Muffintop 4: Open for Submissions

It’s a new year so it’s time for a new Muffintop!  For those of you just joining us, Muffintop is a regular collection of fat erotic comics by some of the Internet’s best connoiseurs of the larger female form.  The first three volumes were big successes, including such quality contributors as:

@leeloodallasmultigrain , @poundforpoundcake , @betweenfailures, @agoutirex, @royaljellysandwich , @eggheadcheesybird, @morbiomatic, @ichorcomic, @happy-go-ugly, @shyguy9, @brainfarto, @splithares, @jellirolled , Ladiesman217, Alan Bathearst, and Garoben

Now YOU have the chance to join that ilustrious list, because we’re putting out the call to all people who appreciate zaftig ladies and love to draw them – The Time Has Come.  If you’re interested in proposing a comic for Muffintop 4, please send your idea to  Be sure to include:

1- A brief synopsis of your comic proposal.
2- A rough page count (We prefer comics to be between 5-10 pages, but will consider longer or shorter projects) .
3- Links to examples of your art or, if you’re a writer working with a separate artist, you artist’s work.
4- A list of any previous comic work that you might have done. This is a COMIC anthology. We’re not interested in bringing any new pinup artists on board, so anything that will show you’re capable of finishing comics would go a long way in your favor.

We’ll be accepting proposals until March 1, 2016.

This is an anthology of erotic comics featuring fat women, eating/stuffing, and weight gain, so a proposal MUST include one of those topics to be considered. Submissions featuring male gain will only be considered if they ALSO include female gain. Explicit sex is acceptable but not required. 

Thanks for your interest! If you have any questions please contact