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When you realize that Rick and Morty met the simpsons, who had a crossover with futurama(Who met Finn and jake from adventure time, and the Doctor can be seen in the background a few times) , and family guy (who crossed over with American dad and some Star wars AU stuff) and Doctor Who is connected to the hitchhicker’s guide via in universe refrences and in Phineas and Ferb They’ve crossed over with Star Wars (AU) and Marvel (who have made Doctor who comics in the past). And there’s the AU Star Trek/Doctor who crossover. and the TARDIS was seen on Red dwarf.

To add more, DC and Marvel have had multiple crossovers.

And if we look at the roster for Marvel V. Capcom (which is connected by Marvel’s AU’s) Megaman is a contestant, who has had crossovers with Sonic in their comics.

Also Sonic and Megaman are both contestants in Super Smash Bros.

In ssbb Solid Snake makes an appearance and in Playstation Allstar Battle Royal Raiden makes an appearance (Snake and Raiden share a universe) Which brings in PABR.

And if we wrap back to DC, In Injustice: God’s Among Us, Scorpion makes an appearance as a playable character which brings in the Mortal Kombat Roster (which brings in Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, and the Predator)

The Predator also brings in the Alien Series because of their crossover.

And gravity falls because of rick and morty

Essential Oils for Psychic Ability Enhancement

You should always read the labels of your oils and heed any warnings, and properly dilute them before using them on your skin.

Cinnamon Essential Oil can be used to stimulate visions, strengthen focus, and promote healing and harmony. Aids in connecting with guides.

Lavender  Essential Oil Aids in mediation, and stimulates dream recall and clairvoyance. It also opens third-eye while protecting and purifying.

Patchouli  Essential Oil can be used to help with grounding. It dispels negativity and stimulates spiritual growth. It is most commonly the preferred oil divination.

Peppermint Essential Oil can be used to increase spiritual energy and heighten psychic awareness.

Rosemary  Essential Oil can be used to promote visions, creativity, and recall a past life. It dispels negativity and is also considered a psychic stimulant. It opens the third eye as well.

Jasmine  Essential Oil Balancing, inspiring, sensual. Attracts love, romance and sex. Stimulates psychic dreams, astral projection, creativity and visions. Encourages compassion and transcendence. Aids in meditation.

Sandalwood  Essential Oil Purifying, protective, healing. Good for meditation, astral projection, manifesting, blessings, house cleansings and releasing the past. Dispels negativity.

Frankincense Essential Oil Uplifting, balancing, purifying, protective. Good for meditation and connecting with guides. Promotes enlightenment, multidimensional awareness.

Some Sweet and Spiritual Asks

For anyone, since we all have a soulful and spiritual center~

Grow: If you were incarnated into a plant, what would you be?

Natural: What element do you feel you best represent? 

Opposites: Do you feel creative or destructive with your energy? Chaotic or orderly? 

Origin: What type of spirit or being do you identify as? 

Afterthought: What is your favorite past life memory?

Design: If you could design a dimension just for yourself, what would it be like and who would you let in? 

Heart: As far as spiritual lovers go, in this life or the past, who are you close to? 

Change: If you could magically alter one part of your body, like a limb or part of your appearance, would you? And what would you change if you said yes? 

Song: Is there a certain musical sound to your spirit? 

Friends: What animal, if any, accompanies your spirit? 

Illuminate: What lesson has helped you evolve the most on your journey? 

Triumph: What was the greatest thing you overcame, in this life or in your past? 

Travel: Which place on earth do you feel best represents the energy of your spirit? 

Title: What do you wish your physical name was, as it best represents your spiritual or personal identity? 

Essence: What smell or essential oil resonates best with you? 

Glide: How do you feel your spirit moves, independent of your body? 

Home: Where, or with whom, do you feel the most at home? 

Universe: What are your thoughts about your connection to the Source?

Guide: If you were a spiritual guide or guardian, who or which type of person would you want to mentor? 

Taste: What herb or spice best represents you? 

Caress: What texture, feeling, or touch best resonates with your spirit?

Cartomancy ABC Guide

What is Cartomancy?

Cartomancy is divining with playing cards.  Each card has a meaning and are interpreted by the reader who organizes them into certain spreads.  Spreads are the way that the playing cards are set onto the table and I’ll be talking about them more later.  Some readers integrate their spirituality into their readings, calling upon deities or spirit guides or connecting with their higher self.  Others may use their beliefs to explain how cartomancy works.

Card Meanings


Regarding emotions and home

  • Ace: New friendship or romance
  • Two: Deepening attractions
  • Three: Joy in company, friendship, or celebration
  • Four: Turning inwards, apathy
  • Five: Despair, loss
  • Six: Childhood, nostalgia, good memories, old frienship
  • Seven: Daydreaming, wishful thinking, choices
  • Eight: Emotional detachment, leaving love behind, making a hard choice
  • Nine: Satisfaction, sensual pleasure, spiritual growth
  • Ten: Contentment, fulfillment, joy, family
  • Jack: Falls in love easily, romantic, talkative
  • Queen: Emotionally dependent, empathetic
  • King: Wise, tolerant, diplomatic, feeling, patient


Regarding work and out-of-house affairs

  • Ace: New projects, home, or success
  • Two: Juggling resources, waiting for results
  • Three: Teamwork, improving skills
  • Four: Possessiveness
  • Five: Loss of items, job, or money
  • Six: Giving or receiving money, a pay raise, obtaining resources
  • Seven: Reassessment, turning point, mild dissatisfaction
  • Eight: Paying attention to details, focus, practice
  • Nine: Independence, self-reliance, increasing wealth
  • Ten: Great wealth, family, property, or inheritance
  • Jack: Reliable, hard working, quiet, hidden depth
  • Queen: Practical, warm, dependent, motherhood
  • King: Self-made, business, encouraging


Regarding finances

  • Ace: New ideas, business action
  • Two: Planning, preparation
  • Three: Leadership, exploration
  • Four: A goal achieved, rest from action
  • Five: Competition, disagreement, irritation
  • Six: Victory, achievements, passing exams
  • Seven: Defense, conviction, strong belief
  • Eight: Organization, moving quickly, pregnancy
  • Nine: Continuing a balance, endurance
  • Ten: Carrying burdens, doubt
  • Jack: Unreliable, hot headed, risk taker, athletic
  • Queen: Energetic, career minded, untidy
  • King: Creative, forceful, hot-tempered


Regarding road blocks and difficulties

  • Ace: New insights, realizations
  • Two: Failure to communicate
  • Three: Miscommunication, misunderstanding
  • Four: Recuperation, recovery, contemplation
  • Five: Discord, dishonor, hollow victory
  • Six: Moving on, travel, mentally getting to a better place
  • Seven: Lying, deceit, theft, irresponsibility
  • Eight: Illusion of being trapped, powerlessness
  • Nine: Nightmares, problems, worry, guilt
  • Ten: Giving up, victim, martyrdom
  • Jack: Rebel, fights for a cause, intellectual, political
  • Queen: sharp intelligence, ruthless, insight, organization
  • King: Introspective, ethical, communication, stern

I use the joker to represent unlimited potential but I’ve seen various meanings.


Here’s an example of a cartomancy spread:

A reader places a card on every rectangle pictured above.  They would then apply the meaning of the card to the situation it stands for.  A spread sets up the situation you are looking to divine about.   Here is a spread focusing on a person’s whole life but a reader could lay out a spread that’s centered on a person’s love, job opportunities, or present struggles.  

Cartomancy tips

  • If doing a face-to-face reading, it’s a good idea to ask the receiver to shuffle the cards.  This allows them to connect to the cards and engage in the reading.  
  • When you draw the cards, you can choose from the top of the deck or spread them out and choose whichever call to you. 
  • There is more to consider in cartomancy than the set card meanings.  A group of certain colored cards can be significant as can a group of court cards (kings, queens, jacks)
  • The more you know about the cards, the easier readings become.
Jealousy || Zach Dempsey x Reader (NSFW)

Thank you so much!! It makes me feel so good to know that people actually like this trash that I put out. Speaking of trash… I may have just brewed up some really kinky shit.

Word Count: 1,144

Warnings: Rough Smut, Dom!Zach, Sub!Reader


    You had always been one of those girls that guys just seemed to like. Whether you were dressed up in a miniskirt or dressed down in a pair of sweatpants; they flocked to your side. You just had that certain, rare personality that made you likable. Even if you didn’t try to be, you were one of the most popular girls at Liberty High.

    “Well, looky looky who it is!” Jeff Atkins yelled from across the gym, waving you over from where you sat, quietly reading the latest novel of your favorite author. “Y/N, get over here!”

    You stood, tucking your book away in your backpack. You were just about to make your way over to him when you heard the familiar sound of Zach’s voice. He was babbling about something to do with basketball when he came waltzing through the doors, followed closely by a few of the other members of his team.

    His eyes met yours across the distance, a smile growing on his face. He started walking towards you, stopping dead in his tracks when he caught sight of Jeff. He had gotten up from the bleachers and was making his way over to you, Clay Jensen trailing behind.

    You sat back down, greeting them each with a smile as they plopped down on either side of you. While Jeff immediately threw his arm over your shoulders, Clay was a little more reserved. Still, he was sitting close enough your your thighs to touch.

    “What’s up, girlie?” Jeff asked, giving you a light squeeze. “Clay and I were just talking over there and we both agreed that we’ve never seen you at any parties.”

    Clay smiled, nudging your knee with his own. “He’s got a point, however direct it may be. Even I go to parties.”

    You laughed, shaking your head. “You should go to parties, Clay. You act like no one likes you. I mean, come on! They like you as much as they like Jeff. I know I do.”

    “Uh, no,” he replied.

    Jeff leaned over, nudging Clay’s shoulder. “Take a compliment, Jensen. A pretty lady is telling you she thinks you’re cool.”

    Clay looked away, most likely hiding the blush that had seeped onto his pale cheeks. “Shut up, Jeff.”

    You smiled, grabbing Clay’s arm and pulling him against your chest. “Jeff is right. I mean, about the me thinking you’re cool thing.”

    Jeff was about to say something in reply when the sound of a basketball slamming into the bleachers next to you caught everyone’s attention. The three of you stared down at the broad, tanned form of Zach.

    He clenched his jaw, looking from Clay to Jeff before his eyes finally settled on you. He gave you that same look that he always did when he saw you talking to guys. That ‘I think you’re doing this on purpose’ glare, with the razor sharp eyes and accusing stance.

    You stood slowly, muttering a goodbye before hopping down to stand by Zach’s side. His arm was around you in seconds, pulling you tightly against himself as he steered you away from the boys and out of the gym. He brought you into the connecting locker rooms, guiding you to the right and into the girls’.

    Inside, you watched as he locked the doors, a murderous look on his face. He turned to stare at you, arms crossed over his chest, waiting for an explanation.

    “We were just talking,” you said.

    He collapsed on one of the benches, motioning for you to sit by him. You did as he said, placing a hand on his thigh.

    His eyes caught yours for only a moment, that black, swoopy hair falling just barely over his temple. “You act different around them than you do with me.”

    “No, I don’t,” you stated. “You just get too jealous.”

    “Jealous?” he asked, incredulous. He turned to grab you by the shoulders, pulling you flush against his chest. “I’m not jealous. I’m letting you know who you belong to.”

    There was a moment of shocked silence that was broken quickly by his lips crashing against yours. You barely managed to keep on your feet as he pulled you up with himself, backing you up against the lockers.

    You gasped as you were lifted suddenly, back shoved against a surface of cold metal. You could feel one of the locks digging into your hip as Zach ground against you, lips moving down to attack the skin of your chest.

    His hands were on you in seconds, slipping beneath your skirt and pulling at your underwear. He tugged the flimsy fabric down just enough to get to what he wanted.

    “Zach, not here,” you said, looking around at the empty room. “Someone could come in.”

    He popped open the button of his jeans, giving you a reassuring smile. “I wouldn’t be doing this if I thought we could get caught. We’re fine, babe.”

    You could feel yourself relaxing as you watched him spit into the palm of his hand, reaching down between the two of you to wet his growing erection. His eyelids fluttered as he gave himself a few rough jerks, gaze fixated on your thighs as they squeezed around his waist.

    He lined himself up with your entrance, pressing in slowly. You couldn’t stop the moan that came from somewhere in the back of your throat, the pleasant stretch of him sending shocks through your core. You shivered when his hips pressed flush against yours.

    He gave a deep grunt, gripping your waist tightly as he began to move. The slow in and out rubbed everything inside of you in just the right way. The quiet bang of your shoulders hitting against the loose locker doors echo’d throughout the room, only increasing the coil of white hot pressure building in your core.

    Your hands slipped up the back of his shirt as he picked up the pace. As his muscles flexed you could feel them beneath your fingers, taut and dominating. His hot breath beat off of your neck, tongue darting out to taste the flesh there.

    You hid your face in his chest, trying to muffle the stream of soft cries escaping your lips. His grip on your hips tightened and his thrusts became erratic, uneven and hard. That coil in your belly tightened even farther, sizzling hot.

    It only took another good slam of his hips into yours and you were toppling over the edge, moaning his name like a prayer as your orgasm hit you. He followed along shortly after, pressing into you as deeply as he could. You were just coming down from your high when you felt the slow warmth of his own spread in your core.

    He found your eyes, lips parted with heaving breaths. “You’re mine, Y/N. Only mine.”

    You nodded, breathless. “Only yours.”

anonymous asked:

omg, i always wonder why Arima said "645 times" in that fight with Ken. And now i just realized those numbers also appear in Eto's panel(; A ;)but what is the meaning behind these 645,546? since it involve both Eto and Arima, maybe it hinted that there is a special connection between them? god i think im crazy now

OKAY! I’ve been meaning to write this tarot post forever. I’ll break it down by explaining what the cards are, what they mean for each person, how they connect to Kaneki, and how they tie Arima and Eto’s history together in a neat little bow (it’s pretty amazing, so hold onto your shorts).

*claps hands* let’s go:

VI: The Lovers 

Arima (upright): love, balance, giving, decisions, unification, harmony. 

This card is usually taken at face-value, but on a deeper level actually represents commitment and the choices you make in order to achieve harmony. It forces you to reflect upon your personal values and fears, and how they apply to your relationships. 

I could go on for years about how TG: Jack was the story of how Arima came into this position of wanting to change things, but in essence, the Lovers represents his decision to seek harmony between humans and ghouls, and the commitment he’s made to doing so for the last 18 years. 

Eto (reversed): trials, consequences born of brash decisions, miscommunication, unrequited affection

The Reversed Lovers often acts as a warning signal for the reader who seeks the best of both worlds. It offers a chance to stop and reflect on one’s decisions to avoid making a mistake. However, it also represents a general sense of disharmony, unrequited love, or that catastrophe is imminent if left unchecked.

In Eto’s case, she expressed her love for Kaneki after their cataclysmic fight on the rooftop shortly before she was seen bathing with the reversed 6 on both her foot and the photo packet. The card presents her misunderstanding of love on silver platter, and shows that she cannot give purely what she’s never received, no matter how much she yearns for it herself.

**addendum on why I chose the reversed 6 [x]

IV: The Emperor 

- Arima (upright): strength, responsibility, willpower, knowledge, fatherly love

The Emperor represents inner-balance and the ability to rely on his own wisdom and strength to protect and secure his kingdom and loved-ones. This card offers a solid foundation on which to stand confidently and find success in your endeavors.

If the Emperor were to appear before Arima, it would mean that an opportunity to express his strength and wisdom has arisen. This is pretty self-evident, as he found Kaneki and used everything he had in order to raise him like his own.

- Eto (reversed): resentment, impulsiveness, unrest, dominance

The Emperor reversed represents a cycle of conflict brought about by lack of love, understanding, and stability. This person feels the need to dominate situations, and often relies on violence to mold their surroundings. They often feel discordant with the world around them, and desperately need something positive to keep them from spiraling out of control or abusing their power.

Obviously, Eto holds an extremely acute resentment towards both her father and the life she was born into. The reversed Emperor is very self-explanatory in her case. 

V: The Hierophant

- Both (upright): organizations, wisdom, captivity, power, unity

This one is super interesting for both Arima and Eto, especially as it’s the only one they share upright. The Hierophant is a highly spiritual card, and reacts on every level of both the desire for structure and the desire for freedom. It represents the quest for the meaning of life, and how institutions and relationships effect your place in this world. 

Most of all, the Hierophant offers himself as a connection and a guide. He is shown on his throne unifying two people by the power of the divine

Eto and Arima were always destined to meet. In the seven principals of Hermeticism (the school of thought that bore tarot) it is believed that “opposites attract” because they are really only two extremes of the same thing. This brings us to:

645 = 546. 

Arima comes from a life of strict rules and regulations, but through a series of small opportunities, was given the chance to see that things were not quite right. He reflected, saw that he had the ability to do something about it, and has remained steadfast and meticulous in his desire for change.

Eto was born alienated, pushed into hiding by her father and left to fend almost entirely for herself in poverty. She has learned to kick and claw her way into control, lest the world around her crushes her back into oblivion. She does, however, understand on a visceral level that it’s not only unfair to herself, but unfair to others like her. In turn, she has made it her life’s mission to do whatever it takes to change things, too.

In the end, Arima and Eto come from opposite backgrounds and ways of thinking, but connect in the center by one common entity. They are extremely polar people, but have been brought together through their single shining thread: the Hierophant, aka V, or 5, or “quinque” in latin. 

Psychic Powers: Automatic Writing


Also known as Psychography.

Automatic Writing allows a person to produce written words without consciously writing. These words are from a subconscious, spiritual, or supernatural source.

Basically, it’s a non-scary way to speak with your “Higher Self”, spirit guides, or spirits. It allows you to see their perspective subconsciously, while using claircognizance.


Here are some examples of when you could do it…

  • When you have a fear of spirits and are too scared to contact your guides in any other way
  • When you are not yet very clairvoyant or clairaudient (you can’t hear or see your spirit guides), so you want to try another way.  Automatic writing is actually very easy if you manage to put your mind to one side, and I know lots of people who have trouble hearing their inner voice who have had success with automatic writing.
  • When you want to get your Higher Self’s perspective on something that is bothering you – (I used to do automatic writing when I was upset about something and needed to raise my vibration. I’d tune into my higher self and start writing.  She always had some very comforting and insightful things to say about any situation.)
  • Or just when you have some questions that you want a spiritual perspective on.


Sit down with a blank piece of white paper in front of them, while holding a pen.

I’ve also heard, before, that you can sit at a computer and type - but this is high unlikely to work. It would take a lot of energy for another being to move your hands across a keyboard. Pen/pencil and paper is very recommended.

Begin writing without conscious thought.

The conscious mind recedes into the background, so that wisdom from other realms of consciousness many be channeled through and handwritten, or typed.
Often those who do automatic writing have no idea what they have written until they read over their notes.


Start each automatic writing session with ‘My Spirit Guides’ or ‘My Higher Self’ or ‘My Angels’ as the first line.

You can call on all of them if you want.  Be clear about whose input you want, as it sets an intention to hear from that being.
If you want, you can also see your guides as parts or extensions of you that you can access whenever you want, like your subconscious.  
(The more you see these entities as beings outside of you, the more channeling them may seem quite elusive.)
If you want, you can also raise your vibration and connect with your guides/higher self before you begin typing.  For example, you can do some deep breathing, or visualize going up to a room to meet with your guides, so that you can get their input for the duration of the session.

Just start writing and don’t worry about what you’re writing at first.

For example, write your question and just see what comes out when you put your fingers on the keys. You don’t have to focus on the question, just start writing about anything that comes into your head.
The trick with this is to get used to writing (if you are not already).  The more you’re used to writing, the easier it is to get into that ‘flow’ state when writing.

Setting a timer while you do it can be helpful

This is so that you don’t have time to think about what you’re writing. That works particularly well when you have a set of questions you want to ask your guides.

Create the right conditions so that you can lose your inhibitions about what you’re writing

I (personally) like to make sure I’m completely alone before automatic writing, and then insure that I’m writing in a journal or on a piece of paper that I can put somewhere safe, so that no one else reads it.

Don’t allow your mind to interpret the information while you’re getting it

You can interpret it afterwards.  But know that it is totally normal for the mind to butt in and judge information in the process.


Channeled information tends to be high vibrational in nature.  
It will often comfort you, provide clarity or will raise your mood in some way. If it feels negative or feels heavy, you’re probably not channeling a source that you want to tap into - or you may just be channeling your own emotional body, if you are not feeling very good.
What you channel via writing will usually not sound like your voice or the voice that you ‘think’ in.
Another feature of intuitive guidance is that it tends to be very clear, usually feels light and is often simply expressed.  
Having said that, I have read automatic writing that is poetic and metaphorical in nature.  But don’t be hung up on how yours should sound or be. If you do it often enough, you will soon get a sense for what your automatic writing ‘feels’ like.

Kyanite is an example of a very high vibration crystal! It has an extremely high energy level, and is one of my all time favorite crystals for chakra work. It has the unique ability of aligning the chakras instantly, and without intention, bringing a calming and centered feeling to the wearer.

Kyanite is an awesome stone to work with for meditation. It is one of the few crystals (like Citrine), that never needs to be cleansed because it doesn’t retain or absorb negative vibrations or negative energy.

It’s an amazing communication stone, probably because it’s so good for the Throat Chakra! It boosts self-expression and psychic abilities. It also helps shine a light through the fog of fears and blockages which allow the wearer to speak their truth. It’s a great stone for public speakers!

In the psychic realm, this crystal is said to be one of the best for connecting with your spirit guides. It’s also a great stone for protection during Astral Projection. I recently started sleeping with a Kyanite crystal on my bedside table and was amazed at the vivid dreams I started having!

For healers, this is a great crystal to wear while you are working because it places a shield around you. It also is a conductor of healing energy (why it’s so great at aligning and opening the chakras), and it also can act like a kind of grounding antenna for spiritual energy.

Such an amazing crystal! A must have for people that like to meditate and/or do chakra work!

Underneath the cut is a guide to WHAT BEING EXTREMELY WEALTHY IS LIKE. I did not write this. I saw this on reddit. It is cut into net worths. I just figured it would be helpful for some of you since rich characters are popular. This guide splits it up in an understandable way! Please like/reblog this guide if you found it helpful!

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tvd + season 7

“Hear me, great spirit, hear me. We call upon you in this moment of need. We bring you an offering. A woman who desires justice for herself, for our tribe. She drinks the tea of protection so that she may be strong, and so that no magic may touch her. She accepts our singular lives, so that she may have many. She wields a weapon of judgment, one that thirsts for the blood of those that prey upon us. Link her spirit with this sword. This blade draws blood from a vampire. It will connect you. It will guide you. It will aide you in their destruction.”

🚴Yowapeda Connect Road game menus🚴

Posted a thread on twitter but will post it here as well :3

- “interleagues” thingy will be implemented at a later date; that’s what the blue “competitive power” bar is for

Room Effects
Shows how the items in your room affect your character’s skills

Environment modification
You can change the way your room/outside looks. You can expand the room too.

Rearrange, use, move, or store items by tapping them

This is where knowing character trivia comes in handy xD Their fav foods will give them double exp.

(self-explanatory lol)

Psyche in the Signs

Psyche is the Greek word for soul, and Psyche in your natal chart can reveal to you the entrance into your own private inner self/soul by applying the skills of whatever placement it is in. It’s a guide to connecting yourself to your true self and finding inner balance. Psyche also encompasses psychology and discipline of the mind, making it influential upon the soul, mind, and self. Psyche in the chart shows where you need to heal your soul and where you have the potential to transform yourself. Most astrologers consider Psyche as a love asteroid as it symbolizes the capacity to be physically sensitive and in tune to another individual. In Synastry, Psyche can show a soul mate connection between two people and what one desires in an ideal mate.

Aries: Vitality, independence, and passion. It is through leadership and initiation that one finds their self.  They are attracted to driven individuals who hold a position of power.

Taurus: Abundance, stability, and self-love. It is through creating a peaceful and sound environment that one finds their self. They are attracted to individuals who are financially stable and can provide.

Gemini: Versatility, expression, and stimulation. It is through learning, communicating, and educating the world that one finds their self. They are attracted to intelligent individuals.

Cancer: Protection, nurturance, and emotion. It is through establishing a secure home base and allowing trust to flow freely that one finds their self. They are attracted to caring individuals.

Leo: Creativity, authority, and loyalty. It is through sharing creative expression that one finds their self. They are attracted to charming individuals who are open and generous.

Virgo: Discrimination, service, and excellence. It is through finding the balance acceptance of ones faults and striving for perfection that one finds their self. They are attracted to humble, hard-working individuals who show care for detail.

Libra: Harmony, beauty, and socialization. It is through settling conflicts and bringing peace that one finds their self. They are attracted to aesthetically charming individuals who bring peace to an environment.

Scorpio: Extreme, transformational, and intuitive. It is through renewing themselves and allowing inner passions to flow freely that one finds their self. They are attracted to intense individuals who seem mysterious and deep.

Sagittarius: Wisdom, strength, and resilience. It is through travel, learning, and teaching that one finds their self. They are attracted to the free-spirited type that is jolly and filled with information.

Capricorn: Order, determination, and reputation. It is through working towards success that one finds their self. They are attracted to honorable individuals who are driven and possibly reputable in a way.

Aquarius: Freedom, innovation, and fairness. It is through spreading social justice and expression of uniqueness that one finds their self. They are attracted to quirky individuals who fight for change or have an interesting perception of the world.

Pisces: Compassion, imagination, and consciousness. It is through connecting with the unconscious mind that one finds their self. They are attracted to the dreamy, romantic individual who may be unobtainable in some way.

I use tarot as a healing practice. As a way to connect to my guides and to something bigger than myself. I use tarot as a way to connect to you all and to remember that we all share the same soul and universe. Tarot has been a way for me to cope in a healthy way and to begin again, and I think that is the biggest and best gift I have ever received in my life. 

I'll surely have to repay you (Damian Wayne Smut)

Requested: Yes
Request: Can you do one with Damien Wayne. Where the reader is friends with Wonder Woman and she gives the reader the lasso of truth to have some fun ;) with Older!Damien. With the prompt “Ask me anything, I’ll tell you the truth.” Just smut and some fluff towards they end
Summary: Damian and you have fun with a particular lasso.
Word count: 798
Warning(s): Smut!!!;Fluff

“Look at what I got” I smile seductively at my husband fiddling with the lasso in my hands. He looks up at me from the bed where he’s currently sitting. “What are you planning on doing with that, beloved?” He smiles, he seems genuinely interested in it, seeing as he had put away the book in hand.
“I was thinking of experimenting a little, tying you up?” I wink, chewing on my bottom lip a little. 

He raises his eyebrow at me while I crawl over to his lap, capturing his lips in a fevered kiss. The passion and love flowing through us as powerful as the first ever time.

Pulling away, gasping for air, my hands move to remove the shirt, unbuttoning all the buttons one by one while keeping eye contact with Damian.
The shirt falls effortlessly down his broad shoulders, my fingers tracing the perfectly toned muscles on his chest and abdomen. I kissing and biting his neck, leaving the occasional love bite. “Beloved…” He gasps, his muscles tensing as I move downwards, towards his pants.

Sliding my fingers between the fabric of his pants and his jeans, a low moan, barely audible escapes him, only giving me more confidence to move on.
Pulling down his pants I reveal his hardened member, the his of cold air making him groan slightly. He places his hand under my chin, pulling me up to another heated kiss.

I grab on to his hand, not breaking the connection, guiding him to the closest chair.
Panting, I pull away, the lasso in hand once more. “May I?”
He only nods.

 He had been tied up on many occasions before, but never like this, this was a completely new experience to him and his senses.
I secure the lasso around him.

"Ask me anything, I’ll tell you the truth.”

“So darling, what do you want?” I smirk.
“You beloved, I want you, I need you.“ He breathes out, eyes almost shut.

I lower myself to my knees in front of the man I have the privilege to call my husband, grabbing on to his length, gently jerking it a couple of times before licking a stripe from the bottom up to the tip and than continuing rubbing. “My love please don’t tease me like this…” He begs, his hips jerking up a bit. 

“Well first tell me, what do you want for Christmas?” Since the man always kept insisting that he didn’t need anything. “Quiet night in, Christmas sex, that sword we saw that one time… please beloved.”

I wrapped my lips around his girth and began bobbing my head at first slowly, but then picking up speed, keeping constant eye contact. When I felt him beginning to build up, I pulled away completely, causing a loud groan to exit his mouth “why y/n” he queried.

“Well I want to know what your favorite set of Lingerie that I own is.”

“The black lace with emerald green accents.” I pull down my shorts, his oversized hoodie still covering me completely. 

I seductively start unzipping the hoodie until its laying on the floor. His eyes widen in lust, seeing that I’m wearing just the set he described. 

“Oh, my love you know me so well.”

I sit on his lap once again, engaging in yet another kiss, slowly grinding my hips against his, earning low breathy moans from him. As I pull away I stand up to pull away my underwear, positioning is cock at my entrance and slowly letting him slide in, giving myself a moment to adjust. 

“You’re too good to me beloved." 

"No you’re the one that’s too good, what’s your biggest fear Dami?”His lips perk up into a gentle smile at the nickname.

“Loosing you ,habibti” he responds bluntly. 

I slowly begun moving my hips, causing both of us to moan out in pleasure, yet again slowly picking up speed, I hold on to Damians shoulders for added balance as I kiss up and down his neck. Causing small waves of pleasure to rush through him in addition to the rest of the pleasure he’s feeling.

As we both begin to reach our climax, my movement becomes heavy and erratic. 

“I love you, Damian.” 

“I love you too, beloved." 

We both came undone, I try my best to ride out both of our highs.

Finally pulling out and getting myself to my feet , both of our breathing laboured, I untie him. We crawl on the bed together, he wraps me in his arms, like afraid that I’ll fade away. 

"Thank you beloved, that was absolutely delightful. I’ll surely have to repay you.” He kisses the top of my head.

“Maybe another day.” We both drift off in to sleep, in the comfort of each other’s proximity.


With love,


Some of my old drawings.It is assumed each had a name that I don’t fucking remember.

By me ;) Carmen E.R.

I think there’s nothing new to do sometimes I do a drawing and then I realize that it looks like another do for someone else (I don’t like copy because it is notorious… always. Maybe some artist inspire me)  What can arise from the creativity someone did before and someone will do after. How much is the creation of something new?
Of course there is the possibility of creating something that has never been done But…? The mind is so conditioned to the images that we sees everywhere

Meditation is perhaps a good way to do it, empty the mind and let the imagination do its own thing or in meditation connect with other planes and let your hand be moved by another entity with which I have connected or guide me through An idea, images, concepts, mental connection, whatever. Much of what I know (which is perhaps very little) I’ve learned it that way.

In addition I believe that the occult artist must achieve Excellence (not in terms of beauty) but in terms of the excellence in showing the work for those who must see, see and for those who sees it to do it beyond the form.

On the other hand who wants to reach beauty in their art approaches “god one” to “creator god” since the perfection, power and beauty are their characteristics and their traps, well deformation of time / space too and bla bla.

It’s just my way of seeing this

Receiving Messages Through Dice:

When you want to connect to your guides and the universe for answers and guidance, consider using this exercise. It’s easy, simple, and really cheap. And it’s fun 😊


-Selenite (optional)
-Dice (just two)


  • Meditate, holding the dice in your hands. Do so to ensure that your  chakras are cleaned and open—with an emphasis on your Third Eye and Crown Chakra. This will help you communicate with both the universe and your guides better.
  • *use a selenite, placing it in your left hand (or in the same one as the dice) in order to raise your vibrations. This is an optional step, and you don’t have to do this if you don’t have the stone. 
  • When you feel as if you’ve meditated enough, and are open enough to the universe and it’s messages, ask your guide to steady your hand.

    Allow their presence to surround you as you are about to roll the dice. Be one with the universe, opening yourself to receive any messages it may have.Whatever you need to be answered, whatever you want to ask your guide, whatever you want to talk about, whatever signs you want the universe to give to you, you send out it now. 
  • Then roll the dice.

When the dice are thrown, pay attention to what number they roll on…more specifically, pay attention to the numbers you see first.
Look for doubles, or perhaps a number that has a meaning to you. If you are unsure of what the number the dice has rolled onto means, look it up.  

You can ask a series of questions this way, but I only recommend directing your questions to the universe or a guide. And if you choose to commune with another spirit, take protective measures, and be mindful of who you speak to.

(ps shout out to my sister for suggesting this, also insidious for inspiring ;D)

I just had an amazing experience after being contacted by a follower with an inquiry to speak with their spirit guides and channel them in an intuitive reading. I loved it and felt safe and confident while doing so, and they suggested that I offer these through tumblr too! I’d love to, since apparently this is something they expressed the community here has an interest with. 

The guides that I worked through here and during Reiki treatments have come through very strongly and I’ve really loved getting to know all this spirits that come in light. 

What Is A Spirit Guide/Spirit Reading?

  • I’ll speak with your guide(s) and channel/reiterate what they share with me to a typed PDF that I’ll give you. 
  • They can provide advice, insights to your energy, and answer a myriad of questions that you might have! I’m fully open to whatever you ask, I’ll ask them on your behalf. 
  • It seems like these also have the potential to deepen your connection to your guides. 

What Beings Can I Ask You to Contact?

  • Spirit Guides and Guardians
  • Twin flames, soul mates
  • Animal spirits
  • Past loved ones, ancestors, etc.
  • Angels, demons, fae, elementals, etc. any “species” is fine
  • You Higher Self or the Higher Selves of others


  • They’ll be in PDF, typed 12 pt font, single spaced, dialogue and paragraph form
  • Shielding takes a lot of energy, so these are $25 per page.
  • Recommended 1 page per guide, at least! (The original person did 1.5 pages per guide and both guides shared the space and talked together).
  • Up to 5 pages at a time. 
  • Payment is through paypal, I’ll send you an invoice through email after you order. The invoice can be paid through any paypal account or through a debit/credit card! There aren’t any additional fees, unless you need to convert currency to the US dollar (there may be in some, but not all, instances). Fees, in that case, are usually less than 5% the total cost. 

To Order One: 

Send me an email to with this information:

  • Legal name (for organization)
  • Preferred name and your pronouns
  • Number of pages requested
  • Guide’s names/info: this includes anything you’re willing to share (that’s helpful for me to better pick up on their energy), their name (if you know it), their demeanor (a heads up is nice), and their pronouns (to refer to them correctly in the reading). 
  • The questions you have for them: This can range from life advice, meditation guidance, energy work, questions about past lives and present life, general guidance, mental and physical concerns (within reason, just from a spiritual stance, not as a substitute for diagnosis or treatment), etc. Ask whatever you want! I’ll let you know if I can’t ask your guides that or if they won’t answer it. 

Additional info: 

  • If I’m not comfortable with the specific spirit, I do reserve to right to decline your request for a reading. I’ll know this before you pay the invoice and speak with your guides to ask if they’re open to this reading. If I’m on the fence about a spirit or feel that I’ll need to do some really in-depth shielding, I might ask for an additional $5-10 for the time and energy it will take. Also, I want to make sure the spirit guides themselves have the opportunity to consent to these readings, so I’ll briefly speak with them from a distance before sending you the payment invoice. 
  • If you don’t know your guide’s names or identities, I can do my best to speak with them and find out, but no guarantees! It’s easy to ask for a spirit when I know their name. But I can ask “could I please speak to the guide of (your name)” and see what comes forth. If nothing arises, we can work out a refund. 
  • This channeling doesn’t include any form of possession, just listening and recording. No energy exchanges either, so there’s little risk to me or to your guides! 

Any questions, feel free to ask! I look forwards to doing more of these if you all are interested. Also any promos/signal boosting is more than welcome too–since it was mentioned that others are interested. :)

Diamantina Quartz

Diamantina Quartz has a very clear and a very sharp energy making this a powerful form of Quartz.

Clear Quartz amplifies the energies of all stones. It gives clarity of mind and helps overcome confusion. It assists in creating a strong connection to one’s guides, enabling clear communication.

Email quoting Tumblr/Diamantina Quartz for information on this piece.