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How to put TJLC on a resume

I’m graduating soon and looking for work, as I bet plenty of you are too (or will be soon). I was brainstorming ways that TJLC has made me a better thinker and worker without using the words “gay internet conspiracy”, and thought I’d share the list with you!

Critical Thinking skills:

      Ability to interpret and understand information

       Able to evaluate the credibility of various concepts

       Ability to connect and analyze information

       Capable of out-of-the-box thinking

Computer skills: 

       Proficient in image editing

       Familiar with various image editing software

       Familiar with social media marketing tools

Interpersonal Skills

      Ability to train and instruct others

      Ability to manage and resolve conflicts while remaining calm

      Ability to express ideas freely and brainstorm in group settings


       Ability to research project-related data 

       Capable of working well independently

       Ability to remain self-motivated

       Ability to maintain a positive attitude

       Willing to perform tasks without being asked

       Capable of handling multiple tasks

       Ability to plan and arrange activities

Please feel free to add more of your own!

If BPD Were a Robot or Some Shit

Congratulations on purchasing your very own BPD-BOT! This instruction manual should get you oriented to your device.

BPD-BOT does not require any batteries or charging device! Instead, it runs purely on attention, which comes in the form of Facebook likes/comments. BPD-BOT may, however, resort to desperate measures for attention–such as literally begging for it–which can lead to Self-Destruct Mode.

BPD-BOT has many different settings!These settings include, but are not limited to: Depression, Paranoia, Anxiety, Rage, Dissociation, and Literally Nothing. Please note that these settings will switch on and off at random for literally no reason, and this can lead to Self-Destruct Mode.*

*Note: BPD-BOT is not guaranteed to include the Actually Fucking Okay For Once setting.

BPD-BOT is capable of connecting to many other devices! However, for reasons not entirely understood, BPD-BOT will literally destroy any cable or wireless connections it may have with other devices, which can lead to Self-Destruct Mode.

BPD-BOT will, on occasion, form an extremely strong connection with one device in particular. Should this happen, BPD-BOT’s functioning will depend entirely upon this device, as it becomes a new source of validation fuel. However, should this device connect with other devices, BPD-BOT will enter Self-Destruct Mode.

BPD-BOT cannot be left unsupervised for any length of time, or it will enter Self-Destruct Mode.

BPD-BOT can mimic the functions of surrounding devices because it has no actual functions of its own! However, BPD-BOT occasionally gets overwhelmed by this realization and may enter Self-Destruct Mode.

BPD-BOT constantly scans its environment for abnormalities that indicate that its presence is unwelcome. Should it detect such an abnormality, it will enter Self-Destruct Mode.

When your BPD-BOT enters Self-Destruct Mode, it will impulsively engage in dangerous behaviors that it will inevitably regret later. Good luck with that.

**BPD-BOT cannot be returned, nor can your purchase be refunded. Even though you didn’t actually buy it in the first place.

Prosthetic electrodes will return amputees’ sense of touch

For all the functionality and freedom that modern prosthetics provide, they still cannot give their users a sense of what they’re touching. That may soon change thanks to an innovative electrode capable of connecting a prosthetic arm’s robotic sense of touch to the human nervous system that it’s attached to. 
It reportedly allows its users to feel heat, cold and pressure by stimulating the ulnar and median nerves of the upper arm. 


“Mobile is unlike any technology that has come before it. It’s personal. For the first time in history, people have access to every part of their lives—from work, to entertainment, to friends and family—at every turn. And that access, all that intelligent connectivity and computing capability that is now available to all of us, offers incredible opportunity that we couldn’t have imagined even a few years ago.”—Steve Mollenkopf, CEO of Qualcomm Inc.

I feel Iron Man Three is so underrated. For the best, most famous and rich superheroes ever to go through anxiety, panic attacks and night terrors, is amazing. To humanize him and make us feel more connected and more capable.