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Sugar stated that if Connie was a Gem she'd be teal due to her fighting skills and diplomatic skills. For the former I get, but the latter? I mean most of the time we saw Steven acting as a diplomat, so it was interesting to hear her say that. Your thoughts?

I do feel that Connie would make a good diplomat! :)

If we look at the definition of diplomacy, it is being able to handle affairs or relations between two or more parties in a sensitive manner. A quick search also reveals that a synonym for diplomacy is tact.

And while Steven does a lot of the talking, he’s rather raw with what he says. 

Steven tends to say exactly how he feels because, emphatic as he is, he feels that the things he’s saying are so obvious. Recall how he talks about Lars and Sadie. To anyone willing to listen, even total strangers like Connie in Bubble Buddies, he assumes that they’re all set in their relationship, when we know that despite their feelings for one another, that just isn’t the case yet. They have a lot of growing left to do

In Bubbled, Steven tries anything to placate Eyeball and prove he’s the rose quartz gem, without considering that Eyeball also has a massive chip on her shoulder against Rose in the first place. This leads to Steven endangering his own life.

And that’s the case with someone like him. He assumes that the facts he sees are the facts everyone sees. All his attempts to bring Lapis and Peridot together were because he knew that they would eventually. But it didn’t mean now was the particularly right time because while he felt they should be ready (given his own very forgiving and considerate nature) they weren’t yet. 

So tact isn’t necessarily Steven’s strong suit, because he’s very straightforward in the way he handles interpersonal affairs. That doesn’t mean Steven couldn’t be a good diplomat. His preference for peaceful talking and his intuitiveness would definitely help. He does need more polish though. 

And Connie has shown to be diplomat on multiple occasions. Particularly with Steven.

The thing is, Steven can be very hard-headed. We know this because he’s the type to keep pushing when he knows something is right. He went without sleep in Marble Madness to prove his point. He threw himself at a plane in Gem Harvest because he needed to talk to Uncle Andy. He was willing to go off with Peridot to the Kindergarten without the other gems’ knowledge to show she could be trusted in When It Rains. 

And he was very nearly self-destructive in his attempts to catch up to Kevin in Beach City Drift. Steven feels things very strongly, and sometimes those feelings give him tunnel-vision. These are Steven at the extremes of his emphatically-tuned intuition. 

In moments like that, Connie talks him down. As early as An Indirect Kiss, Connie was able to coax the story out of Steven, even if he was upset. And she immediately said things like, “I’m sure they didn’t say that.” When Steven said the gems called him “useless” in his narrative (they didn’t.)

Connie’s intuition lies in reading people. And it’s something she’s developed over time. She’s been dealing with her parents for a while now, and they’re rather strict with her. That’s a fine line she’s walking every time she asks for something or does something without their knowing. That requires a lot of tact and a lot of sensitivity. We’ve seen in Nightmare Hospital that taking her sensitivity to other’s opinions of her too far can lead to her not getting that message out at all.

Connie has a way of saying things very impact-fully but still tactfully. It’s best captured in the exchange she had with Greg and Steven about Kevin. While Steven was feeling very strongly, and getting visibly upset, Connie, who was also upset, tried to parse it into words for Greg to understand. And her words were punctuated by Steven’s feelings.

That’s what makes the two of them so effective when they’re together. And really, what we can see is that Connie is still on the sidelines right now, much as Steven wasn’t too involved in missions in the early Season 1. That’s why she isn’t necessarily being as utilised for those skills. But she has them in her arsenal, nonetheless. Having someone on the team who can speak in a way that is acceptable and non-offensive to different parties is a huge asset.

As for being teal, I’d bring up Connie’s aesthetic. There are a lot of blues that hint at being greens. When she’s in more casual-wear it’s her light teal dress and when she’s training (but not with Pearl) she wears a darker shade of blue. When she’s in combat training, she wears clothes of navy blue colour.

And I’d say that means Connie-at-rest is teal because that’s her personally favoured colour and it’s been associated with her multiple times. 

I think teal implies some meaning as well, but because this ask got really long, I will be writing that in another post. :)


Did anyone notice that the books and movies that Connie introduces to Steven have badass non-objectified female characters in leading roles? And that this is never seen as weird or a novelty for books or blockbuster films? And that Steven loves them completely and utterly? And that NO characters on the show EVER object to them or dismiss them as “girl stuff’?


“We are the Crystal Gems! We’re still alive and we’re still the guardians of this planet and all its living creatures!”

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