Dolly at 20

Twenty years ago today on February 22, 1997,  Ian Wilmut, Keith Campbell and colleagues at the Roslin Institute, announced the existence of a 7 month old sheep named Dolly, the product of cloning.  She was cloned using and adult cell and born on July, 5, 1996 and raised under the auspices of the UK Ministry of Agriculture and Scottish company PPL Therapeutics.  A Dorset Finn sheep, Dolly lived for six and half years before she was euthanized due to illness.  Dolly was created with a process called somatic cell nuclear transfer, in which a donor cell (in this case and adult cell from another sheep) has the nucleus removed that is then transfered into an unfertilized egg cell (an oocyte) which in turn has had its cell nucleus removed to make way for the donor nucleus.  The host cell is then stimulated and implanted into a host sheep for gestation.  Although other animals had been cloned before Dolly, Dolly is celebrated as the first ‘clone’ because her donor cell came from an adult cell. 

The word clone entered English as a noun used in botany in 1903 from the Ancient Greek word klon (κλον) meaning a twig or spray, related to klados (κλαδος) meaning a sprout, young offshoot, branch.  Botanists used the word to describe the results of the techique of grafting a shoot of one plant or tree onto another.  The word clone (verb) wasn’t used until 1959, and it wasn’t until the 1970s that clone was used in connnection with animals and humans.  Since Dolly, scientists have successfully cloned many other animals, including pigs, horses, goats, and deer.  

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Furries are people that like anthropomorphic animals, people that enjoy the art and usually have a character of their own but are well aware they’re human they just have a love for animals (in a nonsexual way, looking at you yiffers and furs that make comments about how you would totally take a knot. Don’t fucking do that. I swear on my mum.)

Therians and Otherkin are people that believe they are an animal (or in Otherkin case some other thing) in the wrong body, or they have an animal like mind, or they have a spiritual bond stronger than your parents damn marriage with an animal. (Idk about sexuality with Therians and otherkin though)

Therians is much deeper than furry.


Some Thoughts on Vampire Michaela’s Story Light Novel Volume 1

The main thought is: I WANT THIS ANIMATED. Seriously.

1) I omitted tons of stuff but in fact the description of the battlefield is very detailed and depicted through Crowley’s sensations and eyes. The sound that the neck’s bones make when you pierce it with the sword, the smell of dead bodies. The pain and the realization that your friends won’t smile and talk to you again anymore. All of this is depicted very emotionally through Crowley’s eyes. It’s very very sad. Different’ from Guren’s story but it doesn’t make it any less sad than it is.

2) Ferid is not the culprit. But for some reason he’s very interested in Crowley. Probably because he wants to turn him into a vampire. It’s also obvious that Ferid is bored so he wants to investigate but I’m sure he knows who the culprit is.

3) The vampire that attacked Crowley is most likely a noble. But the letters his name starts with doesn’t give a hint because we have not seen that name before.

4) Crowley realizes that it’s interesting when he’s around Ferid.

5) Ferid is described as a very beautiful man with dance-like moves.

6) Crowley is depicted as very muscular and dignified and probably very popular among ladies. Everyone among the knights looks up to him. Now I understand why he’s so insanely strong and why modern weak people can’t defeat him even with a demon series weapon.

7) To the readers’ disappointment Crowley’s opinions towards women are non-existent here. It’s as if the author is teasing us T^T

8) At the end of the novel as ferid leaves Crowley takes the Latin version of the Bible and looks at it lovingly as if reminiscing of old times.

9) Makes me wonder: does one change their character when they become a vampire? What do you think? Because he’s a lot more cynical than before.

10) And also the main thought. I’m 99% sure that Ferid planned for Yuu and Mika to be raised like that from the beginning. He created that rumor on purpose for Mika to come. They raised Mika as a vampire while Yuu grew up as a human. But WHY? And for what purpose? What are Ferid’s motives? I’m sure he’s using Krul

11) I believe we will get our answers only in summer. Because it’s ALL connnected. Guren’s story, Crowley, Ferid, Mika, and Yuu.


“Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. As king, you need to understand that balance and respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope.”

“But, Dad, don’t we eat the antelope?" 

Yes, Simba, but let me explain. When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connnected in the great circle of life.“

((POSSIBLE CONNNECTIONS    kidnapper/stalker/murderer/stalker/psycho ex-boyfriend))

“Wh…What the hell…?” Amelia mumbled, eyes blinking slowly as she began to wake up. Her body ached, wincing as she slowly sat up, her vision blurry as she continued to blink her eyes. Once her vision cleared up a second later, bars came into view, encasing her in a small box, the bars above her head only about a foot or two away when she was sat up. Panic began to course through her body, flashbacks from the night before coming into her memory. She was walking home after her gig when she was pulled into an alleyway, a rag covering her face as the world around her went black. “Fuck, fuck, fuck…” The blonde whimpered, moving quickly to the door of the cage, pulling harshly, rattling the bars against the lock.


Fanon History: When Matt Wachter left 30 Seconds to Mars


Both Thirty Seconds to Mars and Angels & Airwaves are touring in 2006. AVA has released their first album, “We Don’t Need To Whisper” and Ryan Sinn is on bass.

30STM recap -
Early in August of 2006, Matt Wachter takes time off from touring to get married. Tim Kelleher was called on to fill in on bass, starting with playing one song with the band during the Madison, WI show on July 30th, at which time Jared introduced Tim to the fans. That was Matt’s last show until the end of August.

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Earth Mother teach me of my kin,
Of Hawk, and Dove, and flower,
Of blinding sunlight, shady knoll,
Desert wind and morning showers.
Teach me every language of
The creatures that sing to me,
That I may count the cadence of
Infinite lessons in harmony.
Teach me how to honor
The Sacred Spaces of all,
Gently melding with the whole,
Answering the whippoorwills call.
Steamy tropics to glacial ice,
To thundering oceans tides,
In every grain of desert sands,
Your beauty forever abides.
Oh, Mother of every kingdom,
Let me claim my family’s love,
From the whales of deepest oceans,
To the winged-ones high above.
Expand my limited vision
Until I can truly know
The missions of my Relations
And the blessings they bestow.
—  Making Family from Earth Medicine (ancestors ways of harmony for many moons)

I can imagine Thomas and Teresa getting their pictures taken right before they get their memories swiped and sent into the maze.

Thomas, forever the realist and pessimist, knows that they’re going to go through shit and he is starting to notice that something is wrong because the minute he put on the test subject outfit and stepped in front of the camera it seems like the scientists have forgotten they are colleagues. But he just crushes those doubts, repeating WCKD is good, WCKD is good,” in his mind. He would do his part and they would get the cure, so he steels his face and sets his mouth in a hard line, trying to ignore the creeping apprehension bubbling up in his chest. 

And Teresa steps in front of the camera full of confidence like always. As if none of this bothers her. She raises her eyebrows slightly at the way her colleagues are treating her but she doesn’t think much of it. She assumes they’re just trying to prepare themselves to see her as simply a test subject in case anything goes wrong. They aren’t treating her like she’s beneath them on purpose, after all, none of this could have been possible without her. 

“N-no.. Look, it’s my job. I pour drinks, you pay for them. I didn’t..– i bought you one drink, it doesn’t make this,” He said, gesturing between the woman and he, “anything at all.” Was that harsh? It sounded harsh, but the truth was the truth. “I’m not your boyfriend, and I’d really appreciate it if you told your brothers to stop coming in to interrogate me.” After an attempted sidestep around her; one which failed, he sighed heavily, rubbing at the back of his neck, “I really have to get back…”

The way the whole-hearted live

They have the courage to be imperfect

They have the compassion to be kind to themselves first and then to others

They have connection as a result of authenticity – being able to let go of who they think they should be in order to be who they are

Finally, they fully embrace vulnerability – they believe that what makes them vulnerable makes them beautiful. They don’t talk about vulnerability being comfortable or excruciating, they just talked about it being necessary. They are willing to do something where there are no guarantees.


What if Goku just meant he never gave a Senzu mouth-to-mouth??? He has a point there! Nobody did that before! So maybe? 

And Vegeta misunderstood thinking he meant kiss with marriage and mouth to mouth Senzu??? and Goku was like what’s the connnection??? That makes so much more sense!!!.

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