Can we just talk about how great the girls outfits in young justice were?! Like not only were they cute but their superhero outfits were pretty practical. ESPECIALLY their footwear. The only women shown to wear heels were Wonder Woman and occasionally Miss Martian (when she wasn’t in her camouflage outfit). Otherwise they wore legitimate combat boots. Even black canary who is almost always depicted in heels wore clunky ass, convenient, military style shoes. There was even a scene (I think it was the episode “secrets ” from the first season) when zatanna says something along the lines of “alright these shoes, adorable, but for a chase sequence…” and she uses magic to change into shoes that are better for running and fighting. And in season 2 when we get a bunch of other girls like wondergirl and batgirl, we see they’re wearing practical shoes (batgirl also wears military boots and wondergirl wears sneakers for petes sake). Like if there’s anything I’m grateful for in that show it’s how the storyboard artists put these wonderful female superheroes in practical outfits (I could go on about their other articles of clothing but I really wanted to focus on the shoes cuz girls are always wearing heels in comics and i hate it.) So yea Young Justice was iconic.

Young Justice Headcanons (season 1)

• Wally, holding Doritos over his eyes: My names Robin! The boy wonder! And I have stupid triangle sunglasses!

• They keep a record of their “holohockey” (Robin came up with the name) games

• After they find out Captain Marvels true age, whenever he steps into the room they’re in, Robin and Wally chant “one of us”

• Since they don’t know Robins secret ID, the team starts calling him random R names: “Hey Rob!” “Wassup Robert?” “Fill me in Roberto.” “Richie! Stop your best friend from eating everything in the fridge!” “No, Rich you can’t fly the bioship.” “Richard! Don’t laugh at Conner.” “GASP! ROCKY! How DARE you accuse me of eating your sandwich!” and so on

• Morbid humor

• The way Conner found out Dicks name, was this one time Artemis yelled “Wally! Stop being such a dick!” And with his superhearing he overheard Robin mutter under his breath, “Little do you know, I AM Dick.”

• Robin and Artemis finishing every story or report with “hashtag, only in Gotham.”

• Kaldur quotes Kermit memes a lot. And I mean a LOT.

• Conner uses the excuse of, “I’m not even two yet!” When he wants to get out of something.

• “Conner, it’s your turn to cook dinner.” “But I’m not even two yet!” “You know wha- FINE!”

• Zatanna and Wally have fights about magic and science. Sometimes at 4am, in the kitchen, which is interrupted by a VERY upset Conner because, “Super hearing. Guys. SUPER. HEARING.”

• When Jason became Robin he had to deal with the team accidentally calling him random R names, only for them to just stare at him for a minute before apologizing. Even Dick called him “Ricardo” once before immediately backpedaling

• The OG team has inside jokes the new members are STILL trying to figure out. Not even Bart knows

• The OG team decided to stick with their schtick of calling Robins random names, but they couldn’t do random R names for Jason because that was Dicks thing, so they resorted to calling him the names of “edgy” characters: “Yo J.D! Where’s Nightwing?” “How’ve you been Nico di’Angelo?” “Alright Malfoy, what’s the plan?”

• After Jason died they could never watch Heathers, because damnit they had called him J.D.

• Nightwing called Tim “Dallas” once after he first joined and broke down in tears in the spot.