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♫ ↕ ☻ ♥ ◘ •

♫ - Show your face

fjdakfljlakfjdlkaf sorry if I made anyones eyes explode.

↕ - State/Country you’re from

I am from the USA, Illinois.

☻ - Favorite Blog I follow/Rp with

Oh my god I can’t even begin to say who my favorite blog is. jfklajfkldaf I have so many oh my god.

I really like connivingspider, thomas-nosferatu-hiddleston, and justmoran

♥ - Top Celebrity crush

Again, ohmygod I have so many



I have to say, Misha Collins.

◘ - Random Fact about Mun

Well, I can sing tenor and I am a woman xP

My favorite color is purple

My favorite soda is Grape.

I love musicals.

I play percussion.

I share a name with my character. My name is also Emily. :P

• - Random Fact about Muse

Emily plays piano

Emily is left handed.


Hello! Given to the overwhelming amount of you right now, I’m going to temporarily suspend automatic gif starters. If you’re interested in a thread with me, like this message, and we can work on plotting something out! If you’re from Jim’s Carnival of Sin, then let me know so we can plot something specifically in that verse.