I see so many people loving AC3 and its characters and I accept their opinion. I agree Connor could be a good character (sometimes, because I still remember this moment he basically said Achillles was useless, I wanted to kill him) and a few missions were interesting.

But I hate Haytham more than any character in any video game that ever existed… And the only reason I played the game until the end was the modern era parts which were just delightful (finally playing Desmond as a real assassin was so good). As for my sister, she was so bored she didn’t even finish it.

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Let’s get a bunch of things straight…
-Altaïr is not just an arrogant asshole
-Ezio is more than just a man whore
-Connor is too precious for this world
-Haytham isn’t just some dick who went against the assassins
-Edward is not some selfish pirate
-Shay didn’t betray the assassins because he didn’t care
-Arno is not a little whine baby (but he is a baby 😏)
-Desmond was not just dumb fluff you got to play between the sequences
-Shaun is the sassiest sass to ever sass


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33: With Connor

Prompt: “Please don’t do this.”

He lied. Again. She fumed.

She had trusted him to tell her when her target, the man who killed her mentor, had reached the city, and Connor hadn’t. He lied. That was days ago. Her target would be long gone by now.

“Please.” Connor had followed her from her the home after she had left in an anger. His brown eyes were pleading.

“Then you should’ve told me the truth!” She whirled around. Her face was most likely red, but she didn’t care. “You lied to me, Connor!” She spat.

“I just want you safe!” His anger flared up too, but he tried to control it. Connor allowed her her place.

“I appreciate you worrying about my safety, but I’m capable of caring for myself!”

“You have been an Assassin for less than four months. Do you think that deems you able?” He wasn’t trying to be mean, but it was the truth. When she came to him and told him her desires to join, Connor disagreed. They had a fight leading to her saying she would get her revenge one way or another. Connor, thinking he might as well keep her safe, agreed to train her.

It was true Joshua was in town all those days ago, but she was not ready to face him yet, and Connor refused to let her die because she was stubborn. He had already lost so much.

“You trained me. I’m ready.” She said, and Connor knew he was getting nowhere with her. She was just as stubborn as he.

“I…” Connor searched for the words, but said nothing. Would he tell her he didn’t believe in her? That she couldn’t redeem herself? Hadn’t he been on this path before? What could he say? What could he do?

“If you don’t let me leave, I’ll make you.” Her blades sliced through the air, and she held they silently.

“Please do not do this.” Connor begged. Did he have to fight his love? Could he? Or would he die by her hand?

“I see no other way.”

“There is always another way.” His voice was heavy with sadness. She wasn’t listening.

It happened fast. She charged at him, and the ringing of metal to metal filled the clearing.