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I made some doodles of a Pearlmethyst gemling AU thing I had in my mind, and somehow I ended up cleaning them and coloring them because I’ve lost the control of my life. 

(The gemlings don’t have visible gems yet because headcanons)

@marathecactupus I love your metas surrounding the Red vs Blue themes of series 4. I haven’t been thinking about this for a long time, but I have been trying to figure out why ASIP is so goshdarn purple. Every street backlit with purple. Trees, purple. Sherlock and John together, purple. Running through London, purple. 

Even the outfits of the characters (Sherlock, Blonde woman in ASIP, Connie Prince’s brother in TGG, Mrs Hudson) are purple.

Do you have any thoughts as to the coordination of these three colors?

At first thought I would say “purple” represents a harmonious time between Sherlock’s heart and brain. The minute Moriarty showed up and threatened to burn the heart out of him, then things started to separate. Even that pool scene is dramatically blue and red. Irene’s two makeup choices are blue and red. Sherlock and John wear blue and red.

I could be wrong, but doesn’t it take until TAB for lots of purple to reappear? The robes of the women, Sherlock’s dressing gown, Mrs Hudson’s outfit. And since TAB is a blatant mirror to series 4, it would make sense for TAB to be the “Sherlock’s heart and head work together and he lives happily ever after with John” while series 4 is “In real life the game is never over, one must separate the heart and the brain, romantic entanglement won’t complete you as a human being”, keeping the themes red and blue.

Terribly sorry if you’ve already said this somewhere and I’m here thinking I’ve come up with something new – if this discussion is elsewhere please point me to it!

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Okay guys, I will freely admit Miles writing has problems but like, I want you to examine something here:

The Woman Burnie Wrote and Their Motivations, Pure Text, Not Including What We Read Into It:

-Tex, a hardcore badass, who is motivated…to save/protect Church. A man. 

-Epsilon Tex, another hardcore badass, who is created….to fulfill the desires of Church, a man.

-Carolina, a badass Freelancer who  is motivated by the desire to be the best and….to live up to her father’s expectations and can be read as wanting to be the best to deserve his attention. Not that it is, it just can.

-South who is defined by….resentment of her brother North.

-Connie, who is the spy on the inside who at the end of the arc is revealed….to be working for her love interest, a man, who dies.

-Kai, where the joke is she loves sex. And that’s it.

The Woman Miles Wrote and Their Motivations, Pure Text, Not Including What We Read Into It

-Carolina, who admittedly doesn’t have as much to do, but is motivated to protect her friends, and a planet.

-Kimball who is motivated to win the war.

-Grey who is motivated by a love of science and to end the war.

-Jensen who is motivated wanting to end the war. 

Like…guys. Miles is not the best writer of woman, God no, but like, can we stop holding Freelancer up as the pinnacle of female writing? Please?

“ ah,  you  must  be——  uh,  connie,  right? ”  he  smooths  out  each  word  in  vain,  the  age  old  habit  latching  to  him  tight.  nonetheless,  the  grateful  dip  is  there  ;  he  can  still  remember  the  cold  panic  settling  over  the  curve  of  his  throat  that  night,  when  memory  caught  up,  when  she  caught  up.  “ thank  you  so  much  for  taking  my  sister  home.  i’m  andrei.  i—  i  think  katya  told  you  that  already. ”  embarrassment  flares,  but  he  decides  against  crossing  his  arms  after  a  brief  consideration.  /  @sylphboned


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Here are the possible Canidates for Sardonyx, from least likely to most likely:

15. Garnet - Pearl Fusion

14. Steven - Garnet Fusion

13. Temple

12. Peridot - Jasper Fusion

11. Onion

10. Rose’s Scabbard

9. Sniffling Croissant 

8. A carton of milk

7. Mr and/or Mrs. Maheswaran

6. The woman at the Movie Theater in Lion 2: The Movie

5. Greg’s van

4. Connie From King of the Hill 

3. Barb

2. The author of the journal, my brother.

1. Nanefua

  • Steven Universe: No Mom, a Dad, and 3 Space Rocks
  • Jenny: No Mom, a Dad, a Grandma, and a Sister
  • Buck: No Mom, a Dad
  • Sour Cream: No Mom, a Step Dad, and a Step Brother
  • Connie: A Dad and a Mom
  • Peedee: No Mom, a Dad, and a Brother
  • Sadie: Mom Confirmed, Dad of Dubious Status
  • Lars: Presumably Raised By Crabs

Imagine if Bucatino Business took place in Night Vale.

Unspeakable horrors are inflicted on the Bucatinos, but it’s treated in the same sad way Dan treats everything.

“Connie was absorbed by the Glow Cloud yesterday. Connie my brother’s wife, not my on-the-lamb brother. We found her in our house today, like it never happened. She was drinking a cup of Workjuice Coffee, which I would as well, given how it’s the first thing you’d want to drink after waking up or coming back to life. I don’t know how many times Connie has died. I don’t know how many times I’ve died.”