connie mack stadium

TBT.. Throwback Thursday

The making of a big league baseball pitcher (not)… At age 8 won a contest reviewing a book by this name… was serious baseball geek. A few more minutes of my 15 famewise (see Andy Warhol). Introduced before the game in front of 8000 at Connie Mack Stadium in Philadelphia… Met the players and manager Gene Mauch plus lobster dinner at bookbinders. Ask me anything about how to throw a curveball or knuckleball. But due to physical challenges (have slight loss of motor control in right side) was just as likely to strike terror into the hearts of batters with wild fastball. Last attempt to play organized ball was Babe Ruth league; Cut from team by childhood hero Robin Roberts, pitcher for the WizKid Phillies of 1950. But no regrets… Fun while it lasted :-). Photo by dear papa.