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Hi! Love your content. I have a question for you. How would you describe the 104 corps laughs? I thought I saw an Anon asking, but now I'm curious. Have a nice day!

Yes, there was an anon asking, but I will answer if here for you! So to my dear anon, here you go!!

Eren: He has a very bright sounding laugh. It’s very full sounding, like you can actually hear the ‘ha’ sounds there, but it’s not fake in anyway. It’s so genuine. So pure. So joyful. 

Mikasa: Soft and sweet. Ridiculously infection cause it’s so cute, but she doesn’t laugh all that often so it makes it even more adorable when it happens. When she starts laughing really hard, she ends up laughing silently. 

Armin: Really light and happy. He’s got one of those laughs that’s unintentionally loud, but that’s what makes it adorable. His laugh is just so genuine and joyful, he can’t control it, and it’s precious. 

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104th Squad Secrets That No One Knows About

So I got inspired to write something from one of the recent posts I saw on here that was about strange quirks and I was like “what would be the One Big Secret that the 104th nerds squad had that no one knew about? Or something” and so this mess was created :^) I hope you enjoy!!

  • Eren’s guilty music pleasure is Whitney Houston. He keeps it secret more because of how different the music tastes are from what he usually listens to and because he tries to hit every note, no matter how bad he sounds trying
  • Mikasa has the biggest sweet tooth for Cadbury eggs. She doesn’t celebrate Easter, but she will raid the shelves of a Walgreens for all the chocolate with the excuse that it’s “for my friends”
  • When Armin was younger, he ate a bug on a dare from some neighborhood bullies. Apparently, the bug was gross enough for the bullies to leave him alone for a little while
  • Jean’s favorite Disney movie is “Peter Pan"—partly because he loved the character, but also because he has had a crush on the Disneyland actor
  • Marco had a crush on Han Solo ever since he watched the original Star Wars trilogy and according to reliable sources named Jean and Connie he still has one
  • Sasha has glasses but she doesn’t like how she looks in them so she doesn’t wear them unless she’s really comfortable or her eyes hurt from squinting so much
  • Connie says he shaves his head for convenience, but he grows it out in winter and it’s beautiful and curly and flowing. He claims he “forgets” to shave it, but it’s too hot to keep in the summer and he loves the feeling of people playing with his hair
  • Reiner had an obsession with stuffed animals bc they were fluffy and nice to hug at night, but he’s either given them away to cousins or sold them throughout the years. He’s kept two from his childhood in his room: a stuffed lion named Leo and a brown teddy bear named Hershey
  • Bertolt is an amazing dancer but he thinks he’s too lanky and awkward to be graceful and magnificent but oh BOY. If no one’s looking or he’s had enough to drink then he can dance to virtually anything playing
  • Annie loves dogs but is usually good with keeping her affection quiet and private—unless there are small dogs. specifically corgis. many corgis. all the corgis. 
  • Ymir loves receiving flowers as gifts. When she receives them, no matter what type they might be, she gets really quiet and bashful and, if the person is lucky, will thank them for the flowers
  • Historia’s has an unhealthy obsession with 80s films to the point of reciting scenes word for word and imitating voices. She thinks it’s dumb so when the squad™ has movie nights and they put on an 80s movie, she has to bite her tongue to avoid embarrassing herself
  • And a bonus one: when they’re separated for a long period of time, the squad™ writes each other poems and mail them to one another. It started with Historia and Reiner as a joke, who did it because letters were typical and it was amusing to see what they could rhyme. But eventually everyone else picked it up after a while. Sometimes, they do it when they’re not even traveling, and they’ll leave little poems for someone or anyone to read. All of them have received one from everyone else, and they cherish each of them, but they aren’t brave enough to talk about it openly to each other bc they don’t want to ruin the secret and unspoken bond they have with each other
Curamentum Chapter 13: I Was A Crystal Gem, a steven universe fanfic | FanFiction
Steven blames himself for Connie getting very injured on a mission and starts worrying about her. The thought of hurting a person he loves consumes his every thought, even enough to cause a tear in the fabric of his mind.

The thirteenth chapter of a collaboration between me and @zendro-mida

(Chapter written by @zendro-mida)

Note from me: No, we have not stopped writing this. It’s just getting near the end of the school year and we all know that means everyone is getting bombarded with homework and tests daily, so we’ve been quite busy lately. But, fortunately, Zen had enough time to write this (even though it may have taken a bit of time). Hopefully not all the readers are gone due to the giant hiatuses we have between chapters :/

Expect the final chapter to come out sometime before May 5th

Oh yeah, and the final chapter is also gonna have some awesome cover art so look out for that.


More headcanons for Eren and his blanket fort
  • Eren runs to his blanket fort when he’s scared, especially after watching horror movies. His S/O follows and hugs/cuddles him through it
  • He has mastered the art of building blanket forts and has fairy/christmas lights specifically for his forts
  • His forts are different every time he builds them 
  • Often they’re big enough for at least five people 
  • Except for Armin, Mikasa, and his S/O, Eren gets pretty pissed off if anyone comes into his blanket fort without his permission, cause that’s his safe space to be when he needs to just feel okay again
  • In the canon universe this gets to the point where Levi and everyone else just allows Eren to have his blanket fort, due to one incident where Eren was having a bad day and returned to his room to find that someone (Levi) had cleaned up his fort and he was pissed for the whole next day to the point where it was a problem for everyone before someone finally figured out why. 
  • Mikasa is a part of the reason why no one goes near Eren’s blanket fort other than her, Armin, and Eren
  • Eren has as number of things to keep himself entertained stashed in his blanket fort: in the canon universe it would probably be books, stuff for drawing and maybe writing letters to his mom, and a bunch of pillows he found in the supply room while in a modern AU it would be more like video games, snacks, books, maybe a mini TV or DVD player, and a couple stuffed animals he still really treasures. 
  • Scratch that, a LOT of stuffed animals because he still loves those things secretly 
  • Favorite stuffed animal is a big tiger that he named Hobbes because his mom used to read Calvin and Hobbes with him when he was really little 
  • His mom and Mikasa helped him build blanket forts when he was little 
  • Eren dragged his parents into his blanket fort as a child and they would pretend they were camping 
  • Jean likes to get Eren riled up so they end up having blanket fort building competitions as kids in a modern AU. Eren always won, and would have a victory party in his fort to celebrate. 
  • Eren has his mattress in the blanket fort so he can sleep more comfortably in it
  • He literally has everything he could ever need/want in there except for a bathroom 
  • In canon AU, despite Commander Erwin eventually declaring that no one is allowed to mess with Eren’s blanket fort, Eren is still scared someone (especially Jean and Levi) messed it up 
  • Sometimes Eren will take down his blanket fort himself just to change the design, he likes to keep things fresh 
  • If he’s in the mood, Eren also lets his friends help him rebuild his blanket fort and it just turns into a huge construction project with Eren overseeing everything
  • Of course Armin helps Eren draw up plans 
  • Mikasa somehow knows where to find a ton of pillows and blankets for him
  • Reiner helps move the heavy furniture stuffs 
  • Connie and Sasha actually made the “No Horse-Faces Allowed” sign for him (Eren was forever grateful). They even drew a derpy horse on it that they made look like Jean. 
  • Once Jean snuck into Eren’s blanket fort and rolled him up so tight in a blanket burrito that Eren couldn’t move. Everyone thought it was adorable but Eren was very pissed off. Jean had done this so well using so many blankets that it took HOURS to get Eren out. 
  • People have tried to determine the state of Eren’s mood at the time of construction by the structure of his blanket fort 
  • Eren’s S/O covering the entire inside with roses/rose petals 
  • Eren sometimes gets lonely in his blanket fort and ends up being torn between leaving the safety of his fort and talking to his friends