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At First Sight - Superboy x Reader

Requested by thelyingpierrot -  a superboy fic where the reader is introduced to the team because of her powers and she’s like batmans adoptive daughter or something (making her close to nightwing) and the team meets her when they return from a mission and instantly Wolf is attracted by her presence and superboy is having an awkward yet fluffy love at first sight moment

Requested by Anon -  a fic where the reader is Nightwings best friend and one of Bruce’s adopted kids and the team are all convinced that they’re dating but they find out they’re just siblings, much to Superboy’s relief

Notes: (Y/S/N) = Your Superhero Name

Conner had just exited the Bioship with Wolf after a successful mission when Batman called the team to the briefing room. The moment he entered, Wolf left his side, prancing deeper into the room. Conner raised an eyebrow, confused by Wolf’s eagerness. He only pranced liked that when he greeted Conner. 

The other team members had gathered in a semi-circle around Batman, blocking Conner’s view of Wolf. Peering around the others to see where Wolf went, Conner was shocked to see Wolf licking a stranger’s face. Someone Conner didn’t recognize.  Unable to see your face, Conner moves closer into the semi-circle. 

“Team, this is (Y/S/N),” Batman stated, gesturing to you. “They will be joining the team as of today.” Conner’s mouth dropped when you stood allowing everyone a clear view of your face.

It felt like time stopped as Conner took in every feature of your face. You were one of the most beautiful people he had ever seen in his life. It felt like Conner’s whole life had been empty until he saw your face.  

“Hi,” you greeted, waving to the rest of the team. The way you spoke soothed part of Conner’s soul as if you were the eye of his hurricane. More was said, but Conner stopped listening to only focus on you. He couldn’t stop staring at you. 

Suddenly, you were right in front of him. “You must be Superboy,” you said, smiling beautifully at him. Conner couldn’t speak, stunned by the fact you were really standing in front of him. You were too beautiful to be real. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Conner,” Conner stammered when Wolf walked up to nudge his leg, shaking him out of his daze. You tilted your head at him in minor confusion. Conner’s eyes widened as he realized what he said. “My name is Conner.” 

“Oh, then it’s nice to meet you, Conner,” you say, holding out your hand. Conner doesn’t notice it at first because he is too wrapped in your beauty. Wolf nudges his leg again, drawing his attention to your offered hand. 

“It’s nice to meet you too, (Y/S/N),” Conner said after clearing his throat and taking your hand. He holds onto it for a moment too long before quickly letting go. You grin at him,having sensed his discomfort. 

Glancing around you conspicuously, you lean closer to him. “You can call me (Y/N), just not in front of Batman. He’s very strict about the secret identity thing,” you whispered, laughing at the blush that came over Conner’s cheeks at your closeness. 

“(Y/N),” Conner breathed back, loving the sound of your name on his lips. Wolf wandered back to your side. You knelt down to pet him. 

“Is this handsome guy yours,” you asked, glancing back up at Conner. Your gaze takes his breath away again. 

“Wolf doesn’t belong to anyone,” Conner stated plainly, watching Wolf lick your face. 

You look up at him, surprised at his words. “That’s true,” you agreed, nodding solemnly. “But you are the one who cares for him, aren’t you?”

Conner gives you a confused look, having never thought about it in that way before. Just when he was about to give you an answer, he was interrupted by your cry of joy at the new arrival in the room.

“Wing-a-Ding,” you shouted, leaving Conner and Wolf to run towards Nightwing. You leapt into his arms, creating the burn of jealousy in Conner’s chest. Nightwing scooped you up, spinning you around.

“Don’t call me, Wing-a-Ding,” he laughed, setting you down. “I don’t want it to catch on.” You laughed along with him, tapping Nightwing’s nose in good humor. Conner felt a strange tug in his chest at the sight. He suddenly wanted to punch Nightwing in the nose.

“You know you love it,” you whispered playfully into Nightwing’s ear. Conner growled at your whisper, having heard it with his super-hearing. 

Nightwing chuckled, kissing your forehead. Conner glared at both of you. He wanted to be the one holding you so much it hurt. Not being able to take anymore of your interaction with Nightwing, Conner started to march out of the room. Much to his annoyance, Wolf chose to stay with you. Huffing in frustration, Conner barreled out of the room, pushing smaller teammates out of his way. 

The days passed slowly. Rumors began to spread about Nightwing and you. Everyone was positive you were a couple, attempting to hide your relationship from Batman. The rumors only made Conner more angry. It didn’t help that Wolf seem to spend every waking moment with you. Honestly, Conner didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t until the mission to stop Sportsmaster from breaking into Star Labs did everything come to light.  

Conner and you were assigned to stand watch on the roof next to the lab. It was an awkward half an hour of silence with you stealing glances at Conner when you thought he wasn’t looking. He noticed your glances, but chose to ignore you even though he found it hard when you were looking so beautiful. 

“Are you mad at me,” you asked once you gathered up the nerve. Conner sent you a startled look before quickly turning back to the street below. 

“Why would you think something like that? We have barely talked,” Conner answered with cold indifference. You flinched at his tone causing Conner to feel a jab of guilt. After all, it wasn’t your fault he happened to fall in love with you while you were dating another man. 

“Yeah, well…,” you begin, shifting uncomfortably. “You just seem colder to me now than when we met, and I was wondering if I did something to insult you.”

Conner narrowed his eyes in thought, keeping his gaze on the street below. He couldn’t bear to look at you. “You didn’t do anything,” Conner responded gruffly. He could feel your eyes boring into him for you knew he was not telling the truth. 

“Are you upset about Wolf, because I can stop if you need me too,” you suggested, giving him a tentative smile. Conner’s heart broke a little as he fell just a little more in love with you. 

“It’s not about Wolf,” Conner muttered before his comlink beep allowing Nightwing’s voice to flood his ear. 

“Sportsmaster has entered the building through the sewer system, stand ready in case he comes your way,” Nightwing ordered sharply. Conner growled in response. You sent him a confused look before tapping your comlink to answer.

“Copy that, be careful,” you answered, flinching when Conner sent you heated glare. You stared back at him wide-eyed, still confused by his behavior.

Nightwing replied with a softer tone to his voice, “Be safe, (Y/S/N).” Conner let out another growl more menacing than the first before punching his fist into the roof, leaving a massive indent in the concrete. 

You jumped at the sound of cracking cement before you reached over to grab Conner’s arm. “Seriously, what is your problem,” you snap at him, looking around you to make sure your cover wasn’t blown. 

“Nightwing is my problem,” Conner snarled, gesturing violently towards the building below.

“What,” you exclaimed. “Why are you upset with Nightwing?” Conner spun towards you, marching forward until he was only inches from your face. 

“Because he’s with you, and I don’t even have a chance…,” Conner stopped, realizing what he was about to say. He looked away from you in hopes of keeping his love for you a secret.

“He’s with me…,” you begin, deep in thought. Suddenly, it made sense. “You think Nightwing and I are a couple?” Conner looked surprised as you start to laugh. “That is a creepy thought considering he is practically my brother.”

Conner’s jaw dropped open. “Your brother,” he asked, blinking at you in disbelief as his love for you burned in his heart. 

“Yeah, we were both adopted by Batman years ago,” you explained, relief flooding your soul as you saw the anger leave Conner’s eyes. “He’s my best friend.”

“But you were so friendly with one another,” Conner argued, hope growing in his eyes. 

You gave him a funny look before giggling, “That’s the definition of friendship, Conner. It’s hard to be friends if you’re not friendly towards one another.” You raise an eyebrow at him. “Why were you so upset about me and Nightwing?”

“I…,” Conner started, clearing his throat to gather his courage. He moved closer to you, taking your hands in his. “I like you a lot.”

“You do,” you asked, not sure if you believed him. 

Conner gave a annoyed sigh, “Yeah, I do, and I was jealous when I thought you were with Nightwing because I wanted to be with you…” He was about to continue, but you sealed your lips onto his to silence him. Conner gave a little gasp of surprise before relaxing into the kiss, letting go of your hands to wrap his arms around you to pull you close. 

“Superboy, (Y/S/N), Sportsmaster is coming your way,” Nightwing’s voice sounded through the comlink, breaking you two apart. You quickly compose yourself while Conner answered Nightwing. 

“Yes, we’ll be ready,” Conner confirmed before reaching out to grab your hand again. You squeezed his hand while you search the ground below for any sign of Sportsmaster’s approach. “So after this, do you want to go out to eat or something?” 

“That would be nice,” you whispered into his ear, placing a light kiss on his cheek. Conner blushed as Sportsmaster burst out of Star Labs. “Shall we go?”

“Always,” Conner breathed, making a blush burn it’s way onto your face. He scooped you up, and jumped down to confront Sportsmaster. Conner felt complete with you in his arms at last. 


I Like You

You return back to Mount Justice with your team after a mission that didn’t go too well. Conner lost his temper again and as a consequence, Klarion made his escape. Back on the bio-ship, Kaldur tried to tell Conner not to blame himself for what happened and that everyone makes mistakes. But Conner is over-critical of himself, so no doubt he will blame the team’s failure on himself.

Everyone enters the cave, reflecting on today’s mission in their own way. Robin goes to do some extra training in the gym, Wally zooms over to the fridge to eat, M’gann speaks with Kaldur and Artemis sinks down into the sofa and puts up her feet. Conner, on the other hand, heads straight for his room with his buddy Wolf. He isn’t in the mood for company. But something inside tells you to make sure he is okay. You don’t want him to be unhappy or alone right now. 

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Imagine you and your crush Superboy doing a science fair assignment together

A/N: Never had a science fair at my school. So I’m kinda going off projects we did in school.

  • You are a science genius.
  • Everyone wants to be your partner.
  • The teacher puts you and Conner together.
  • M’gann is not happy since she knows about your crush.
  • Everyone knows about your crush.
  • Expect for Conner.
  • You and Conner meeting in the park to plan out your project.
  • Basically, it’s you rambling and Conner trying to keep up.
  • “Y/N.”
  • “Ya?”
  • “I didn’t understand anything you just said.”
  • You blush brightly.
  • “Sorry. I tend to forget not everyone is into science like I am.”
  • Conner smiles.
  • “It’s fine. Just slow down and use smaller words.”
  • You nod.
  • “Ok, so here what I was thinking.”
  • By the end of the meeting, you and Conner already have a plan laid out.
  • In class the next day, the teacher allowed the partners time to plan.
  • Since you and Conner already have a plan you start dividing up tasks.
  • As the other partners plan their project you and Conner talk.
  • You invite him to your house to work.
  • When he comes over your parents get to the door before you.
  • “You must be Conner!” Your mom says drag him in.
  • “Our little Y/N talks about you all the time.” Your other mom states.
  • “Mom!”
  • You rush downstairs.
  • Your hair pulled into a messy bun, your glasses are on the tip of your nose.
  • Conner is shocked to see you this way.
  • At school, you are so well put together.
  • Hair always straight and he didn’t even knew you wore glasses.
  • “Y/N dear we were just talking to Conner about you.”
  • Your face turns red.
  • You rush over and pull Conner to the garage.
  • It’s full of every kind of tech you could get your hands on.
  • TVs and computer parts are lying around.
  • You clean off the table and couch.
  • “Please tell me my moms didn’t tell you anything to embarrassing.”
  • “No.”
  • “Awesome. So let’s get started.”
  • The next two weeks Conner comes over to your house and you finish the project.
  • Even though you have two whole months to work on it.

I haven’t drawn Kon in a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG time.
Oh, look a birb!


Thank you for requesting Kon because I just missed him so much! But not as much as I missed you. Teehee. <3

Hope you like this! (ɔˆ ³(ˆ⌣ˆc)