Mandela, My Dad and Me - Cinematic release

In 2014, Elba released ‘mi Mandela’, an album inspired by his time researching and portraying Nelson Mandela in Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom. However, just before Elba was due to leave for South Africa and Mali to record the album, his father sadly passed away. This further inspired the music he and his fellow collaborators sought to create. While working simultaneously on the album and promoting his film, Elba had BAFTA award-winning director Daniel Vernon document his movements. The film they had originally intended to create was centred on the recording of the album, but has since evolved into something deeper, due to the loss of his father and the personal journey through grief that Elba happened to be embarking on at that time.

Director: Daniel Vernon

Associate Producer: Vivienne Perry

Executive Producers: Idris Elba, Nicholas Yearwood, Derren Lawford, Alex Connock, Rick Murray and Jeremy Lee

Co-financed by Green Door Pictures and media advisory firm Bob & Co

Distributed by Content Media.

Premiere at BFI on 7th April 2015