(*I get that I’m oversimplifying the Jasper-Lapis consent/relationship dynamic but I don’t have the energy to parse out the nuances of that clusterf*ck)

It’s going to be really interesting to see the sexual assault statistics for the generation that is growing up with Steven Universe.

I really REALLY love Steven and Connie’s relationship, particularly their puppy love/mutual crush. A pure love, so adorable and innocent, yet so so genuine and precious. And also a true example of true friendship, healthy relationship, and an actual slow-burn, finally. I just can’t wait for that childhood crush to eventually blossom into romance, soon…
- perlen297

Can we talk about Steven’s “me time” tho? ‘Cause when I saw him setting the table all fancy at first I thought oh is he having Connie over or something that’s so cute. But then when I found out it was all for him I thought…that’s even better. And yes it was a funny, cute moment, but it also just made me so happy because this kid loves himself, he knows he’s cute and he knows how to treat himself, and there’s nothing shameful in that. And idk Steven has so much responsibility, so much shit to deal with, and it’s lovely to see these little things showing us that he still has high self-esteem and he still gets to be a happy kid and take proper breaks from serious stuff. He just gives so much lately, tries so hard to help others, it’s good to know he also applies that love and caring to himself. Not that I thought he had seemed down or anything. It was just such a nice moment I think.


Stevonnie/Connverse– soon to be ‘main thread’ moving forward


I’ve been expecting this to happen ever since Full Disclosure and Sworn to the Sword, as much as I doubted it.

And now it’s confirmed! MORE CONNIE!! MORE STEVONNIE!!! MOAR CONNVERSE!!!!!!

ALSO, with this, and dat upcoming Stevonnie song— connecting all of these together— chances are that upcoming song “Here Comes A Thought” being sung by Stevonnie are pretty promising!

NOW I CANT WAIT for these developments, in hopes to get deeper into Connie’s character AND her WONDERFUL relationship with Steven— aahHHHHHJKGNHKLHL!JKL

anonymous asked:

Some people are saying that even if Kevin knew that Stevonnie was just two kids, he still flirted with them during the race. I know that's how some people see it, but I think he was just edging them on cause he probably figured out that the two of them wanted revenge and he used their anger against them. Don't really know how to phrase it, but I don't like how people make him out to be an ultra creep. He's deceiving and manipulative, but he wouldn't flirt after knowing that information

@hopelesswhoremantic said:
Why was Kevin able to recognize Stevonnie as Connie and Steven? And why was he so nonchalant with it? Nbd just to kids in a beautiful trench coat, and NO ONE there questions that??

I put these two asks together because I think they can be answered together. 

First, I absolutely think that Kevin was egging Stevonnie on, on purpose. He takes a moment up on the hill to look at how edgy they are and then smirks and decides to bait them into losing their cool. Aside from the “you want to be close to me” line, the other things weren’t really flirty to me (though I am terrible and being able to tell when people are flirting if the lines aren’t explicit enough). But his goal wasn’t to flirt, it was to make them feel uncomfortable.

To me, that’s equally bad. That’s still being an ultra-creep, deceiving, and manipulative. But yes, I think that creep-factor (I don’t use “creep” often, please pardon my bastardising the word) increases knowing that Stevonnie is two children because Stevonnie does bear a striking resemblance to Steven and Connie, and in the car wash they acted in a very similar way to Stevonnie at the rave.

Kevin mainly interacts with teens, most of whom brush him aside and ignore him. That’s what Greg, another older character, says too. Jenny doesn’t even react when he quips at her after he wins the race. Ronaldo doesn’t rise up to his mock-challenge to race someone else. They boo him later on, but they won’t engage with him directly. This would also explain why no one reacted to his “beautiful trench coat” analogy. No one cares about what he has to say.

Given that, most people probably don’t hold a specific grudge against Kevin, but Steven and Connie do. He interpreted their rejection of him at the dance as playing hard-to-get (please, if you’re reading this, never think that; in an age where you can tweet about your washroom habits, hard-to-get isn’t a real thing, especially in intimate spaces like dancing). This is also why he was able to recognise them quickly, but brushes it off because he likes attention. Period. And he could care less whether that’s positive, negative, or coming from children, because he knows once he has their attention, he can control them.

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Do you think Connie and Steven are each other's first romantic love? Evidence? How do you think their relationship will progress throughout the series?

Does it being my ship count? Didn’t think so.

I mean, I certainly don’t see it necessarily becoming an aspect of the show itself- unless we’re planning on going a good three-four years into the future- but I see it, yes.

They’re destined to fight together, even if there isn’t some big war (Steven the peace-maker may very well stop that idea in it’s tracks, which is cool). She might help protect the corrupted gems, or even the New Crystal Gem(s). Connie is a knight, and deserves to be treated as such.

They form Stevonnie, not on a mission-basis like the gems do, but on an emotional basis. 

The first time was in response to Connie’s first time dancing in front of someone, and they both seemed incredibly affectionate to each other when they did so, just laughing and having a good time like kids their age should be.

The second was on accident, from having fun and dancing to some of Greg’s songs.

The third was in direct relation towards their trauma and anger towards Kevin.

Connie’s gone against her mother’s orders, despite never having done so before in her life, in order to help Steven defend himself about Gem Mutants.

“My Connie!” is pretty self-explanatory, though I’d like to think, for the whole idea of them being equals, that there’s a “My Steven” as well.

I know I’ve already said this but I wanna reiterate; Connie literally decided to learn sword fighting for the express purpose of helping Steven protect the Earth (also ‘cause she likes weapons) AND SHE’S STILL ONLY TWELVE. That is some serious dedication. 

Steven was willing to break off their friendship for the sake of keeping Connie safe. Connie was, at the time, in the same amount of danger as any of his other human friends (she wasn’t even taking lessons at the time; she was just another friend) but Connie specifically set him off.

And so on. 

I see them growing up together, dealing with gem stuff; Connie will become an adult much faster than Steven, which might lead to some awkward times.