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Lost Series // Part Eight

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Pairing : Jerome x Fem. Reader

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This will not be word for word from the episode because I don’t feel like re watching it. Lol.

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Dying is a part of life. Eventually everyone dies and moves onto heaven or hell. You see, I never really believed in God. There are so many different religions with vivid descriptions and you never really know what’s real and what isn’t. But I did expect something.. Not pearly gates but something. There is nothing though. At the very least I expected to float around as a ghost or something. Haunting people that pissed me off.

Nothing but darkness.. Forever. Maybe I was in hell. And hell is nothing. There is no God. The Devil made him up so that people have faith and hope that if they’re good they can end up with their loved ones. Well, even if you’re a saint you’ll still end up in Hell.

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Taking Away My Love Part 2

Bucky x Reader (eventually)

Based on Queens by Misterwives

Word Count: 2,050 words

Warnings: swearing, violence, angst.

N/A: If you want to be tagged in this series, shoot me an ask!

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I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t do anything under the same roof as my parents killer. It hurt too much and the nightmares and my mental state weren’t helping my case either.  

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Okay so I have more AU's in my head...

This time it’s the strip club AU

AU of the GTA V AU- nefarious criminals, use the club as both profit and as a cover for harder deals

(Names: Achievement, The Cockbite, Hunters, ??? Goin’ Brakeless) 

 •Geoff the boss man: underground face of the club; handles finances, drugs, weapons, etc; can usually be found either sitting behind the bar with his feet propped up and his eyes hidden behind a pair of shades or tucked in a dark corner watching over his kids on stage; Ryan’s back-up when needed 

•Jack the bartender: ‘public face’ of the club, mostly just deals with the alcohol but occasionally helps with drug deals; aircraft and warehouse connection; super protective mother-bear for all the dancers 

•Gavin the bartender: originally hired as a dancer as well but didn’t enjoy it as much; switched to bar full time once they hired Michael; will occasionally jump on stage to perform a routine with Michael or Ray 

•Michael the waiter/dancer: originally called in to deal with the sketchy fuse box; was asked to audition when Jack caught him swinging his hips and bopping along as one of the gals practiced while he was doing repairs; minor military-grade weaponry connection 

 •Lindsay the waitress/dancer: Michael’s roomie and kind-of girlfriend; dancer at a competitor’s club, the source of 99% of Michael’s moves before he’s hired; moves to Geoff’s club when her old joint gets busted for illegal sexual practices 

•Ryan the bouncer: found him on Craig’s list, super serious and scary and intimidating until you get to know him- in reality a huge goofball; falls for Ray immediately the first time he sees the younger man working the pole and promptly begins wooing him; the main weaponry connection 

•Ray the dancer: most recent hire, the 'newbie’ (Gavin jokes about him being the virgin and that sticks for an annoyingly long time before he gets caught giving Ryan a rather explicit lap dance in the dressing room after hours); decent drug connections, an excellent shot- sniper for hire on the side 

 I had more floating around my head when I first thought of it but it’s all alluding me currently. Oh well.


the picture is from Lauren’s insta&twitter. On insta she wrote “getaway mission complete.” and on twitter she wrote “You ready?Let’s go”


and Chloe is finally in his car f yes i’ve been waiting for it

where are they going? there’s a plane there so maybe they’ll have to fly out somewhere or is it connected to the warehouse from the s1 finale?? IM SO SHOOK I CANT 

also this picture is my phone background and i couldnt be happier omfg

this ship is sailing itself thank you very much