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This is such an amazing song?? I’m actually crying right now ugh why did they cut it from the show???????????????

We learn so much more about Connor in this 3 minute song than in the whole 2 and a half hour show

Okay this Jeremy and Evan stepbrothers au

But imagine Evans boyfriend, Connor, coming over to hang with Evan and meeting and bonding with Jeremy and Michael over weed lmao. Like Evans all ‘Jeremy my moms gonna smell it you can’t smoke in here’ and Connors like 'Well you guys can come smoke with me at my house’ and Evans just kinda 'Connor, babe, no!!!’ And Connors like 'cOnNoR, bAbE, nO!1!’

DEH teens as things I've heard at high school
  • Jared: I'd never intentionally hurt a baby, but if I'm asked to hold one I'm dropping that shit.
  • Connor: I'm gonna kill myself! And guess what? it's your fault! Just kidding I have depression.
  • Alana: I just bombed that test! Ugh! I got a fucking 97%! Wtf!
  • Evan: This morning my cactus betrayed me.
  • Zoe: *on the phone* if you're not here on time I will break both of your legs… okay, I love you too bye.
Some things about deh

I’m on the drive home from the train station and I’m emotional so here goes.
-the text message tones and social media pre show. I actually found this very grating and unpleasant, which tbh made me love it more.
-Ben platt’s 900 wps performance which was so familiar and real.
-Michael park who was so unexpected. I couldn’t imagine caring about Larry. His break down in you will be found was so raw and physical. It was so amazing.
-Heidi’s tenderness and gentleness.
-Jared kleinman’s aggressive words and insecurity. He’s so unsure and so so desperate it was amazing to watch and will Roland is outstanding.
-mike faist is so beautiful and Connor was just stone cold. He’s so clearly depressed and unfeeling at certain parts in the show and it was so chilling. It’s such a familiar feeling, and it was unsettling and greatly appreciated to see that:
-the letter. Everywhere. But especially in the scene where Connor is talking to Evan before words fail, etc. the words “would anybody notice if I just disappeared tomorrow?” Are plastered on stage.
-Ben platt, who was clearly working hard and I suspect had a sore throat, his voice is so beautiful and I am so honored to have seen him.
-Olivia as Alana. So intense and driven, so clearly hurting, so angry and ready to speak her mind. Wonderful.
-Laura’s voice and body language.
-just the moms together. That scene has so much tension and it’s very stirring.
-spit and snot flying out of Ben platt.
-the line “all I ever do is run” and the panting, horrified, alarmed breaths that follow.
-the real shaking before you will be found.
-jared’s fury at being betrayed. The gentleness when he asks Evan to hang out and drink with him is replaced by this fury and it’s incredible.
It was so wonderful and I wanna cry all the time.

Strict Parents (Connor Murphy HEADCANON)

INSPIRED BY: @imagine-boyo
(seriously i absolutely loved your headcanon for this. you have a gift for making me feel things)

- ok so you two probably met through each other’s parents
- like they became family friends bc Larry and your dad started working in the same department
- and Cynthia and your mom have a lot in common because they both are into Pilates and weird white people stuff
- aNyWaYs
- both of your parents are lowkey assholes
- they don’t believe in mental illness, gay rights, and sometimes still say some slurs
- but you just gotta live with it
- so when the Murphys came over for the first time, they just brought Connor because Zoe was at band camp or something geeky
- Connor walks in with his parents and you are ShOoKeTh
- like your parents told you beforehand that they had a son that was your age but you were NOT expecting some 6 foot tall punk guy
- usually when your parent’s friend’s have a child, they are really posh and go to private school
- but you saw him and was like damn son
- so they introduce everyone to everyone and it’s lowkey awkward
- you shake Larry and Cynthia’s hands with an awkward smile but Connor just gives you a weak shake of the hand bc he literally just wants to go home and smoke weed lol
- SO
- dinner starts and things are hella awkward
- your parents make you and Connor sit at a different table because you guys “are not adults”
- Connor is really quiet and doesn’t say much
- maybe when a noodle falls off his plate he mumbles, “mother fucker”. But that’s about it.
- and they are hella tipsy
- you can feel Connor getting slowly angry and you’re just like “um? Wanna go upstairs?”
- and he follows because literally anything beats having to stay in a room with his rowdy, drunk parents.
- you bring him to your room and sit down on your bed
- usually you weren’t allowed to bring boys in your room but your dad wouldn’t even know bc he’s too busy talking about capitalism w Larry
- everything would be really quiet until Connor finally speaks
- “your parents are fucking assholes”
- and expects you to be super offended and give him a huge reaction (like Zoe would) but instead you just LAUGH.
- he looks at you, super puzzled. That was the last thing he expected from you.
- then he starts laughing too.
- you two end up laying down on your bed, staring at the ceiling, just talking.
- you tell him about how much you dislike your parents. even though you could be considered a “goody-two-shoes”, you still had contrasting thoughts to your parents. You have never drank, or smoked, but you have different political views.
- Connor talks to you a ton about how much his parents dislike him and how they refuse to give him therapy
- half way through your talk, both of you shed a few tears
- you glance at the clock and it’s 2:00am.
- usually you would be tired by now, but Connor’s breath on your cheek and his eyes focusing on your lips was enough adrenaline to keep you awake for a year.
- at 2:04am, he kissed you.
- at 2:05 am, you kissed back.
- at 2:17 am, you finally broke apart from a series of passionate kisses.
- at 2:23am, Connor tells you that you were his first kiss
- at 2:24 am, you tell Connor that he was yours
- at 3:12am, Connor goes home. But you get a text from him that night, wishing you a good nights rest.
- you and Connor start dating OFFICIALLY like two days later
- you tell your parents that you’re going out for the evening and they start investigating (as per usual)
- they ask you where you’re going, who you’re going with, when you’ll be back, etc.
- you lied and said that you were going out with your best friend
- you walked all the way down your street and turned a corner. There sat Connor Murphy, in his beat up car.
- he would be dressed up slightly, wearing his leather jacket.
- he would be stunned, admiring your yellow sundress and pink lipstick.
- you guys looked like night and day
- after the third date, you finally told your parents about you and Connor
- they were shocked
- “but, Y/N, don’t you want more than some druggie?”
- “Y/N, I think you would much rather like that nice boy next door… his father is a doctor!”
- you finally tell them no.
- you like Connor.
- and there is nothing that can change that
- then they get mad
- they start doing things like taking your phone away at night
- so Connor just sneaks through your window instead
- they make sure that your curfew is 2 hours earlier than it used to be
- so Connor just takes you out earlier in the day
- they banned him from coming into the house
- so Connor waits a centimetre away from the front door
- after a while, your parents got tired of your foolery.
- one night you came home, wearing Connors jacket
- your mom smelled the smoke on it and accused Connor of pressuring you into smoking
- you kept assuring her that he wasn’t, but that didn’t stop her.
- she yelled at you more
- so you ran to your room and cried
- you texted Connor
- he came to your window
- lied in bed with you
- wiped your tears away
- “your parents are fucking assholes” he would whisper against your hair, rocking you back and forth.
- and like you did the night you met, you laughed.

- you and Connor move in together after high school and adopt a puppy
- it’s all you guys need

  • Auston Matthews: Wait for it, wait for it. 9:01. Zachery Hyman is officially late for the first time ever. Alright, let’s do this. Who’s got theories?
  • Nikita Soshnikov: His alarm didn’t go off.
  • Auston Matthews: All three alarms, all with battery backups? Come on, who wants to take this seriously?
  • Mitch Marner: Ooh! He was taken in his sleep.
  • Auston Matthews: That’s what I’m talking about. Super dark, Mitchy, but way more plausible than Sosh's idiotic alarm clock theory.
  • Connor Carrick: I bet he tucked himself into bed too tight and got stuck.