connie's smile. she is so happy to be there

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104th vets, how would they act when they have a conversation/are close with their crush?

Mikasa: Talks very low, maybe blush a little
Reiner: Tries to sound like he normaly does…failes
Bertholdt: Can’t speak a word, might faint due to stress
Annie: Gets shy
Eren: Tries to impress his crush
Armin: Talks pretty normal but is very excited on the inside
Jean: Can’t really find words, blushes
Marco: Has the ability to calm himself and behave like he normaly does
Sasha: Shares some personal thoughts with her crush
Connie: Tries to make his crush smile, when they do, he’s happy as well
Historia: Acts like usual
Ymir: Is in a flirty mood
Levi: Talks calmy and tries to be nice
Mike: Blushes very hard and is very tense
Erwin: Doesn’t behave any different than usual
Nanaba: Can feel her heartbeat, might walk away because she’s so excited
Moblit: Tries to have a chat with his crush
Hanji: Acts like usual

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For that sentence prompt...Connverse number 6 <3

“Explain it to me again - why do we need to pretend to be married?”

Steven was getting deja vu feelings from back when Connie had told her parents Steven’s family was nuclear. He had hated lying then, as a kid who didn’t even know what nuclear meant, and he hated it now as an adult.

“My family’s really traditional,” Connie said. She was keeping herself distracted, avoiding his gaze, as she tidied up the living room. “Like, most of my extended cousins have arranged marriages traditional.”

Connie’s extended family was visiting from India. Though she had seen them a handful of times in India, this was the first time the family was flying over to visit her and her parents - and Steven. In their living room.

“They’re already gonna be pretty upset I’m not with an Indian man, so let’s not try and anger them further,” she chuckled.

He ran his hand through his hair. “I still don’t think I get it. I mean, you’re fine with not being married? You think it’s just a piece of paper.”

“It is just a piece of paper - to me,” she said. “My family sees marriage differently than I do. They see it as a lifelong commitment. So, in their eyes, I mean, we kind of are married. We’re living together - and we’re in a committed relationship, aren’t we?”

“Yeah, of course!”

“Then you agree,” she stated, and before he could say another word, she said, “now help me move this table.”

When he had finished changing into a nice set of clothes, she approached him with a ring.

“What’s this?” He asked as she took his hand.

“Wedding rings - if we don’t wear them, they’ll ask. This way they’ll stay pretty quiet.”

He noticed her mother’s engagement ring on her finger. She stuck the ring on his finger. It was a bit snug, but she didn’t seem to notice - or care.

When Connie’s family arrived, Steven fell into the background as the room filled with people shouting in sentences mixed with English and Hindi. When everyone had greeted Connie and the room quieted just enough for her shouts to be heard, she brought Steven forward.

“This is my husband, Steven,” Connie said, holding his hand tightly. 

With his free hand, he waved. “It’s nice to meet you all!”

Grandma Maheswaran mumbled something in Hindi.

“How long have you been married?” asked an aunt.

“Two years,” Connie answered.

“Why didn’t you invite us to wedding?” asked another aunt.

“We had a small ceremony to save money,” Connie said.

“Kids?” asked Grandma.

“We’re waiting until I get a promotion at my firm,” Connie replied.

Steven was surprised she had all the answers. He wondered if she had pre-planned the lies or if she thought of them on the spot.

The room felt slightly tense until a cousin said, “I’m happy for you, Connie!” And the room erupted in conversations.

Steven was getting a snack when a cousin approached him.

“Steven, yes?” asked the cousin. “Connie’s husband?”

He nodded. He thought hearing the word husband might make him feel weird because it was technically a lie - but it felt weird in a good way.

 “How long have you been married, again?” the cousin asked.

Steven couldn’t remember how long Connie had said. Was it two years? Three?

He said truthfully, “We’ve been together since I was seventeen.” 

The cousin nodded. “Your relationship is good?”

“Oh, yeah!” Steven laughed. “I mean, I love her like crazy. She’s so incredible, too. I,” he laughed again, “I could just go on and on about her.”

The cousin chuckled. “So she’s a good wife, eh?”

Steven looked over at Connie across the room. He watched her embrace her grandmother. She laughed with her cousins, tilting her head back.

“Connie’s a great wife,” he said more to himself.

“Did you have fun?” Connie asked as she tossed a plastic cup into the trash bag. 

“Yeah,” Steven said as he swept the living room. “Your family’s great.”

She sighed contently. “It’s so nice to see them. It’s funny - I like never see them, but they never feel like strangers. The minute we reunite, it’s like we just saw one another yesterday.”

He smiled at her. He was so happy for her.

“It wasn’t too weird, pretending we were married?” Connie asked as she threw a plate away.

“No, actually,” he said as he put the broom down. He walked toward her. “It, uh, actually felt kinda right.”

“Right?” She teased. She threw another cup away before setting down the trash bag. “How so?”

“Well, you were right. I mean, we’re living together - we’re committed to one another. We don’t need a piece of paper saying we love each other.”

She nodded. “Yeah.”

“But,” he said, taking her hands, “it’s a lifelong commitment, isn’t that what you said? Getting married is kind of like, doing an action to show the world you intend to keep that promise, huh?”

Her voice was getting quieter. “Yeah.”

“Well, Connie,” he said as he got down on one knee, “I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I know we don’t need it - you know I love you - but I want to show you how much I love you. I want to show you that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. So, will you marry - ”

Connie threw herself into him, and they crashed to the floor. 

“Yes!” She said, laughing. 

When she pulled away for him to look at her, he smirked. “I thought you said it was just a piece of paper?”

“Yes, well,” she said, clearing her throat, “the tax break will be nice.”

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What kind of parent would they be?

Eren: A cool parent. He’d be nervous with a newborn, scared of every little thing. But once he adjusts to life as a parent, he will love it so much. He loves that child (those children?) so much, it’s adorable. He’d give his kids a decent amount of independence, with a kind of “learn from your mistakes” attitude. Of course he’ll stop them from doing dangerous things, but he likes to let them learn on their own, like he did. He’d be the one the kids go to to ask for things cause he’ll rarely say no if it’s not unreasonable.

Mikasa: A gentle parent. Her maternal instincts are really strong, and she’s a very protective and sweet mother from the moment they’re born. She teaches her kids all the things her parents taught her, surrounding them with love and support no matter what they do. She can be strict, but her heart is always in the right place, and if she’s coming down on her kids from something, there is always a concrete reason/lesson. Gives the best mom hugs.

Armin: Nervous at first, but then a very fun parent. He can get overwhelmed with his kids’ antics at any age (nerves at them getting hurt as babies cause ‘THEY’RE SO FRAGILE?!’ and then having to deal with all the new milestones/behaviors as they age.) He adapts super fast, and loves to make his kids smile. He reads to them from infancy until they can read themselves, sometimes even making up his own stories for them. He puts a lot of emphasis on school, but also on his kids’ dreams and ambitions, and he supports them in whatever they set their mind to, encouraging them to reach for the stars.

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So I was watching Mona Lisa Smile and Ginnifer Goodwin’s character, Connie, said something interesting: 

And that reminded me of another line from another movie Ginnifer was in: 

Which reminded me of another line: 

She was in three completely different movies, and yet all of the characters wanted the same thing: to have a happy ending. 

And then she married Prince Charming. 

Basically, she has played the underdog, and in the end got her fairy tale happy ending. Which makes me believe that it can happen to anyone. 

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Howdy. How about Stevonnie wedding day chaos?

I’m so bad at aging up characters lol. But this was a bit silly and a bit fun to write, so I hope you enjoy it!

“Steven?” Pearl banged on the door, her voice climbing in pitch with anxiety. “Steven, we have to go! We’re going to be late!”

“No one’s on time to a wedding, Pearl, chill,” Amethyst said. Pearl glared at her.

“Amethyst, I don’t think you’re taking this seriously enough. This is one of the most important days in Steven’s life and you’re not even dressed.” Amethyst rolled her eyes. She glowed purple for a moment and was abruptly wearing a purple and white suit.

“Happy now?” she asked, plucking at her cuffs and grinning. Pearl ignored her and pounded on the bathroom door again.

“Steven?” she called. “Are you almost—?” The door flew open.

“I’m ready,” Steven gasped. His bowtie was askew. Pearl reached out and adjusted it for him.

“Alright,” she said. “Greg is here with the van. Garnet and the rest are meeting us at the church.” She paused, her hands flat against Steven’s lapel, and tears brimmed in her eyes. “You look so handsome,” she said. “I can’t believe you’re already—” She pressed a hand against her mouth. Steven smiled.

“Pea-arl,” he groaned. “You don’t need to cry. I’m not going anywhere. Connie’s practically just as much a Crystal Gem as all the rest of us. We’ll still be going on missions with you guys, curing corrupted gems and all that stuff.” Pearl gave a watery smile.

“I know,” she said. A horn honked outside and she jumped. “Go, go, go,” she said, shoving at him. “Come on, Amethyst.”


Outside the elegant marble reception hall, Dr. Priyanka Maheswaran nervously checked her watch. “You don’t think they’re going to be late, do you?” she asked her husband. “It’s Steven’s wedding day, after all, you’d think he’d find punctuality important.” Doug laid a comforting hand on her arm.

“Don’t worry, dear,” he said. “It’s not like the ceremony will start without them.”

“Is Steven here yet?” Connie asked, hurrying up to them. She had the skirt of her wedding dress bunched up and slung over her arm so she could run more easily. Her feet were bare, her high heels dangling out of her free hand. Dr. Maheswaran yelped and pulled the skirt back down, smoothing it with her hands.

“Connie,” she scolded, “you’ll wrinkle it! And put your shoes on! You’re getting married.” Connie rolled her eyes.

“You cared about doing this in a white dress a whole lot more than I ever did, Mom,” she said, but she set the shoes on the ground and stepped into them. As she did, the door swung open, and all three Maheswarans straightened up, looking for Steven. Instead, Lars and Sadie walked through the door, followed by a number of gems. Connie squealed and ran forward.

“Lars!” she said, hugging him. “I haven’t seen you in forever. How’s the Big Donut these days?” He laughed, hugging her back.

“I only stop in occasionally. Rhodonite mostly runs it these days.” Rhodonite waved from behind him, her lower pair of arms pressing her hands together nervously.

“Human food is quite delicious,” she said. “And people always look so happy when they eat donuts.” Next to her waist, Padparadscha gasped.

“I predict Connie will look absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress!” she cried. Connie smiled.

“Thank you, Pad,” she said. She glanced over at her parents. Her mother had gone pale. Lars and Sadie stepped up. Sadie offered her hand.

“Hi,” she said, “I’m Sadie, and this is Lars. Behind us is Rhodonite, Padparadscha – but you can just call her Pad – the Rutile twins, and Fluorite.” Fluorite was having some trouble squeezing through the door, each segment of her body pulling laboriously through the doorframe. Dr. Maheswaran shook Sadie’s hand numbly. Her eyes went to Lars.

“Pink to meet you – I mean,” she said, flushing, “pleasure to meet you. Steven’s mentioned you before.” Lars blew at the curl of pink hair hanging down over his face, briefly revealing the long dark scar that ran across his eye.

“Pleasure to meet you too,” he said. “Steven’s our friend because we used to sell him donuts.”

“Steven’s our friend because Steven’s friends with everyone,” Sadie said. That, at least, drew a faint groaning attempt at a laugh from Dr. Maheswaran.

“Hey, Mom, why don’t you go check that Garnet and Lapis and Peridot found their seats okay?” Connie asked forcefully. Her mother nodded and walked stiffly into the hall. Connie smiled apologetically at Lars. “She’s still a bit… unfamiliar with all the gem stuff,” she said. Lars shrugged.

“I get stares a lot. I’m used to it.” Sadie whacked his arm.

“Don’t be rude,” she said. She beamed at Connie. “You look so gorgeous,” she said. “We’re so happy for you and Steven.” Connie blushed. She felt like she’d done that more today than she had her entire life.

“Aw, thanks Sadie,” she said. She gestured toward the door into the hall. “We’ve got a space set up for Fluorite and everything in there. Just ask Jenny, she’ll show you where to go.” Lars tipped her a mock salute.

“Thanks,” he said.

“I predict Connie’s mother will think all of us are very strange beings,” Padparadscha announced.

“Come along, now, Pad,” Fluorite said, her deep gentle voice rumbling in the echoes of the hall. “Let’s find our seats.”


There had been a lengthy debate about who should conduct the actual ceremony of the wedding. Gems didn’t have weddings and Greg solidly opted out, saying he’d spend the entire time crying. None of the Maheswaran family friends were people Steven or Connie felt particularly close to.

Pearl’s girlfriend Shannon volunteering had been a bit of a surprise, but Steven and Connie had both looked at each other, shrugged, and agreed she was a fine option. She was dressed in a flowing pink dress for the occasion, her matching hair braided down her head. She didn’t have to do that much: Steven and Connie had written their own vows. Lion brought their rings on a cushion. Their eyes met as Connie slid a ring onto Steven’s finger and they both grinned. Steven felt his gem glowing softly.

“Don’t fuse yet,” Connie scolded under her breath. “Mom will never forgive me.”

“I know,” Steven chuckled. “For the party, though.”

“Definitely for the party,” Connie agreed.


The beach was bursting with light and color. Greg had been cajoled into bringing out his guitar and playing some live music before they turned it over to Sour Cream to DJ. Lapis had stood hesitantly at the edge until Steven grabbed her hand and pulled her into the crowd to dance. Peridot kept tripping over her own feet, but with great enthusiasm. Lars hesitantly took Sadie’s hand and they swayed slowly together in a corner. Humans and gems whirled.

Gems dancing proved to be chaos as they fused and unfused with abandon. One moment Opal leapt above the crowd, the next Amethyst was alone, popping and locking to the beat as Pearl spun into Garnet’s arms, and suddenly Sardonyx appeared, chuckling loudly. Fluorite, smiling gently, suddenly came apart into three separate fusions. Steven paused, staring wide-eyed as they dispersed into the crowd and grabbed partners, laughing giddily.

Steven grabbed Connie’s hand and they spun and spun until there was only one pair of feet in the sand. Stevonnie laughed, their hair loose around their shoulders, a shortened white skirt flowing down from the white shirt and pink bowtie. They kicked off their shoes and ran barefoot across the sand, hiking their skirt up to splash through the shallow waves at the edge of the water. They dropped to sit in the sand, staring across the waves.

“I’ve never been happier,” they said, their face flushed, sand squishing between their toes.

“That makes two of us,” they responded to themselves, and they laughed. “Two in one, forever and ever.”

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On that the 104th kids deal with rejection (and how they cope)!

Thank you so much for your patience in waiting for these, friend!! 

Eren is surprisingly okay with rejection. He often blames his poor flirting abilities, and just vows to try harder next time. He’s also very chill around people who have rejected him, falling back into friendship easily, mostly because he often doesn’t recognize romance until later in the relationship. So it’s not a far step for him to go back to just being friends. 

Mikasa deals well with rejection in the moment. She’s very good at being graceful with the person, listening intently and never acting weird around them afterward. But she will get a little upset once alone or with someone she trusts, asking the usual ‘What is it about me?’ But she bounces back quick, believing in her inherent awesomeness. 

Armin’s 50/50 when it comes to rejection. Sometimes, he’s totally cool about it, completely understanding and empathetic. But other times, he’ll get really upset, and is often unable to keep his emotions completely under wraps in the moment. The latter reaction occurs when he really thought the other person was into him, when he misconstrued their signals or they’ve just been stringing him along. 

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How would everyone react to seeing Annie making out with someone behind a door?

Mikasa: Goes on, she has stuff to do after all
Reiner: Is shocked and also happy for her
Bertholdt: Would love to be the one Annie makes out with
Annie: Goes on making out with the someone
Eren: Greets her and goes on
Armin: Smiles and goes on
Jean: Doesn’t really care
Marco: Gossips around
Sasha: Doesn’t care
Connie: Goes on without taking any notice
Historia: Is happy for her
Ymir: Doesn’t mind but finds it weird somehow
Levi: Doesn’t care really
Mike: Is so happy that he needs to tell everyone
Erwin: Doesn’t really notice, too much paper work
Nanaba: Is happy when the Cadets are happy
Moblit: Doesn’t care really
Hanji: What?

I love this scene from “Alone Together” and I want to talk about it a little.

When Connie first catches Steven, she looks very flustered. We know that her ideas about romance have been influenced by movies/books/TV (“Love Letters”). I’m guessing that she recognizes this moment as one that “should” be romantic – ie, ought to lead to a kiss (because kissing is the One True Marker of romantic love as far as Hollywood Kansas is concerned).

And she – what, braces herself for it? Tries to work up the courage to kiss him first? Tries to decide whether to kiss him? But Steven interrupts her thought process.

He smiles. There’s no reason for him to be flustered or embarrassed, because in his mind nothing needs to come “next.” He reciprocates Connie’s feelings (he’s blushing just as much as she is), but he’s just happy to be in her arms. So he smiles. (And is it not the cutest thing ever oh my god.)

And that diffuses the awkwardness enough for the moment become much more organic, much more personal and intimate, than the Hollywood Kansas-scripted loveline Connie had been trying to imitate

Pearlapis First Kiss

ohmygongora WHELP here’s the prompt you wanted!! This was actually longer than I expected it to be (from four to SEVEN pages) but I just couldn’t stop typing. I had to stop a few times and cease from fangirling because these two are just too cute. Hope you enjoy!

“Whaaa that was so much fun!” Pearl heard the screen door crash open as her fellow comrades and girlfriend excitedly entered the temple. She put her screwdriver on the coffee table and inspected the item in her hands, making sure that it was perfect. She looked to see Lapis bouncing along with Amethyst.

“Did you see that hit that I did? I was like.. BOOSH!” Lapis made a swooping motion with her arms, accompanied by her emphasized sound effect. Amethyst laughed at her.

“It’s called a spike Lapis. And YES! I’m sure Kofi is going to feel that bruise in the morning.” The purple gem plopped down on the couch adjacent to the one Pearl was sitting on while Lapis let herself fall beside the pale gem. Pearl felt Lapis cuddle into her and she coughed, straining to hide her blush from her friends.

“So, how was the game?” Pearl asked anyone that would answer. Garnet leant against the counter as Steven crawled next to Pearl’s unoccupied side.

“It was great!” Steven piped in. “Unlike last time, we actually got to finish the game without any interruptions. The Pizza’s won though.”

“We let them win,” Garnet stated while adjusting her shades.

Lapis finally noticed the object in Pearl’s hand and hugged her arm, “What do you have there?”

“Oh, while you guys were out, I paid a visit to the Sky Temple and found this: a hypergalactic telescope with four interstellar mirror instruments! The poor thing was falling apart when I found it but luckily I was able to refurbish it and align the glasses correctly.” She handed it to Lapis.

“Here, you can have it.” Pearl gently placed the telescope onto one of Lapis’ hands and waited patiently for her reaction. The blue gem silently took it with awe then looked up at Pearl with a confused expression.

“Well since you’re staying with me- I mean us- I thought you’d miss being at Homeworld, so I thought that fixing an ancient Gem telescope would help your homesickness…” Pearl chuckled to herself, her free hand rubbing her neck sheepishly.

Maybe I should have thought this through more clearly…

But then she was engulfed in a bone crushing hug, Lapis’ hair tickling her nose.

“Thank you thank you thank you! Oh Pearl, what can I say? This is just so generous, you’re too nice!” The blue gem nuzzled her head under Pearl’s chin, her blush coming back tenfold.

“O-only for you..” Pearl managed before squeaking from Lapis folding her legs underneath her and shuffling her body- more like butt- on her lap.

“Ugh, this is cheesy. I’m leaving before I get any more lovey on this dovey.” Amethyst gestured to herself before hopping off the couch and striding to the temple door, her room opening to its usual messy interior. Pearl looked to Garnet and she just shrugged.

“I don’t know, I’m used to it. But I’ll leave you two be.” She waved to the both of them and walked towards the temple door as well.

Pearl let out a puff of breath she didn’t even know she was holding and hugged Lapis closer to her chest.

“Thanks again for the gift. I’m really glad that I chose you to be my sappy girlfriend.” Lapis turned her head so that she could look up at Pearl. “But I love it.” She added with a little deviousness in her deep blue eyes.

Pearl couldn’t help but smile back. Both gems stayed in that position for a while, aquamarine clashing with navy. Pearl felt herself lean closer Lapis, eyes straying to the gem’s silent lips. But at the last minute, Pearl caught what she was doing and jerked her head away, clearing her throat in a way to mask her action.

“AHEM, uhh, w-why don’t you go try it out? I want to make sure that it’s actually working.”

“Oh! Sure!” Lapis picked herself up off of Pearl’s lap and cradled the instrument in her hands.

“I’ll be outside!” And the ocean gem was gone. Once Lapis left, Pearl slumped back on the couch and groaned, mentally berating herself.

What were you thinking going in like that?? It was not in the least reasonable to just take advantage and-

Pearl’s thoughts were disturbed when she felt a pair of eyes on her. She looked to where she thought it might have been coming from and breathed in a short intake of breath.


She had forgotten all about the star child beside her when Amethyst and Garnet left and here she was, practically displaying PDA in front of the young boy.

Something that he is NOT supposed to be exposed to at his age.

“So….” the small child teased, “What was that?” He wiggled his eyebrows and formed a coy grin on his smug face. If she wasn’t embarrassed then, she was certainly embarrassed now.

“I-I-I I was just- it kinda. She was….uh- bleh?” Pearl sputtered out.

Wow, she must be real flustered if she’s stuttering this badly, Steven thought to himself. He mechanically patted Pearl on the arm.

“There there. It’s not a bad thing wanting to kiss your girlfriend. I totally understand.”

“Y-you do?”

“Sure! I mean, I sometimes catch Lars and Sadie kissing when I walk into The Big Donut so I’m totally immune to it!”

It’s not a disease..

“But why didn’t you?”

“I uh…” Pearl turned her attention away from Steven, ears burning from the prolonged exposure of this awkward situation.

“I-I don’t know how to kiss…” Pearl whispered, more to herself. And she really wanted to kiss Lapis. After making up and sort of starting over, they had spent more and more time together, learning about each other and sharing mutual interests in a lot of things. They had recently declared their liking to each other and had begun dating. If.. cuddling on the couch and sleeping under the warm glow of the TV was considered dating.

It took a while for Pearl to admit but she loved Lapis. She loved how she would dance quietly on her own when she thought no one was looking, and she loved how she got overexcited over the mere thought of the ocean and how vast it was. Pearl wasn’t one to express her feelings expertly. She was great at displaying worry and happiness when needed but she struggled a bit when it came to love so she hoped that giving Lapis a little present would help.

And she thought she would then have the courage to show Lapis how much she cared for her.

“That’s okay, I know someone who does!”

“You do?” Pearl asked once again. Who was this mystery person Steven knew who was intact in the art of philematology? Surely they must have access to countless knowledge on such information.

“Yeah! My dad!”

Oh, of course. How could I forget.

“We can go there right now and you can get advice!” Steven started pulling on Pearl’s arm, tugging the taller gem along with him.

“I don’t know Steven.. Isn’t your dad.. busy or something?”

“Probably, but if any of the Crystal Gems need help, I’m sure he’d open himself to some free time! Now come on!”

Pearl sighed and let herself be led by the persistent child.

Might as well..

They had sneakily crept out the temple whilst Lapis was on the beach, engrossed in her new toy, but when Pearl thought the blue gem turned around, she had grabbed Steven and jumped off in the direction of Greg’s carwash.

She wasn’t surprised when she saw Steven’s dad lounging outside his van on a pool chair.

“Hey dad!” Steven leapt out of Pearl’s arms and ran towards his reclining dad.

“Oh Steven! And Pearl! What brings you guys at this stretch of the town? You two in dire need of guitar lessons? There’s a special right now; two lessons for the price-”

“Sorry dad but this is much more important than your awesome guitar lessons.”

“W-what could be more important than-”

“Pearl needs kissing advice!”

“WHAT??!!” Pearl and Greg shouted in unison with Greg being more surprised whereas Pearl exclaimed incredulously.

“S-S-Steven! I-I think there’s a better way of saying that..”

“You need MY advice on KISSING???”

“Well, I think I’ll just leave you two then; wouldn’t want to hear in on some grown up stuff right? I’ll see you back at the Temple Pearl! Bye dad!” And just like that, Steven was gone.

That… cunning little-

“So…” Greg started. Pearl turned to him and sighed, palm rubbing at her eyes.

“That bad huh?” Greg shifted his position so that he was sitting on the foot of the chair, patting the spot beside him. Pearl silently took her seat and leant her elbows on her knees, gaze tiredly looking forward.

“So, there’s someone you want…. to kiss…?” In all of Greg’s years spent with the Crystal Gems, never in his life would he had known he would be needed for something like this.

“Y-You don’t have to say who it is if you don’t-”

“Lapis Lazuli.” Pearl stated nonchalantly.

“L-L-Lapis??” Today just kept getting interesting for the old rockstar.

“Yeah…” Pearl leaned back a little and looked at the sky, “We’ve been dating for a while now and I.. I want to show her how much I care for her- I mean, aside from giving her presents and holding hands- I think that it’s just that time, you know?”

“Uh huh…” Greg responded, not knowing how he should approach this.

“And when Rose was still around,” Pearl continued, “she’d talk about all the fun things you and her would do. She mentioned kissing once and she looked so happy when she shared it with us.”

“W-whaa? Rose talked about u-us kissing??”

“Yes, but my point is: she just looked so happy and she couldn’t stop smiling and just…” Pearl moved forward again and rested her chin atop her palm.

“I want to make Lapis feel like that also.”

“I see..”

“And you’re the only person I’m really close to that has had an experience in this. I mean, I HOPE that Steven hasn’t kissed anyone yet, though I’m not opposed to him choosing Connie. She is a sweet girl but I don’t think they should start that at such a young age. Anyway- getting off topic-” Pearl turned her body so she was facing Greg, all seriousness glowing in her eyes.

“I need advice on kissing.”

“Oh uh..” Greg scratched at his beard and pondered for a second. “Y-you know that it involves the lips, yeah?”

Pearl nodded, “Why yes, and it requires 34 facial muscles for the buccinators and orbicularis oris to pucker the lips into the necessary placement. I know all about kissing Greg, I just need to know how to do it.”

“Oh okay. Uh, all I can say is that you just got to feel it.”

“I just have to feel it?” Pearl repeated, confused. Greg nodded, a little shine in his eyes.

“If you love Lapis as much as you say you do, then you’ll know the right moment! Trust in the funky flow yo! That’s what Steven always says.”

“Hmm.. I guess.” Pearl sat in her spot, gears grinding in her mind. Finally she stood up, and lent out a hand at Greg.

“Thank you Greg, I couldn’t have asked for better advice.” She shook Greg’s hand and bid him farewell, eager to find Lapis.

She took the human way home, which consisted of her actually walking to her destination instead of jumping to it. The walk helped calm down the pale gem and it allowed her to clear her mind. It took Pearl about fifteen minutes to circle around the bottom of the cliff and to the front of their beach house where she saw Lapis still on the beach front, telescope over her eyes.

“Hi Lapis.”

Said gem looked away from inside the telescope and towards Pearl, smile forming across her face.

“Pearl!” Lapis ran to the taller gem and jumped into her arms. “This thing is amazing! You can see all the way to Titan and even scope back to look at the crab nebulae! I love it!” She buried her face into Pearl’s chest and sighed happily. Pearl closed her eyes and enjoyed the moment they were having.

“Here let me show you.” Lapis led her girlfriend to the edge of the shore and sat them down. She showed Pearl what she was able to see with Pearl presenting Lapis a few stars form her own knowledge.

“Look, you can see Homeworld.” Pearl handed the telescope to Lapis and leaned back on her hand, the other intertwining with one of Lapis’.

“Wow, it looks so much prettier from here..” The blue gem set down the instrument on her lap and leaned back onto Pearl, enjoying the warmth the two were sharing.

“Do you… do you miss it? Homeworld” The taller gem asked quietly. Lapis felt Pearl rest her head on top of hers. She sighed and blinked up at the shimmering star in the sky, it’s pinkish glow barely visible through the atmosphere.

“Yeah.. I do.. Even if it is more advanced than I thought it would be. But..” Lapis turned around and took Pearl’s face into her hands, moving her head so that she can stare at her.

“I’d rather be on Earth, with you, because I think that you’re far prettier than Homeworld and you can offer much more things to me than what an old dusty planet can.” Lapis spoke softly.

Pearl felt her heart skip and beat and her breathing falter. How did she deserve such an amazing gem? She smiled down at Lapis and the blue gem smiled back, a twinkle in her eye rivaling what Steven had to offer. Pearl then turned her head slightly in Lapis’ palm so she could kiss the ocean gem’s hand.

She heard the girl beneath her gasp in surprise and Pearl opened her eyes, looking down at Lapis with a new resound emotion. Lapis searched Pearl’s light blue eyes, veining to look for an explanation but all she could find were… enlarged pupils.

Pearl on the other hand, was just moving out of instinct, or passion if that was what humans called it. She kissed Lapis’ hand again before taking them into her own and placing them over her shoulder, bringing the smaller gem closer to her. It was all going so smoothly for the Homeworld gem, like they were dancing. And she was all but Pearl’s humble dance partner.

It wasn’t until when they were nose to nose did Lapis finally squeak out a response.

“You know.. it’s going to be high tide soon.” Lapis breathed out. She could feel her own air hit her face as it bounced off of Pearl’s.

“And?” Pearl leaned closer, not really registering what Lapis was saying.

“So.. it means that the water is going to hit us soon.” Lapis could feel herself leaning forward as well.

Hmm strange.

“Oh? And how do you know?”

“Because I can feel it. I can feel the tug and pull of the ocean.” And as Lapis said that, she felt Pearl scoot her body further into hers, initiating a small pant from Lapis.

“A-and I get a tingling in my body whenever it draws closer..” All she could see was Pearl now. Lapis didn’t register her hands coming up to the sides of her face. She could barely breathe.

You just got to feel it, Pearl remembered.

Oh, I’m going to feel it alright.

“And once it hits… it- mm!” Pearl had crashed forward, not like the way a comet crashes through the atmosphere and ruins the Earth, but more like a morning tide meeting the shore; a soft kiss to the sand and it is barely felt. Lapis felt Pearl move her lips over hers more so Lapis retaliated back with a glide of her own, issuing a small smile from her girlfriend.

They broke apart, noses grazing each other on the pull out and they stared at each other, happiness clearly on both gems’ faces.

“W-what was that?” It wasn’t a rude question, Pearl knew that. Lapis had made it sound more of an inquiring, curious question than an offensive one.

“It’s called a kiss. Humans do it when they feel… really attracted to someone.”

“Oh?” Lapis hummed. She smirks and bats her eyelashes up at Pearl. “Do you think you can show me again?”

Pearl playfully shook her head and gently placed her palms on Lapis’ face again. This time, she led her head towards hers and they met again with silent gasps. Lapis slid her lips over Pearl’s at the same time Pearl opened her mouth. The taller gem managed to catch the bottom of Lapis’ lip and gently sucked on it.

The whine that came with it spurred Pearl onward.

Her hands were shaking on Lapis’ face as she tried to bring them all the more closer. Pearl had decided to try something new so she took Lapis’ bottom lip again between her teeth and lightly bit down.

A harsh pull on her hair gives Pearl her desired answer. She licked the wound in apology and gave Lapis one last kiss before pulling away. She opened her eyes in time to see Lapis lean forward more, not wanting to break contact. But Pearl brought a hand up and brushed the bangs out of her girlfriend’s eyes, urging for her to open her eyes.

“That was… amazing.” Lapis couldn’t help but laugh. She giggled a little more before hugging Pearl. “Where did you learn to do that?”

She felt Pearl shrug her shoulders, “I don’t know, you just got to feel it.”

“Well, I guess I found my new favorite pass time.” Lapis poked Pearl on the nose and snuggled into her again.

“Even better than the telescope?”

“Even better.”

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the-crimson-hawkmoth  asked:

Tia let out a content sigh, she'd been climbing around an unexplored mountainside for a few days and she couldn't have dreamed of a better time, smiling as she looked down into the valley beneath her, untouched by humans and it made her so happy, little did she know though that she'd wandered onto a lamia's territory, soon finding out as she fell into a cave with a crash, landing on her rear and soon stood up, taking a deep breath and looking for a way out before night came.

Connie snorted awake, hearing the this and the slight quake that followed it.

Something big has tumbled in…. maybe a boulder…?

Imagine Connie’s parents sitting down with her at the kitchen table, talking about survival techniques and ways to take care of herself. Her dad would teach her to tie knots and start fires. Her mom would teach her about safe plants to eat and how to administer proper first aid. 

“Mom, Steven had healing spit. I probably won’t need first aid.” 

“I don’t care, my daughter will not go on missions without knowing first aid. You never know what could happen.” 

They were the ones that gave her the safety guide. They were excited to see how passionate and happy she was. She’d never been this excited about her other activities. 

Steven giving her parents copies of the pictures he’d taken. He’d talk to them about what had been going on and telling stories about how cool Connie was: 

“She was able to catch food for us so fast! She’d make these cool traps to catch rabbits and then cooked them over the fire!” 

“She made shelter for us out of pine branches and small logs. I offered to bubble us, but she didn’t want me to waste the energy.” 

Connie’s mom would smile and praise her daughter, though scold her gently on being more careful. She’d take the pictures that Steven gave her and put them into simple photo albums, complete with dates and ages. 

anonymous asked:

Since Annie is the most reserved person out of everyone and barely lets any intense emotion show, how would the 104th squad react to seeing her cry?

Eren would be scared stiff. He’s not good at dealing with emotions, and seeing anyone cry often makes him lock up, but especially if it’s Annie. He’ll just sit there with her and let her cry, not moving cause he doesn’t know what to do or say, but desperately wanting to do something. Eventually, he’ll get over his awkwardness and try to comfort her through a hug or just an arm around the shoulder. But he’s very bad at dealing with emotions, and it physically pains him that he can’t be much of a help. But he’s a good listener, and is always there for Annie if she’s willing to talk. 

For Mikasa, it would depend on the situation. If it’s injury tears, she’ll let Annie work through it, just giving her space. If it’s emotional tears, then she’ll be a silent presence hovering by. While the two of them don’t always get along, Mikasa knows that even Annie just needs someone to lean on sometimes. And she’ll gladly be that person if needed. But she never pushes, just being there in case Annie needs someone to talk to. She mostly just gives her space. 

Armin panics. Panics to the point of making Annie laugh with how hard he’s trying. He’ll almost start crying himself, in fact, so caught off guard by this generally stoic person suddenly breaking down. He’ll go back and forth between placing a hand on her shoulder and not touching her at all, his hands forever caught in limbo. He’ll start spouting off reassuring words that may or may not fit the situation. He just tries so hard because she so rarely breaks down, and it does actually make her smile to see him caring so much. 

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Family Matters: Part Two- Guns For Hire Fanfic

Another contribution to synnesai’s open Guns for Hire AU. All the art for the AU can be found here, the writing contributed so far can be found here, and here. 

Part One can be found HERE

Family Matters Part Two:

“Missing?” Connie was at full attention, her eyes sharp and bright. Wash just stayed quiet at her side, listening and watching Delta. He couldn’t help but note how much younger Delta looked now that he was seeing him up close. “How long? What happened, D?”

“It’s… been about a week now,” Delta sighs quietly.

“A week?” Wash is speaking before he realizes he’d intended to do so. “That’s a bit long to let someone go missing with no action.”

“Epsilon has a tendency to get bored and wander off for days at a time,” Delta’s fingers, long and thin, curl in the ends of his neat ponytail. “He’s twenty, after all, and quite stuck by circumstance in the city. For him to ditch his classes for a few days and not sleep at home really isn’t out of his normal behavior patterns.”


“But,” Delta meets Wash’s gaze with those stunningly green eyes of his, “He always calls home. And he always picks up his phone. It’s the agreement we all came to the first time he felt restless.” It seems to hit Delta that they’ve never met before. His brow furrows, glasses slipping a bit down his nose. “I’m… I’m sorry. I don’t believe I caught your name…”

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New Beginnings {38}

Jared x Reader

Warnings: Swearing…..I think that’s it. I’m sorry if not

Words: 2,261

Previous Parts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,  22, 23, 24,25,26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37

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Dinner Date: Lapidot

Prompt: Lapidot dinner date where Steven helps Peridot prepare. (bonus Lapis/Connie brOTP!)
I’m sorry I don’t know how clothes work but I heard y'all like Peri in tuxes and such, also I’ll get good at characterization eventually


“I’m not sure about this.”

“Aw, come on, Peridot!” Steven begged. The green gem remained reluctant.

“I don’t find it necessary to change attire. What I have now is simple and effective.” The boy groaned.

“Okay. I guess you don’t have to.” Steven hopped onto a stool at the counter. He and Peridot were in the beach house, getting ready for a very special date. Steven’s job was to teach the green gem everything he knew, while Connie was preparing Lapis Lazuli out on the beach. The Crystal Gems, for their part, were setting the location on the opposite side of the cliff.

“What else can I do to help you?” Steven asked himself. He’d already taught Peridot about table etiquette (though likely neither of them would eat anything), and how she should use compliments, and pull the chair out for the lady, all the important stuff. She hadn’t a clue about any of it, but Steven was patient. Besides, Peridot was a quick learner.

Most of the time.

“Why is it necessary to pull the chair out? Won’t Lapis think I find her incompetent in doing simple tasks?”

“What is the point of lighting a fire in the middle of the table? It isn’t even big enough to provide consistent warmth.”

“How do humans bond so well over watching each other consume processed mush?”

“Why are your mating customs so complicated?”

Steven couldn’t always answer Peridot’s questions, so he didn’t. The green gem recorded these, and countless other notes, in her log. He wasn’t sure if she could or would use them without Lapis noticing. When he asked about it, Peridot became defensive.

“Of course I’m not going to look at them! I know exactly what I’m doing.” Steven didn’t buy it.

“Peridot, it’s ok to not know sometimes. I don’t know all the time!” The green gem tried to say something, but he continued. “Nobody knows everything. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. That’s why I’m here for you,” he added, grinning. Peridot studied him for a long while. She shook her head.

“You know a lot more than you think you do, Steven.” His eyes sparkled.

“Do you think so?” Her mouth twitched.

“I know so.” Steven smiled wide. This time she smiled back. Peridot watched the gears turn in his head.

“Are you sure you don’t want to change into something different?”

“Are you sure it will make me more appealing?”

“Well, I think Lapis likes you for you.” The green gem flushed slightly. “But she’ll appreciate you trying something different for her!” Peridot thought about it.

“Alright.” Steven gaped up at her. “I may have something to change into.”

“Yes!” Steven pumped his fist. “Let’s see it then!” He said, looking at her expectantly. Peridot shifted uncomfortably.

“Can’t you… turn around?” Steven didn’t understand at first.

“Oh!” He said finally. “Sorry. I just thought you could phase some different clothes on- okay, I’ll turn around.”

“Thank you,” Peridot replied. “It’s nothing personal. I just want to make sure I’m… comfortable with my selection before I let anyone else see it.”

“That’s okay! Take your time! Oh, but not too much time,” Steven mentioned. “We don’t want to keep the others waiting, do we?” He heard the green gem chuckle.

“Of course not.”

– - –

“Do you really think I look okay?”

“You look beautiful!” Connie gushed. She reached a hand out to touch the hem of Lapis’ dress. It rippled when her fingers broke the surface. “This is too cool.” The blue gem frowned.

“Is it chilly? I can warm it up a bit if-”

“Oh, no no, that’s not what I meant!” She dipped her fingers into the liquid again. “It’s, uh, a nice temperature.” Connie smiled, and Lapis returned the gesture.

“I’m glad you think so.” She twirled around suddenly, sending shimmering water droplets flying. “I can’t believe you thought of this. It’s brilliant!” Lapis beamed. “You’re brilliant.” The small girl blushed.

“Ah, that’s sweet of you,” Connie said. “It just sort of… came to me. When you summoned your wings. And you can control water from its sources, so it’s not much of a stretch that you can use it to enhance your wardrobe.”

“I guess I never really had an occasion where I needed to… dress up,” Lapis admitted.

“That’s ok! It doesn’t seem like something gems normally do. But it’s kinda fun, right?” The blue gem nodded.

“I enjoyed it.” She glanced up at the beach house, where Steven was helping Peridot get ready. “I wonder if Steven got Peridot to dress up.” Lapis chuckled. “She’s so stubborn. It’s hard to get her to change anything.”

“I guess we’ll find out,” Connie replied. “No peeking, remember? Come over here so I can give it one more look.”

“Okay!” Lapis skipped over towards the ocean, in front of the setting sun. She curtsied, and Connie giggled. The blue gem spun around slowly, allowing the human girl to appraise her outfit with silent concentration.

They had decided not to change much; Lapis still donned her familiar blue sundress, made to expose the gem on her back. However, the bottom hem was shortened and replaced with liquid water, still rippling but suspended firmly in place. Tiny droplets decorated the usually plain blue fabric, creating starry patterns that shimmered when they reflected light. Water rings donned her wrists and ankles, flowing in a slow circle but retaining their shape. Her hair was left in the same style, but a small blue ribbon that matched her dress was tied to one side of her bangs. Connie had tied it in herself.

“I think you’re ready, Lapis,” she said presently. “You look great!”

“Thanks,” Lapis replied softly. She bit her lip, standing still for a moment before she rushed up and enveloped Connie in her arms. “Thank you, Connie, for doing this. You’re a really great friend.” The small girl, surprised, wrapped one arm around the taller figure’s back.

“Friend-?” She smiled, and her other arm snaked around the blue gem. “You’re welcome.”

Lapis pulled away after a few moments, stealing another glance at Peridot’s current location. “Maybe we should head to the other side and see what the gems have set up for us?” Connie nodded, sure the gems on the other side of the crag would have finished dinner preparations by now.

“Okay.” She began to walk in that direction, but a hand on her shoulder made her pause.

“Maybe we can try this instead?” Without warning, Lapis scooped the girl up from behind, holding her bridal style. Connie squealed as she was lifted far off the ground. The blue gem, her wings flapping vigorously, slowed.

“Are you okay?” She asked, suddenly worried. Connie was gripping her dress tightly, her face tucked under the gem’s chin. Now she looked up, her eyes wide. Lapis began to descend slowly, but she halted when Connie cried out suddenly.

“This is AWESOME!”

— - —


“Steven!” The girl watched as Steven made his way down the hill, a nervous Peridot in tow. Lapis looked as well, and as soon as she did her jaw dropped.

“L-look what she- she’s wear…ing…” she managed to say.

“Wow, Peridot looks great!” Connie chimed in as Steven approached her. He smiled.

“Yeah! She picked it out herself! Right Peri-?” Steven turned around, but Peridot was gone.

“Wha-” Connie shushed him.

“Shh. Look.” She pointed over to where Lapis had been standing. She was still there, but now, so was Peridot. Each was looking the other over in complete silence.

Connie observed Peridot’s choice of dress as well. The green gem was wearing what appeared to be a suit jacket and bow tie, both shades of green of course. The tie pulsated with tiny ribbons of light in a set pattern. She didn’t notice any other changes, but the simple outfit was quite attractive.

All four of them snapped out of their observation when a small voice stilled the silence.

“You look amazing.” It was Peridot. As soon as she said it, both gems blushed.

“Thank you,” Lapis replied shyly. “You look… stunning as well.”

“Thanks.” They were quiet again. “Do you… want to go sit down?” Peridot reached her hand out as a silent offering. Lapis accepted it. As soon as their fingers touched, each of their gems illuminated with a fierce glow. Lapis smiled, a single tear running down her cheek. She laughed, high and soft, like a wind chime.


— – —

“Steven, we should leave them alone now.” She shook the Universe boy, who was watching the pair with rapt attention.

“Oh, okay,” he said, somewhat reluctantly. They began to walk away together, but Steven stopped short. “Wait!” he half-whispered, turning around just in time to see Peridot pulling out a chair. She offered it to Lapis, who smiled and sat down. He matched her expression.

“Okay, let’s go.” They made their way towards the beach house.

“Do you think they’ll be good together?” Steven asked suddenly.

“I think so,” Connie replied. “We really helped them a lot.”

“Yeah, we did.” Steven felt his eyes being pricked with unshed tears. He stopped walking.

“Is something wrong?” Connie asked. She saw the tears break free and trail down the boy’s cheeks. “Steven, are you okay?”

“Yeah!” The half-gem assured her. He sniffed. “It’s just- I just-” In one swift move he had latched onto Connie. “I’m so happy for them!” he cried, blubbering now. Connie smiled, patting him on the back.

“I know.”

— – —

“Amethyst, what are you supposed to be?” The purple gem giggled.

“I’m a love bug! Duh!” Her wings buzzed as she peered down the cliffside, spying on Lapis and Peridot as their date progressed. “Looks like I’m gonna have to be a bedbug soon,” she teased as Lapis leaned over the table and loomed over Peridot, causing the green gem to blush brightly. “Get it in you guys!” Her tiny bug screams went unnoticed by the gems below, but the dove beside her was close enough to hear. The bird chirped indignantly.

“Amythest! That’s entirely inappropriate!” Amethyst tipped onto her back, her six legs wriggling as she laughed heartily.

“Ah, don’t ruffle your feathers, Pearl. I’m joking.” She grinned lecherously. “Kinda.” Pearl cooed.

“I’m still not sure about this,” she said quietly. “We don’t even know how long they’ve known each other, or- anything.” The dove cocked her head towards a large rabbit sitting beside her. “What do you think, Garnet?” The rabbit’s nose twitched.

“We’re better together.”

Shopping Spree

Christine tapped her foot impatiently as she listened to the phone ring, waiting for Connie to pick up. The second she heard her friends voice she couldn’t control her excitement. “Connie, we need to go shopping. I’m thinking green and gold to match Asgard. What do you think? Wooden crib? I saw one online that I liked a lot but I think I want to go look at some, see them in person you know?” she began to ramble. “I want something nice. Tom says money is no problem, whatever I want for our little boy.” she wiggled in her chair as she smiled. “A boy Connie… its a boy. Oh I’m so happy.”


anonymous asked:

Imagine Peridot wanting to live in the temple again but doesn't want to stay in the bathroom so she asks everyone if she can sleep in their room, Garnet gives her a stern silence before closing the door, Pearl says no and slams the door in her face, Steven is out with Connie so she can't ask him yet so she goes up to the door and suddenly Amethysts door opens. Amethyst then suddenly pulls her inside with the biggest grin on her face. Happiness.

Oh man! I hope everyone’s more used to Peridot and more accepting! But I can see the Crystal Gems trying to decide whether to let this:

into their rooms. 

Though Amethyst might just be a bit more tolerating! I love the imagery too - no words needed, just smiles and action. 

whoops, my hand slipped.

sequel to this JeanMarco Disneyland AU thing…. because people asked and i felt like it.

((it’s just a short one… but i am contemplating another certain thing to do with this au… so yeah…. we’ll see what happens…also, according to my research, this would never happen in the actual disneyworld. but creative licence and all that))

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Finishing what they started: A Steven Universe fanfic

Finishing what they started

Summary: They never did get to finish there dance.

(Steven’s pov)

I tug at the pink collar around my neck as I look over at the sky setting in the ocean, turning the sky all different types of warm tones. Connie set farther away from the barn reading, since the gems had gone back to working on the drill it was a bit more noisy.

Some of that was because of the drill, some was from Peridot. Normally I would try and help, but since it was more mechanics, I wouldn’t be much help. That and Connie would only be here for the weekend and I wanted to spend most of my time with her. I made my way over to her.

I am still a bit embarrass over what I did yesterday. I made the gems, my dad, and Connie really worry about me. Which wasn’t my intent I just wanted to make Connie happy.

I stood behind her and watch as the wind blew her hair off her back, exposing her lilic dress. I had been so focus on stretching my body that I didn’t really give Connie all the attention I wanted to give her.

I cough to get her attention. She turned around and smiled at me, sending my heart in a frenzy.

“Hey Steven. I thought you were helping with the drill.” She closed her book and sat it down on the ground. Giving me her undivided attention.

“Well they’re welding pieces together right now, and Pearl isn’t big on letting me use the blow torch. And dad went to check on the car wash.” I held my hand out to help her up.

Once I pulled her up her hands went to my collar tugging it into it proper place. I looked at her face and continue talking.

“So, I realized that we never finish our dance yesterday.”

Her eyes left my collar and met mine. “No we didn’t. After you came back we went to watch the stars come out.”

“Right. Well, do you want to now?” I asked.

“I would really like that.” She bit her lip as I took out my phone a pushed play, and sat it down away from us, before putting my hands on her waist.

Her hands moved from my collar to my shoulders as we swayed back and forth.

“I really wouldn’t mind.” I started.

“Mind what?” Her eyes looked down at me.

“Sneaking you into a PG-13 movie.” I grin.

She laughed. “I’m sure you wouldn’t, but you know if we get caught we would be kicked out of the only movie theater in town.”

“If it makes you happy it would be worth it.” Even though I was smiling I hope she could tell I was still being honest.

“Well, unless Dogcopter gets moved up to a PG-13 rating or the Spirit Morph Saga gets made into a movie. I think I can wait a few more months.”

She moved her hands to my upper arms and leaned her head down to rest on my shoulder. I heard her let out a soft sigh as I move my hands to the small of her back and pulled her closer.

“So, is this funny good or funny bad?” I asked.

She giggled and hearing it so close sent chills down my spine “Funny good.”

“Really?” I ask.

“Yeah, we’re a lot closer now and I can feel you breathe.” She added.

My face burn. “Oh, Sorry.”

“No, no I like it. It’s comforting and soothing. And it reminds that your here and your not going to run off and leave me.” She said quickly.

“Connie, I’m sorry about yesterday. I’m really sorry that we can almost never hang out normally without gem stuff happening.”

She moved her head off my shoulder and rested it against my forehead, closing her eyes.

“Steven, I don’t care if things don’t go as plan when we hang out. I don’t mind the magical destiny stuff either.” I felt her hands squeeze where she placed them my arms.

“Don’t you remember what I told you? Magic or no magic. I want to be part of your universe.” She whispered.

I let my eyes drift close and I realize that our swaying had slowed down to wear we were barely just moving in beat with the song.

“That’s good, cause I can’t imagine a universe without you.”

Author’s note:

So the first time I finish this fic was 3 hours ago and when I went to copy it so I could post, I hit the wrong button a boop entire story erase, so I had to go back and rewrite it.

Please let me know what you think since I rush threw to finish this before I forgot most of what I wrote.

Until next time, take care😘