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The Multiverse

Marble Hornets Verse

  • Marble Hornets (2009) [Connected with the Slenderverse]
  • Clare Lakes 44 (2015)
  • Eckva (2016)


  • Pavel Hall (2012) [Connected with the Fear Mythos]
  • Trial of Leaves (2013)[Connected with the Fear Mythos]
  • The Alchemist Channeler (2013)
  • Entropy (2014)


  • EverymanHYBRID (2010)
  • TribeTwelve (2010)
  • Darkharvest00 (2010)
  • MLAndersen0 (2011)

Fear Mythos

  • The Undecided Five (2011) [Connected with the Slenderverse]
  • Keratin Garden (2011) [Connected with the Slenderverse]
  • The Architect Verse (2014):
  1. The North Woods Proyect 
  2. Jeff Woods
  3. Sirens in the Night
  4. PhantomVoices
  5. SIGMA
  • The Eschaton, The Exegesiz, and The Other (2015)
  • The Pandemonium Three (2015):
  1. The Two Amigos
  2. SkypeUser815
  3. AloneInAHouse

like I’m all for dragging kat von d and jeffree star and kylie because they’re all irritating people who are only rlly in the beauty industry because they have connections but *2013 voice* there is no ethical consumption under late capitalism and makeup especially is pretty much profiting off racist/eurocentric patriarchal beauty standards. so i guess what I’m saying is be mindful of that in yr discussions, because while you have full agency over who/what you don’t wanna spend your money on, it’s never really something you can contribute to in a “non-problematic” way, without diy-ing your shit or abstaining from makeup completely

anonymous asked:

Hey :) Great blog ! I was wondering if there are any grindr hookup sterek fics ?

Literally one, which hasn’t been touched since 2013:

Missed Connections by resdes2 (8/? - 12,224 - rated m)

Derek has finally come to terms with his sexuality and is ready to explore that side of himself, but he begins to learn that he knows next to nothing about the gay community. Stiles is comfortable in his skin but just wants to have fun. Isaac is fine with himself but not fine with having his father finding out. Scott just wants to show his love, so why is that not all right?

General hook-ups / one night stands:

94%, Dude by eeyore9990 (complete - 1,479 - rated e)

The guy was really too young for the leather daddy aesthetic, but with the leather and the more-beard-than stubble and the eyebrows… Yeah, he was kinda working the hot grumpy leather daddy biker gang leader look.

And Stiles liked it.


For the prompt: Sterek soul mark fic wherein marks never match, they just line up perfectly to be a shape.

Sweeter Than a Cherry Pie by kitsunequeen (complete -  5,055 - rated t)

When Cora asks Stiles to be her pretend boyfriend for a New Year’s family dinner, he figures he can do a friend a favor. When he hooks up with an incredible guy, Derek, the night before, only to wake up alone in the morning, he supposes he can handle that too. But when he shows up at Cora’s house and Derek turns out to be her brother, well… that’s a bit of a bigger problem.

If At First You Don’t Succeed (Grind, Grind Again) by Museohmuse (complete -  3,661 - rated e)

“‘You’re kind of pathetic,’ Erica shouted into Stiles’ ear. Stiles jumped, his gaze pulled from his shoddy sight of Derek. The fact that Stiles knew his name made it seem like perfect sense to approach him with legs wide open, but Stiles refused to acquiesce to his desires. Stiles did not need to hook up with a jerkwad with anger issues, even if his jaw looked strong enough to sit on. ”

In which anonymity never worked out for anyone and the hook up gods know exactly what they’re doing.

Zigazig Ah by frek (complete - 4,439 - rated e)

If you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends.

Or Stiles picks Derek up at a bar with his karaoke skills.

want your everything as long as it’s free by thatworldinverted (complete - 1,006 - rated e)

Stiles likes to drink, and he likes to fuck, and he likes the way Derek smiles when they’re both trashed. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.

lift you to your higher ground by verity (complete - 4,4842 - rated e)

Derek takes a deep breath before he looks up. “I was going to Jungle to pick up a guy.”

“Huh.” Stiles taps his fingers against his bottom lip. They come away red; there’s already lipstick on his teeth. “You know, there’s an app for that. Grindr. You're—I bet you could just get guys to come over, like pizza delivery.”

“I don’t like pizza,” Derek says.

“…as two human beings, we have a connection and a camaraderie and a dynamic between the two of us that is also unique to me than in any other relationship that I have in my life. You know, there’s an intimacy there that is, um, um, it only exists there, in that particular way.”

Gillian Anderson, A Conversation for NF (2013)


So I don’t think I actually posted these yet. I actually did a photoshoot for my cosplays this time. The first being Mayhem and Flo. The second is one I’m really proud of, Joel and Ellie from The Last Of Us. We put all of that together in the three days before the con when we decided to do it. I didn’t even know how the beard was going to come out but it actually looks good.


The Lights of ConnectiCon 2013 (by CosplayCrew23)

Here’s the first of two CMVs that my group has done for ConnectiCon 2013. This one I filmed and edited myself so I’m excited to show it ^.^ Please enjoy!

As an added note I am the Batgirl at 00:44 and the Virgilia at 1:44

We had a lot of success together, and a lot of fun together. I sat with on the plane every flight for 6, 7 or 8 years. I won a lot of money off him in cards, so that hurts. We’ll have to move on here. We’re gonna see him in a couple of weeks so it won’t be that long.

Kevin Bieksa when asked how he feels about Roberto Luongo being traded

Source: Sportsnet Connected (March 4, 2013)