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Conner Cooper the Game

While playing Sly Cooper 3 for the millionth time I started to form an idea. The one character that has as limited of a background as possible but ultimately one of the most important characters is Conner Cooper Sly’s father. We have a man that grew up with a legacy in his lap a wife with little to no information on at all and a gang that pulled some of the greatest heist in history.

I am currently creating and writing a story and script. I can do concept art but I need people who can do the sly cooper style for characters and backgrounds. Someone to code and design the actual game and voice actors. I don’t have a ton of money this is mainly a labor of love but, I will do what I can. If we can get a demo made and pitch it to the right people we will have something this fandom wants.

Fox and Cooper

I made Sly’s father, so the next logically step would be Carmalita’s father. So meet Chief Alejandro Montoya Fox.

I like to imagine that Alejandro’s and Conner's relationship was bit like Sly’s and Carmalita's relationship, expect without all the sexual tension cause that would be weird. That no matter how many times Alejandro would try and bust the Cooper Gang, Conner consider him his closest friend. 

So something we do know about Sly’s dad, for definite, is that the dude enjoyed his tobacco. D’you reckon he only took up smoking a pipe after having Sly, figuring it was appropriately fatherly? Or was he - like many during the Seventies and Eighties - puffing through several deathsticks a night in his younger days?

Trixie: You know that shit’s bad for you, right?

Conner: Eh. Helps me maintain my gorgeous figure.

Trixie: Yeah, by fucking up your body. [beat] …Give me one.

Conner: As you wish, my lady.

i always imagined sly’s dad being this really cool thief, wearing black turtleneck sweaters and being extra sneaky, but also a good father, telling stories about the best heists he pulled off in his day. and when were his thieving days? 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s?

re Sly’s dad

@bisexualslycooper "#I need to know what happened", “#I honestly think sly’s dad wasn’t the best person”

Right? That was a great angle too!

However dadly Mr Cooper looks in the flashbacks, the fact remains that a) he was a career criminal, and b) we know next to nothing about him on a personal level. Again, there’s that really interesting ambiguity. Maybe Dr M is a bitter old man who’s betraying his best friend’s legacy out of greed. Or maybe he’s a bitter old man who 100% has a point in calling Sly’s father a scoundrel.

I also love how they chose to have Sly react. In a series like this, where the demographic includes youngish kids, it would’ve been very easy for Sly to stomp his foot and say “No, he’s my dad, and I’m great, therefore he was also great! Shut up, you’re a bad guy anyway!”

Instead, they take a much more mature and nuanced option. Sly acknowledges that he doesn’t know enough about his dad to brush off Dr M’s claims, and that maybe his father was flawed. Instead, he points out that he’s his own man. That was a really smart choice, I think

Headcanon name masterpost

Every full name I headcanon for an SC character who either has one name only or is exclusively referred to by something that obviously isn’t on their birthcert:

“Tennessee Kid” Cooper - William Cooper

Sly’s mom - Beatrice “Trixie” Fletcher
(A surname she was considering keeping post-marriage, before a serious familial breakdown pushed her into taking “Cooper” instead)

Dr M - Maurice Moreau, PhD

Penelope - Penelope Earhart

Neyla - Rajani Neyla
(I have to assume “Neyla” is her surname, and that everyone wasn’t just calling her “Constable Bob”…)

Panda King - Kun Da Ping 
(All actual Chinese names, according to BehindTheName, my go-to resource. Kun means “earth”, Da is either “achieve, arrive at, intelligent” or “big, great, vast, high”, and Ping is “level, even, peaceful”. Maybe not super fitting, but I’m just here for the dumb spoonerism).

The Contessa - Contessa Doktor Eliška Černik
(In some countries, titles stack! idk if it’s a done thing in the Czech Republic but the Contessa would like to remind you she is both an aristocrat and an accredited psychologist.)

Muggshot - Anthony Shaw
(“Alias: ‘Meathead’ Muggshot. Also known as ‘Two-Gun Tony’…”)

Mz Ruby - Ruby Romero

Evil Wolf Priestess - Vendula Horák

El Jefe - Rayado Reyes
(lit. “stripy king”. i love names)

Toothpick - Herkus Kalnietis

The Grizz - Mike Black 
(not that anyone cares)


Bonus: Sly’s full name is Slytunkhamen Cooper, in honour of Conner’s favourite ancestor. If he and Trixie had produced a daughter instead, they would’ve gone with Henriette.

Other bonus: Sly’s dad is indeed named Conner Cooper, but his nickname was “Cunning”