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(The bff @silveredsilhouettes is makin’ me divulge personal information again, but that’s okay because I like doing these (and I like talking about myself, lololololol))  

Name 10 favorite characters from 10 different things

  1. Neku Sakuraba – The World Ends With You (forever my spicy tuna roll son, i’ve never related to a character more)
  2. Prompto Argentum – FFXV (listen…….y’all have talked to me…..)
  3. Squall “Actual Brick Wall” Leonhart – FFVIII 
  4. Kell Maresh – A Darker Shade of Magic
  5. Kirby (who tf wouldn’t like Kirby??? Satan, probably)
  6. Tsunayoshi Sawada – KHR (he’s the only anime protag i’ve actually really liked???)
  7. Stan Marsh – South Park (cynical, sarcastic, and depressed?? s a m e)
  8. Dark Pit – Kid Icarus: Uprising (me as a teenager, lmaoooo)
  9. Aloy – Horizon Zero Dawn (she is s a v a g e, and i love her)
  10. Sora – Kingdom Hearts (he’s TOO CUTE to not love, omfg!!)

I’m not sure who to tag ‘cause I feel like anyone I tag is like, “ugh, god, one of these again???” So if you’re reading this and want to do it, go for it!!!

wesnest  asked:

🐹 Im a slut for Pokemon!

🐹 what are some of your favourite Pokémon and why?

(Gather ‘round, dude, and listen to this cardinal sin that accompanies this ask: I’ve never completed a pokemon game. Not even, like, couldn’t, nah, I get to the end game and just stop. All my pokemon were upwards of level 90, and I just never defeated the games, lmaoooo. I’d say “one day, I’ll beat one” but I’m lazy and end up doing something stupid, like run around with a team of only one type of pokemon. Or create another Jim.) 

Sapphire was my first game, and the only one I played religiously for years as a kid. Mudkip/Swampert, Absol, Swellow, Pusle and Minun were by far my favorites!! I really like Absol for no reason as a kid, my entire team was nothing but absols. However, my many absols couldn’t defeat gym leaders, so I had my swampert, a swellow, and of course, Jim, my most powerful pokemon, to help me out there. (Jim was a pusle and destroyed everything in his fucking path, such a b e a s t)

Luxray and purugly were my faves from Diamond!! 

kidolegend  asked:

*vibrates* VIXXXXXXXXXXXXXX it's KPOP plz stay away from this hell you don't want it ruining ur life cuz like with anime and games and shit it's great cuz they're not real but these are LIVING BREATHING HUMANS THAT ACTUALLY EXIST AND LOVING THEM IS SO AWFUL

bruH, KPOP??? I have a friend who’s super into kpop and she told me “yeah, it’s not bad, you might like it. listen to it someday, huh?” so I guess this is my sign, lololololololol