connor collins


april 18, 2017 | springtime

I was walking home earlier and I walked past so many beautiful flowers; they were so bright and the colors were so vibrant. I got a 100 on my history quiz!! I was so nervous because I felt like I didn’t know the terms well enough 😬 But I went to Barnes & Noble to pick up Connor Franta’s new book, Note to Self (which is absolutely gorgeous) and I can’t wait to read it! I also got Unfiltered by my favorite actress, Lily Collins, and the movie tie-in version of Everything, Everything (the cover for this movie edition is stunning).

Loving real people that will never know about your existence is really hard. Even harder when you’ll never be able to hug them or tell them how much you appreciate the fact of their own existence in person.



Why are

there SO many 

gorgeous actors in 

this world,

yet they all

are not only

so far out of

my age range,

but I have almost 

no chance of 

ever meeting them,

not to mention the fact

that most are happy

 with a partner of some sort

or are not of a sexual orintation

that works in my favor.

I know that you 

may not agree

with all of my hunky choices,

but that isn’t my point.

My point IS look at

 all of these beauties,

there are so many!

so why do all of the boys at my school look like