The newest arrivat at Twinstar Connemaras: A little stallion with a really weird color (dark perlino, i.e. blue eyed cream??). Mother: Corrie Dun, the oldest Twinstar mare and mother of Cait, Candy, Sue, and my personal favorite: Girl.


It’s this time of the year… at my friends horse farm the first foal has been born. (Pictures from Twinstar Connemaras). Mother Candy Dun presents her son.

Unfortunately, Candy’s older sister Cait has miscarried because of carrying twins. Twin pregnancies rarely go well in horses. But more foals are to come and I hope I can get pictures!

Quand, à cause de ungifunefois​, je chante La Java de Broadway, et que du coup, mon frère commence à mettre toutes les chansons de Michel Sardou.

Et cinq minutes plus tard.