALLY WELL

- when he hits high notes one side of his face scrunches up and his posture straights up a lil bit its cute

- wjsdkfhksdf okay you know the part that goes “ur my only- family friend” so before he said family friend i shit you not he went “your my only f-” and he FUCKING RECOILED AND HISSED LIKE A FUCKING CAT IT WAS HILARIOUS LIKE HIS FACE SCRUCHED UP AND HE JUMPED BACK A WHOLE FOOT AND THEN FORCED OUT “FAMILY FRIEND”

- sincerely me was iconic

- i forget which line but after jared said something he straight up smacked jared in the head u can see jared like recoil a lil bit. go get em ev

- every time jared interrupted while he was singing his email he fucking GLARED AT HIM it was GREAT

- whenever he gets worked up when hes on the bed he jumps up onto his knees and gets excited (or nervous) and its. its great what a small man

- during “im not hyperventilating” he yelled it and at the end he like? grunted and yelled jared name at the end like 18 octaves lower it was fucking hilarious he crouched down and everything 

- when connor hits him he audibly expresses his pain and instead of hitting him back he just kinda. hovered his hands over his nipples. it was odd but great

- the way he sings “wait around for an answer to appear” is really cute? idk the wait around is different and its adorable

- he just gets so. so frustrated with jared thats a mood

- okay so. okay so during ywbf when he collapses it hurt so much. he drops his cards and he went to pick them up and he fell onto his butt and he frantically scooted back and just stayed there slightly out of the spotlight. and stared. and he started crying and he looked so scared and he just sat there for at least two minutes i was sobbing

- fun fact i knew they were gonna change the videos on the screens from ben to noah during ywbf but i still sobbed like an idiot

- disapeer when they were presenting the project to the murphys and jared says something evan is so fucking bitter towards him 

- we got a salty evan 

act 2

- ouch ouch ouch ouch 

- i love noah galvin

- only us was. was really good. 

- he didnt do “dating officially or whatever” as agressively but he did this thing after where he was like “im not gonna. cry or start breaking stuff” and when he said breaking stuff he did a lil kick jump thing across the stage it was good

- also he grunt yelled “breaking stuff” what a dude

- and when zoe says she isnt breaking up with him he doesnt. he doesnt hold her hands directly his hands just hover an inch over hers like hes scared to touch

- his “shit” after “we need to talk” is soft and delayed i love him


- tiny. tiny boy. 

- when heidi yelled “IM YOUR MOTHER” the first time, he doesnt shut down as much but he still. he still freezes and just stares at his feet 

- noah e galvins voice is precious. so good. his evan so bitter and blunt thats a mood

- kjdfhsj he hit the headboard on his bead really agressively a lot. you can hear it audibly did his hand hurt after that? is he okay?

- theres a lot of faux like?? swagger he tries to put into his voice its interesting and i think hes going for a humorous view but it adds a lot too

- he also adds a lot of nervous laughs in between lines? even during singing he does it its just a few seconds but its an interesting detail

- he did the thing where he jumps up on his knees again during only us. good

- ouch his fight with heidi. OUCH HIS FIGHT WITH HEIDI. hes so agressive but hes got this fear and desperation behind how angry hes delivering his lines

- he sobs out “i ruined your life” and i wanted to die i really wanted to die he curled in on himself when heidi got closer during those lines and everything

- “stop it stop it jsut let me out” hes hunched over and his hands are over his ears but he delivered the lines so well and he looked so scared during this song i was crying 

- he rubbed at his eyes or hid his face in his hands a lot? mood

- when connor starts singing for forever ev flinches when he touches him and as they’re both looking out into the audience ev is hunched over and he looks. so scared. he looked so fucking scared

- just him and connor were screaming at each other it was so tense. connor yells “its all been one big FUCKING LIE” he flinches and curls in 

- like. idk ive seen the show before and watched boots but connor was literally screaming it was the most agressive ive ever seen it ev was fucking sobbing

- like when he was yelling “howd you break you arm?” evan was audibly like? flinching and sobbing noah displayed the fucking f e a r in that scene so well i cant describe it in words 

- when alana puts his letter online he sounds so desperate hes yelling and crying and its. its so sad god

- words fail? didnt happen fake sorry cant hear you

- ive repeated this so many times but noahs evan was just? louder and angrier and more desperate it was just fantastic it was only his second day but he was doing fucking fantastic

- he does the laugh/sob thing a lot during words fail along with the annunciating the words slowly too. he yells some words and struggles to get them out and hes doing the thing where he rubs and clenches at his midsection its a combination for me sobbing

- like a lot of the lines he just. yelled. and you can tell he was crying and in so much pain god god god god god he did so good

- hes just a little bit off time and frantic during the song and it adds a lot

- he also yells and kinda messes up on “mess” and “no one” and god. fuck. fuck i hate noah galvin. 

- and hes doing the thing where he has to hit high notes so his face was scrunching up and he was arching up trying to hit the notes but still crying and jsut. ahhjsdfsafe

- he did the hug during so big so small so well and he was able to make himself look so small on that couch but he just. he just spread out and put all he had into that hug and it hurt so much

- while telling heidi about how he broke his arm he was turned away from her sobbing into his hands. he was jsut. struggling so much to tell her

- finale was just me sobbing? only me sobbing? there was so much hope and such a visual recovery in how he was doing it and the way he sang it was phenomenal

deh friendsgiving headcanons

-larry’s gonna be on a business trip for thanksgiving and cynthia doesn’t want it to seem lonely so she tells connor and zoe to invite their friends over for dinner

-so the whole squad comes over to help cook and of course cynthia is cooking something amazing and connor and zoe are struggling to make mashed potatoes

-jared knows he’ll burn the shit out of anything he tries to cook so he mostly just walks around saying he’s “supervising”

-alana and evan are all over everything. alana’s got stuffing and evan has cranberry sauce, which he’s never actually made before because his family always gets it out of a can but he does a pretty good job

-cynthia tells connor to carve the turkey and he has an unbelievable amount of fun with it. he spends about five minutes just swinging the giant knife around and threatening people with it because he thinks it’s the funniest fucking thing

-zoe starts singing christmas songs and everyone yells at her


-cynthia just laughing to herself while all of this is going on

-when they sit down alana makes a toast about how thankful she is for everyone and connor boos her

-but they all clink glasses and eat

-even cynthia acknowledges how bad connor and zoe’s mashed potatoes are

-evan offers to help cynthia with the dishes afterwards and thanks her profusely for hosting and she gives him a hug

-it’s a really really really good day

Me, blowing a kiss to the sky: for Mike Faist

Me, blowing a kiss, but this time to my garden: for Ben Platt

Me, setting my computer on fire: a͉̮̘̫ ̩̦͚̖̯͈̫s̝̫a̱͈̯͚͖͙c̥̟̣͍̥̣ri̜̜f̰̦ịce̗̥͚̺͖̱ t̝͉̬̗̝͕ͅo ̠͚̳̖̮m̰y͕̤ ̭̣̲̘l̟͖̣̘̻̟ọ͚͕̪̙͓̫r̟d̗͎̲͔̳ ̱̹̳̯̬̦ͅo̪̟̯̲̱f̺ ḍ͕͖̹an͕̣̙̜̱k̥ ̩̭̼m̦͔̟̭̫͈e͙̰͈̱̭̩ͅm̘͖̙̗e̝̣s̯̘̦͓̮͇̝,̖͇̖ ̼̟̼̘W̬̼̙̥͇͍͓il̮̩̮̭̯̜l ͉͔͇R̠̟o̼̜l̹̖͕̻a̤̦n͈͓̟̩d͉

Whelp, there goes my heart 💔

Friend: I got your text, what’s got you so excited?

Me: *holds broadway tickets*

Friends: wait— how could you afford these?!

Me: easy


I̛̹̻̬̙͙̱ͣ̿ ̥͕̳͚ͮ̒ͣ͛̎Ş̖̤̻̊̅ͪͣ͠͡O̖̦̰͓͊L̸̥̦̟̣̥̞̲̊̇̅͒͞D͇̜̣ͦ̿͗ͮͤͦͮͭ̇ ̵̻ͦ̽͟M̖̖͙̳͕̹̱͛͋͗̿̍̊̽͠Ỵ̮͂̏̐̀ ͤͧ҉͈͕͖̖̤̘ͅSͦ̓҉͈̝͕̗̜͔̕O͎̫̹͚̊ͭͮ̔͊̚Ư̧͎ͭͦL̬̼̩̭̙̭̥̳̈ͬ̀͜ ̣̪̻͖̂͋ͅF͚͍̊̀O͎͈̬̿ͨ̋̒͞R̷̵̹̰͚͍̭̥̤̲̟ͦ̃̐ ̴̨͓̽ͩ̚͢T͔̞͍͎͋ͩ̍͠H̠̝̼̯̳̝͕̑ͣͨͥͣ͐ͥ̿̌E͐̆̔͊͐ͮ̚҉̲͔͎̕͡S̨̟̰̯͙̺̰̻͕̬ͪ̓̓͌Ė̯̜̯̲͍̗̦ͮ̋̕