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Time is an Illusion

/Huffs nervously/ My art piece to @pocketchina ‘s Zexion themed written piece for Kingdom Hearts: Worlds Connected!  We took the “Time” theme and made it work as a “coming of age” snippet. It’s fascinating to think about Zexion discovering his illusionist powers. How he figures out how to push his powers as he ages into an adult Nobody. 

Entry for  @kh-worldsconnected


But he remembers everything! That’s what Woo Jin-ie said. Because I have Han Jung Yeon’s memories, I am Han Jung Yeon, he said. I lived as Han Jung Yeon all this time because of what Woo Jin-ie told me! So, he’s Woo Jin-ie, too. Because he has Woo Jin-ie’s memories, he is Woo Jin-ie.


Marie Avgeropoulos in A Remarkable Life

I Despise You - Edmund x Reader (Pt.2)

Warnings: none

Characters: Edmund, Lucy, Peter and Susan Pevensie and (Y/N)

Setting: The Golden Age, Narnia

Blurb (???i think???): (requested by @alwaysinnarnia) The reader is a Swordswoman/Knight of Doorn and visits Narnia, soon getting off on the wrong hand with King Edmund. She stays in Narnia and they train together, and they become friends and maybe something more…


“Lady (Y/N)?”

A reply sounded underneath (Y/N)’s breath, but every word sounded like a vicious grunt as she tried to tighten her corset. “I’m. Not. A. Lady.”

She released her numb arms which where twisted behind her back and approached the door. “Who is it?”

“Susan. Uh, are you alright? You sound like you’re in pain.”

“Just fine, your majesty.” The pained girl managed to say before trying to catch her breath.

“May I come in?”

(Y/N) released her tightened shoulders into a slouch and opened the chamber door. Sticking her head out, she saw the High Queen of Narnia looking absolutely beautiful.

Her tall figure was hugged by a dark red dress, and dark hair was out in waves with a golden crown sitting atop her head.

Her blue eyes matched her warm smile as she asked, “It’s the corset, isn’t it?”

“By the name of Aslan, I have never felt this much pain.”

A giggle erupted from her lips as (Y/N) opened the door wider to let her in. In the back of her mind, she was ridiculing herself for the fact that the High Queen of Narnia walked in on her unable to handle a corset.

There was a dinner in half an hour and to be frank, (Y/N) wasn’t too keen on sitting across a certain somebody who embarrassed her earlier today. She hadn’t seen him since she left the training area, and believe it or not, she wasn’t intending to find him either.

The centaur, Wulfric, had shown the new guest around Cair Paravel and escorted (Y/N) to her room after a few hours. The room she was given was decorated with drapes of maroon and gold, as well as silver. The four poster bed was twice the size of her’s back at home and they were fitted with the silkiest sheets she’d ever felt.

It all smelled refreshing and the fireplace had beautiful ornaments and objects on the mantelpiece. A bookshelf stacked with history books and fiction gave off a smell of pure happiness. The lavatory and bath were set up immaculately with soaps and fancy looking liquids in various places. (Y/N) was also provided with a desk and various envelopes along bottles of ink to write back to Doorn once they sent letters.

Wulfric was kind enough to bandage her shoulder which was injured soon after the sword-fight.

“How are you enjoying your stay so far, Lady (Y/N)?” Queen Susan asked politely.

“Please,” the swordswoman grunted, trying to scratch her back. “Call me (Y/N).”

“Here,” she gestured to the corset, “I’ll help with that.”

(Y/N) sighed in relief as Queen Susan led her to the mirror and began to fiddle with the stitching of the garment.

“Your kingdom is wonderful,” (Y/N) stated truthfully. “I haven’t seen anything like it.”

She really hadn’t seen such beautiful scenery before in her life; Doorn was never that connected to the outside world. Military forces was the heart of the country, and to hold a ball was rare and (Y/N) would hardly attend. She never learnt the manners princesses, ladies or Queens learnt; she was only taught how to fight.

Sometimes she’d even think that she was missing out on that ‘exciting’ life of a real princess; with the tiaras and the dresses. But at this moment, as Queen Susan adjusts the reason for (Y/N)’s suffocation, she wasn’t very interested.

She looked at the swordswoman through the mirror and gave a lovely smile. “The people are wonderful and strong, they really make this kingdom what it is.”

(Y/N)’s breathing slowed as she loosened the material. “You know,” she stated. “You don’t have to wear a corset to dinner.”

She mentally slapped myself as the material appeared in Queen Susan’s hands, leaving (Y/N) in a thin gown. She flushed bright red at her stupidity and rushed to the closet to find the simplest gown.

“I’m sorry, your Highness,” the visitor muttered. “We don’t wear gowns or corsets; that might seem ridiculous to you…”

“Absolutely not!” She exclaimed excitedly. “I hope one day all the corsets in this world will burn.”

A laugh escaped both their lips as (Y/N) found a simple long-sleeved, dark blue dress. “How about this, your Highness?”

Queen Susan’s eyes lit up as she walked up to her, admiring the dress with utmost confidence. “It’s made for you.”

(Y/N) grinned and unfolded a screen to change behind.

As she hung up the dress, (Y/N) heard the Queen call before closing the door, “Oh, and please call me Susan. I hate formalities just as much as you do.”


(Y/N) made her way down the hall hurriedly, holding the dark dress in bunches in her fists.

She couldn’t find the bloody dining hall.

Her feet were shuffling awkwardly from time to time to see who was coming around the corner, but the whole place was deserted.

Then she knew it was wrong of her to take too many right turns.

But then, (Y/N) heard an echo of a laugh and her ears perked towards the sound. She didn’t bother wearing fancy shoes, so she just stuck with the leather boots she arrived with.

(Y/N) found a marble staircase soon enough, and took a pause to breathe. The railing was pure gold and the stairs were shining a pristine white, making her wonder how long it took to polish.

She made her way down as fast as she could, feeling her hairdo that a maid had prepared for her fall out. (Y/N) groaned and removed the pins from her hair, rushing her fingers through her scalp which undid the fancy bun.

Sighing with relief, she found the door Wulfric had shown earlier. There were carvings of flowers and fauns dancing through the trees. (Y/N) opened one large door and entered with her head bowed respectfully.

“I’m so sorry I’m late, please accept my-”

Before finishing the sentence, (Y/N) looked at around at the large dining table, which was completely empty.

“Apology,” She huffed in annoyance as she leaned against the heavy doors, catching her breath.

(Y/N) took a moment to admire how unbelievably clean the room was and the red and gold decor that made it seem so pristine. She scratched the back of her neck and took a seat at the end of the long table.

‘Was there another dining room?’ She thought. ‘Was later than I thought?’

“You aren’t late,” a calm voice said. (Y/N) whipped her head around to see a tall, young man with blue eyes. He was wearing a golden crown on his golden haired head.

“You must be…” She stood up swiftly, and bowed. “King Peter. High King, sorry.”

He showed his glistening teeth as he smiled. “Peter. Susan’s told me about you, you seem very respectful.”

“I was taught to be,” (Y/N) answered pridefully.

He walked around the table gracefully and adjusted a crookedly placed fork as the newcomer said, “I heard a laugh. I didn’t know if it was just me-”

“Oh, that was Lucy. We’re seated in another dining hall.

(Y/N) blinked. “You have two dining halls?”

Peter laughed and offered her his arm. “You’re our guest, so we’ll be heading to the guest hall.”

She smiled up at him and took his arm happily as he led the way underneath the stairs and took off to another corridor she hadn’t noticed.

(Y/N) heard the laughter again and pushed the nervous butterflies in her stomach away. Why was she nervous? She tried to push up the sleeves of the dress which started at her shoulders. Self consciousness creeped in and she was beginning to acknowledge how much neck was showing.

The High King let go of (Y/N)’s arm and pushed open the door before him, revealing a intricate marble carved table with the Queens of Narnia sitting across each other on cushioned chairs.

Susan waved (Y/N) over, and after turning to Peter and thanking him, she took the empty spot beside her.

“The dress looks beautiful on you, but what happened to your hair?”


(Y/N) forced a smile. “Must’ve gone undone when I was trying to find this part of the castle.”

The youngest girl giggled. “You really aren’t from here.”

(Y/N) turned to who she guessed was Queen Lucy and recognised her brown-red hair glinting brightly.

“Hi!” She waved happily.

(Y/N) smiled and bowed politely, soon noticing that the dark-haired king was nowhere to be seen.

Queen Lucy giggled once more. “I’ve never seen a girl bow to us. It’s cool.”

(Y/N) frowned. “Am I not supposed to bow?”

The bubbly girl stood up and moved away from the dining table so the newcomer could see her. The queen curtsied, bowing her head and lifting her skirts delicately.

“We curtesy when we come across royalty.” Susan explains after the young girl takes her seat again.

(Y/N)’s ears seemed warm and she felt colour fill her cheeks. Well, this is embarrassing. Another thing her parents hadn’t taught her to do while she was here.

Peter chuckled, “There’s no need to be embarrassed, Lady (Y/N). We’ll teach you everything we know before the meeting takes place.”

She gave a small relieving smile and stated warmly, “Thank you, Peter. Also, call me (Y/N); it makes me feel better.”


Almost three hours had past in the dinning room and it was a night she surely couldn’t forget. Jokes were shared, stories were told, and they laughed until tears filled their eyes. (Y/N) felt at home.

Her stomach was still heavy from the enormous meals that were presented to her and the dessert was unbelievable. Peter, Susan and Lucy were still children, but they were so wise; each and every one of them.

Well, expect for the king Edmund who didn’t show up. That was no surprise.

(Y/N) held her bloated stomach that couldn’t handle the dress any longer. She stumbled through her chamber door and locked it after she entered.

As she moved her hand to press against head after her new headache, (Y/N) opened the lavatory door. Her eyes met with a comfortable looking night gown and a hot bath with soaps already prepared.

She sighed and removed her shoes, and not long after a small knock sounded at the door. Rolling her eyes, (Y/N) trudged towards the door, rubbing her sleep deprived eyes and twisted the doorknob.

In front of her stood King Edmund, and his hands were clutching a large wooden box.

(Y/N) looked furiously at him. “Leave me alone.”

“It’s for you,” he said unhesitatingly. “If you won’t take it, then I’ll give it to someone else.”

She rolled her eyes again and began to close the door before he stopped it with his foot. He looked at (Y/N) intently with his dark eyes, the freckles on his cheeks were illuminated in the moonlight. He appeared handsome, she noticed, but still nothing more.

“I apologise for what I did today,” he admitted. “I want you to take this as a gift from me and my siblings for being here.“

She looked at the polished box and exhaled tiredly. “Thank you. Now, hand it over.”

“I’ll put it down beside your bed.”

“No, I’ll take it.” She said sternly.

“Lady (Y/N), this is heavier than you think.”

She scoffed stubbornly. “I’m not a lady. I can handle it.”

He smiled sarcastically. “Fine.”

As soon as (Y/N) opened her arms, he shoved the box to her and soon she felt the heavyweight items in there.

(Y/N)’s hands gripped as hard as they could, not letting the box slip from her and her forearms as they were being marked by its corners.

“So,” he said in a tone of happiness. “I’ll see you tomorrow at breakfast.”

(Y/N) was about to yell in response before he disappeared around the corner.

She huffed a loose piece of hair from her face and banged the door shut with her foot.

“Arrogant. Stupid.” (Y/N) muttered under her breath as she stumbled to set the box down. Upon opening it, (Y/N) found set of polished chainmail, training gear and a brand new sword - the one the kind blacksmith had let her borrow. Was it now hers?

(Y/N)’s thoughts were interrupted by the sound of voices outside of her door, arguing incessantly. It sounded like Peter…

The door suddenly burst open, basically scaring (Y/N) out of her skin, and there appeared Peter with an apologetic smile on his face. “I apologise wholeheartedly for my brother’s behaviour. You’re a guest and should be treated as such, and Edmund should make it up to you.”

(Y/N) looked at the High King’s brother lurking outside of her chamber door impatiently. His dark eyes looks directly into hers, and the hairs on the back of her neck stood up when he observed the dress she wore.

“Oh, I forgot to tell the both of you,” Peter reminded himself out loud. “You two will be training together for the next couple of weeks until (Y/N)’s departure.”

“What?” (Y/N) and Edmund exclaimed simultaneously, looking at the High King who tried to hide his smile.

“Starting tomorrow,” he pointed out. “Goodnight (Y/N), Edmund.”

Peter rushed out the door, leaving (Y/N) and Edmund alone, furious. He rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb. “I don’t have time for this…”

The visitor scoffed, rolling her eyes. “You’re so-”

“What?” He interrupted, stepping inside the room with raised eyebrows. “I’m so what?”

“It’s only been a day and you already hate my guts.“ (Y/N) stated angrily. “It’s not like I burnt your training area to the ground.”

“You really think I care that much about my training area?” He asked.

“It sure seems like it,” She retorted.

King Edmund smiled, not a happy or genuine smile; one that seemed sarcastic and lacked emotion.

He took one step towards (Y/N) with his arms crossed over his chest. His features were lit by the moon once more.

“Never mind me. You’re from Doorn, you might have trouble understanding the concept of territory. I forgive you for using my workspace.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” The girl growled defensively.

The king looked directly into her eyes. “You know exactly what I mean.”

“You’re crossing the line-”

“Line?” He inquired. “For a Doorn noble? The irony really is remarkable.”

Fuming, the girl reached for her sword on her dressing table and unsheathed it to direct it underneath the king’s chin. Although, he had a dagger already pointed threateningly against her waist.

(Y/N) felt her cheeks burn with fury and the heartbeat in her ears drowned all the sound. She was a couple of inches away from King Edmund’s face and she could see the wrath in his dark eyes.

He whispered so low, he gave the swords woman chills. “I would say you look better in your fighting gear, but wouldn’t that be offensive?”

Confusion struck (Y/N)’s face and thoughts. “What?”

His eyes flickered to the skirts of her dark blue gown and back to her eyes, his gaze unwavering. He leaned back and removed the dagger from (Y/N)’s side, leaving her in a position of leverage.

She removed the sword from his throat few moments later and sheathed it. The king walked towards the door with his hands folded behind his back with utmost humbleness; like the previous situation never occurred.

“Goodnight, Knight (Y/N).” He farewelled, leaving (Y/N) in surprise when he addressed her by her appropriate title. “We’ll be training hard tomorrow. And by we, I mean you.”

fanfic idea - winteriron dark! au

The whole reason for this idea was because I’m salty. and would like to see a winteriron vs stony. Only angsty. so much angst. and Stony doesn’t end happily ever after. Did I mention this is very much not steve-friendly? On the whole, this is probably just me being petty. This is basically just me rehashing a few of my previous ideas, just cranked it darker.

The winteriron part is also not that healthy either. There are elements of manipulations there too.

It seems I haven’t moved on from cacw at all. In fact, maybe I’m getting worse…..

This idea can be linked with this, or this, though this idea isn’t really meant as a continuation of either of them. Though, it can work as a continuation for the first one.

Warning: there be death.

there was a world where winteriron happens. For years, Bucky was happy with his beloved Tony. After so much effort before finally getting together, Bucky thought everything was worth it, even the hard road before he arrived where he was, by Tony’s side. Sure, they kept it from the team, but the team had been barely a team for a long time. Only those close to tony knew, those in the New Avengers that Tony led. Bucky didn’t want Steve and his friends to judge him, to tell him like he was a child that couldn’t judge people on his own. To tell him why and how it was a bad idea.

Sure, the old avenger and new avenger work together, but everyone knew there was a divide, one that no matter how much Tony or Steve tried, just won’t close anytime soon. The New Avenger belong to Tony, while the old one was Steve’s. It doesn’t matter that they tried to mend said rift, trust were broken, and like crinkles of paper, those things couldn’t be mended back the way it used to. From afar, it didn’t look like anything was wrong. But closer, it could be seen how the avengers were split.

Bucky knew Steve still cared for Tony. He knew. He also knew that once upon a time, Steve loved Tony too. He could see the jealousy in his eyes when Bucky was accepted into the fold of New Avengers, to stand by iron man’s side. The hurt when Bucky spent so much time in Tony’s lab, the lab that the old avenger no longer had free access to, especially steve. While he was the bridge between the old and new avengers, he’s more connected to the new than the old, Tony especially.

It wasn’t just Steve. The rest of the old avengers were bitter too, to see how seamlessly Bucky managed to ingratiate himself with Tony’s team, because they knew their rift had come to the point of no return when Steve lied for Bucky.

Bucky always knew the dark side of himself, the one that wasn’t entirely Hydra’s fault. Steve couldn’t understand that part of him, the darkness he had, despite seeing it both in a time long since passed, or now. His capability to be selfish, and to kill. While he chose not to kill, he also could do it without losing much sleep, especially those he thought had it coming. Hydra simply stripped away the limit he imposed on himself, the line the drew on the sand. Natasha might’ve understood it, but she was a mirror of himself, and he could never bring himself to truly trust her. Clint could too, but his harsh edges only clashed with Bucky’s own, and there was nothing either of them could do about that unless one of them changed personalities. Nobody else could even come close, not even Sam, depite being a military man. He was too much of Steve’s shadow to understand.

But, Tony fits. Tony understood it. His edges fits Bucky’s own, while the holes they could learn to fill together. They had nothing to hide from eachother, the worst had already happened. Bucky couldn’t kill Tony’s parents twice, after all. And Tony can’t find out twice. Most of all, Tony understood the darkness in Bucky. He knew, given the right incentive, nothing would be too far for Bucky Barnes. It was the Soldier that had a code, his limit was his orders. Bucky didn’t have such thing. So, Tony strived to never give him a reason. Every mission they went out, Tony’s voice seemed to be his own anchor, the reminder to his own conciousness. Tony doesn’t like dead bodies. Tony doesn’t like killing. So, every shot he took was aimed to incapacitate instead of killing, as long as they are sentient beings. Every move, every fight.

Tony was his heart, his connection to the world, the one that makes the world makes sense.

When he died, he took all the light with him, and Bucky was lost.

Of course, everyone felt the loss. He was Tony Stark. Rhodey even resigned from being active avenger, decided to concentrate more on being Air Force, back to being the man of the country. The new avenger was co-led by Carol Danvers and Hope Pym, and with them at the helm, the rift between the old avenger and new only got bigger.

Not to say the old didn’t grief. They did, all of them. None of them managed to apologize, to move on. Chances lost because of their own action, for trusting the wrong person, for simply not trusting the man that once upon a time gave everything. Steve most of all. He grieved for the time lost, the chance lost. He grieved of what could’ve been, of could’ve happened. He grieved, like Bucky grieved.

Bucky knew this when he saw Steve’s face in the funeral. Steve saw it when Steve yelled at him, screamed and–

“You were there! Why didn’t you protect him! YOU WERE THERE!”

Bucky could almost hear the accusation in Steve’s head.

(You took my place by his side. If I was there, I would save him. I would protect him. I would never let him die. If I was there, If you didn’t take my place–)

Bucky was there. Bucky watched it happen. Intellectually, he knew there was nothing he could’ve done. He knew Steve had no right to scream at him, when Bucky was the one that lost a lover. Bucky was the one that lost his world.

Bus Steve didn’t know that.

The only reason Bucky could be there in the first place was because Steve chose to protect Bucky instead of Tony. Steve decided to lie to Tony, to keep the truth from him. That was his mistake.

(He was a bad friend, he knew. But it was Steve’s decision. Steve chose it. Bucky was grateful, not because Steve protected him, but because it gave him a chance to have his love reciprocated.)

But, without Tony, nothing makes sense anymore. He doesn’t know anymore why he had to hold back. He doesn’t know why he had to aim away from that goon’s head. He didn’t shy away from killing anymore.

He was benched by Danvers due unneeded excessive force.

And then he heard of a mission. It was a mission given to the old avengers, with Stephen Strange and Reed Rishard as support. Through the report, he read about a rift between dimensions. Between realities. Between time.

(Tony, I missed you)

The one they found led to a dimension where everything was almost the same. Only, they haven’t gone through the Age of Ultron event.  Almost, only not quite there. The old avengers were warned not to enter the rift without special suit, made by richard and Stephen strange. Or, they’ll kill their alternate self once they stepped into that dimension. 

Bucky didn’t care.for his alternate self. He remembered who he was around that time. Simply a lost soldier, whose death would mean nothing to anyone but steve.

So he entered the rift and replaced his twin. As his twin’s memories came to him, he could focus on one important aspect.

Tony Stark.

This world’s Tony Stark is still alive. 

He’s made it his mission to make sure it stayed that way.

When he arrived to the Stark Tower, he used every passcode Tony had given him so he could enter unnoticed. It was, after all, practically the same, so he managed. The first thing he does was to save Jarvis and secure the mind stone. It would mean Vision would never be created, (or, maybe he will anyway. Tony had told him about this one, about a theory on how reality stick close to her truths, and how events that were supposed to happen will, no matter how)

Tony found him just as he secured the mind stone. This Tony didn’t know him, but this Tony was so similar to his own, that Bucky knew how to talk to him.

This Tony also knew about Bucky Barnes.

“Are you looking for Cap?” he asked, with a voice bucky missed deep in his bones, in his heart

Bucky told him no. Bucky also told him of the dangers of infinity stones, of the mind stone. On how it almost consumed his AI. when asked, JARVIS agreed, that his code was almost destroyed by the unknown entity. Tony didn’t seem to want to believe that, but the AI was dear to Tony, so much that JARVIS was a sentient being on his own.

Tony believed Bucky then, after more tests was done to the stone. Also, when he could see the damage the stone had almost done to his beloved AI.

“We need to bring the team in on this. This is dangerous. This could mean Tesseract all over again, with an even bigger army.”

Bucky told him that it wasn’t a good idea. Not with so little proof, so much speculations. No one would believe them. Even bringing Bruce Banner would be a gamble, one Bucky isn’t willing to take.

This Tony already knew his team didn’t trust him, it seems. (Then again, Bucky’s Tony did too). He agreed begrudgingly to do it Bucky’s way, when JARVIS took Bucky’s side.

“But, why come to me? Why not Cap? He would believe you.”

“I trust you. Steve’s a good man, but he is too naive. How can he believe the danger of infinity stone, when he’s still trying to fit into this present? He can’t see the dangers of the future, but you can.”

Tony blinked at him, perhaps not used to somone blatantly saying that he trusted him, without a ‘but’ in the end. His Tony once told him that before the New Avengers, before Bucky, no one besides Rhodey had ever done that. 

(Bucky understood what he was doing, but the divide was already there. He simply wedged it deeper, make it wider, until Tony can be free from the people that took him for granted)

With Ultron out of the picture now, there was still the Maximoff twins. They caused so much grief for Tony. But, for now, they can be ignored.

Tony is more important.

Bucky took residence in the tower, where none of the avengers lived besides Tony. The place was simply a base of operations. Bruce Banner was amore frequent visitor, but he was more often than not helping people in third world countries. Rhodey’s stay was much more scheduled, he spent time then when he was on leave,  so he never stayed too long, as he also needed to visit his family iin Philly.

In the course of three months, he had gained Tony’s trust. Also in those three months, he managed to redirect Steve’s searches, and Sam’s. Steve’s only saving grace that he wasn’t so arrogant as to ask Tony for help, either for funding or other resouces. His world’s Steve certainly still have the arrogance to borrow a quinjet. (But, two months in, it seemed Steve had gotten desperate and finally caved to borrow a quinjet. So, maybe not so different after all) 

Bucky gained Tony’s trust. Tony still thinks the team as a team, but he’s more leniant on himself not. He didn’t bend over backwards for them anymore, at least not as much. Tony even trusted Bucky enough to accept phonecalls from any avengers that would call him, occasionally looking at Bucky if he should helpt them or not. Most of the time, Tony said yes when Bucky said no anyway, but other times, when Bucky knew his work has been tight, he would step back and agree with Bucky.

Bucky’s still trying to figure out Tony’s and Steve’s relationship, however. Not much was different from how his Tony had described it, how Tony looked for Steve’s approval. Tony even admitted he had a crush, once upon a time. But, after Ultron, after stepping back from the Avengers, Tony told him it was over. He had accepted Steve would never reciprocate and moved on.

But, Bucky listened to the frequent calls, to the how are you, to the what are you doing. He could hear Steve’s fondness through the phone, if only by his own enhanced hearing. It didn’t mean anything, as Tony still didn’t think his feeling was reciprocated.

But, Bucky hated how Tony smiled with every question. How his espression lit up as Steve pretended to care for Tony. (No, they did, they did. They just cared him wrongly)

So, he decided it was time to tell Tony the truth. From his twin’s memory, he knew, the same thing also happened here in this dimension.

Bucky Barnes is still the one that killed Howard and Maria Stark.

He told Tony he remembered. That he was scared. But he needed to tell Tony anyway, because he deserved it. He apologized, even went on his knees. He even showed him proof, a video hidden under the encryption, inside the files that Natasha and Steve leaked into the internet.

Tony stared at the video long after it ended.

“Did they know?” the question was asked blankly, even Bucky couldn’t read the emotion in there. But, it wasn’t a new voice. He heard that tone before. He knew what to do, what to say.

“Perhaps. They were the ones that leaked those files. If Natasha is half the spy she claimed to be, at least she should know.”

Tony’s jaw tensed. He knew that Natasha and Steve was together in that mission, what she knew, Steve should do too.

The next time Steve called, Tony didn’t smile anymore.

“You sure you don’t want my help, Cap?” it was a leading question, Steve didn’t seem to notice the wird pitch in Tony’s voice as he asked.

“No, no. We’ll be fine, Tony. How about you? How’s your work?” Tony’s lips pursed, not willing to play whatever game Steve was playing.

(Bucky knew he wasn’t, Steve genuinely asked because he cared. He did.)

“Fine, fine. Same old, same old. Just–you sure Cap? Give me 30 minutes, I can probably encryipt those HYDRA files you leaked into the internet and probably find your old buddy for you.”

There was a startled silence on the otherline. A hesitation.

“No, no. It’s okay, Tony. You’re busy. Besides, I’ve seen them when Nat and I were at the bunker, there was nothing there that can lead us to the Winter Soldier.”

Steve had admitted himself that he did see them. Bucky noticed how Tony’s grip on his phone tightened.

“…Alright, then. Suit yourself. Good luck.”

Tony closed the phone before Steve finished his reply.

“Oh, alri–”

Tony didn’t quite fall to his knees, but it was close.

Bucky was quickly there by his side.

“Can I get close?” Bucky asked, stopping a few feet from Tony’s form. Tony looked up through his eyelashes, staring at him like he wasn’t sure if he should trust Bucky too. Bucky waited patiently, simply looking back. Eventually, Tony closed his eyes and nodded, and Bucky was quickly pressed agains Tony, arms wrapped around the smaller man. Tony didn’t cry, but his body did shook slightly.

Bucky was just happy to have Tony in his arms again. 

A/n: If I ever make a proper fic out of this, it’ll probably be long. After all, Bucky’s avengers gotta figure out there was an intruder in this universe they found. The New avengers might even step up, and Rhodey might even go war machine again, because he knows how much pain Bucky was probably in. The new avengers also the only ones that knew that Tony and Bucky were lovers. 

I have plans that makes sense right now, I’m just not sure It still will in another two days. It’ll probably make sense again in another few days, but meh. Imma try anyway.

Should I also tag it as stony? and stuckony? I’m not sure it’s stony friendly though… 

Red String

category: flooof, angst

pairing: eunwoo X reader

note: not sure if this was what you were imagining, but i hope you like it!

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“There’s a special channel in your body called the ulnar artery that connects your heart to your pinky finger. This thin vein then proceeds to exit your finger and trail its way through the world, soon connecting to somebody else’s heart. Human relationships are predestined by this red string, thus leading the two connected people to have an important story together. Everybody’s pinky finger has an invisible red string that is connecting them with another person who they will make history with. So (Y/N), when you grow feelings for someone and a red string becomes visible, that means that they’re your soulmate.”

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Hi! To every person reading this, I just wanted to tell you that I’m proud of you today. I’m so happy that my world has someone as unique as you. I’m proud of you for seeing this day, darling, and I’m so proud that you’re going to be somewhere in some part of this world, still connected to a million other hearts who beat just like yours. Go ahead and scroll down to the next post, take that breath, and live the next wonderful moment.  I’m cheering you on, my love.

So, fun thing I noticed about YMX’s little speech in the new trailer...

So the things he says are:

“One heart’s shadows fill the emptiness of another. See how they bring him to life? Like Heartless and Nobodies, they fit together.”

Well if this screenshot really is real:

Then I suppose this is hinting at Ven and Vanitas? That maybe they (being YMX and his punks) are trying to get Vanitas? And I could go on and on about that bit of dialogue, but what really got me was the last line.

“There is a darkness we are missing and must reclaim. The way hearts connect in this world can provide a clue.”

So to me, this kind of harkens back to the ye olde days of KH1, where Riku finding a way to restore Kairi’s heart was kind of a big deal on his part. And what’s one lead he followed for a bit of his journey?

Riku tried looking to Pinocchio for answers, because essentially the puppet was an inanimate object, like a toy, that gained a heart. He didn’t understand that. Heck, I’m not sure if it’s ever entirely been explained in the series outside of love and/or magic. 

So in this new world you got the little toy story guys who aren’t all that different from a wooden puppet like Pinocchio. Essentially non-human things that gained a heart like people. Maybe that’s what YMX is trying to understand? How seemingly lifeless or “heartless” things can spontaneously gain them? Maybe it has to do with the emotions connected to them? How much someone cares for the puppet/toy and loves it? Maybe it’s why they took Andy? 

Who knows where this dialogue will actually lead to. Maybe it turns out to be a dead end. Maybe it isn’t. Maybe they find a way to try and manufacture more little minions or possibly more vessels in this manner and try to use them to build up their own forces. Maybe Old Nort can’t take a vessel that didn’t have a heart or some kind of potential for it in the first place. 

We all know they have access to the means of manufacturing both heartless and very human-like replicas. Might not be just a shot in the dark. 

Tamagushi: What is it, and how to offer it

Tamagushi is an ancient offering to Kami-sama, it is usually a sakaki tree branch, or evergreen branch, and shide (zigzag strip of white rice paper) on top attached to  the leaves. There can be larger and more elaborate tamagushi, with red and white cloth, and asa (sacred hemp fibres) tied in a ribbon on the top as well alongisde two shide. 


What is the meaning and symbolism of tamagushi?

Tamagushi represents our sincere hearts and spirits, which we offer to Kami-sama. The evergreen (traditionally sakaki) represents the eternal nature of our spirits and hearts, and our connection to nature/the natural world, the physical world. Sakaki, and other evergreen trees (commonly cedar, cypress - especially hinoki) is also seen as a purifying tree. The shide itself represents energy and spirit, the spiritual side of our world. Shide is commonly understood to look like lightning, which is like energy/connection to Kami-sama. Thus, it is also reflective of our own divine sparks, our spirits and connection to the spiritual world.  The white of the paper as well also represents purify. 

If Asa (sacred hemp fibre) and red and white cloth are also tied onto the tamagushi, they represent dressing our hearts and spirits formally to be offered sincerely to Kami-sama. Asa is commonly used to tie offerings together, and offered as sacred fibre as well. Cloth is also seen as sacred, and a precious material from the blessings of both the heavens (sun, rain, moon) and Earth (soil, growth, seasons, etc.)

Tamagushi with asa fiber ribbon and dual shide

So we have both physical and spiritual, together as a symbol of our hearts and spirits in tamagushi. 

The action of offering as well is important, 

When we offer tamagushi, we hold the sakaki branch with the leaves resting on our left palm, and pinching the stem in our right hand. We walk up to the offering area, and bow, raising the tamagushi to our foreheads forward.

Going back upright, we turn the tamagushi stem to our hearts, and leaves to Kami-sama. Then we turn the branch once more to the left,  and then forward, so the stem will face Kami-sama, and the leaves face us. Then, we place the tamagushi on the hassouku/an/offering table, bow once more, do hairei (clap to Kami-sama) and then bow deeply again. We return to our seats after offering.

What does this action mean? It’s the symbolic action of turning the tamagushi to our hearts and spirit energy, then directing it to Kami-sama to offer. The hairei clapping is to call Kami-sama’s attention towards our offering and heart. 

If you ever have a chance to offer tamagushi during ceremony, now you know the meaning! 

Pink-haired Woman

Rating: T

Summary: “Why don’t you stay in the village for a while?” “Too dangerous.” “At least show yourself to your wife.” “Did something happen?” He sighed, sounding a bit disappointed. “Nothing. But it’ll do something right.” And the words came out as if he’s also lecturing himself.

a/n: A short story for Sakura this mother’s day. And this is my entry for Day 7 of SasuSaku Week: Free Choice. Hope you guys like it :)

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“Why don’t you stay in the village for a while?”

“Too dangerous.”

Time of arrival: 7:00 pm.

“At least show yourself to your wife.”

“Did something happen?”

Mission status: Ongoing.

He sighed, sounding a bit disappointed.

“Nothing. But it’ll do something right.”

And the words came out as if he’s also lecturing himself.

I arrived earlier than expected. So, with my chakra scrupulously hidden, I decided to use my limited time watching them from the shadows.

The first thing I saw was her pink hair. It had grown long, flowing down to her slim waist. She tied it into a loose braid to keep it brushing her face as she chopped vegetables. From the shadows, I could hear the boiling broth and smell the calming aroma. I also observed the changes she had done in the manor: it’s now brighter and more welcoming, contrary to the daunting abode from a memory of my youth. Before, returning here was a curse. Now, it’s tempting me to come out of my hiding, inviting me to join their perpetual supper.

And I almost did. But I held my ground as the door noisily opened and an unfamiliar voice announced, “Tadaima!”

“Okairi,” Sakura replied, turning her body slightly to give the person a gaiety smile. Eventually, a child maybe around six years old came into view. She bore jet black hair that framed her spectacled face. “How’s your day, Sarada-chan?”

“Sarada…” I mumbled as a part of me wondered, ‘When did she get so tall? How did she get so tall? Aren’t those Karin’s-’ I counted with my fingers. ‘How long have I been traveling through dimensions..?’

“For a while now,” Sakura replied lightly. With a flinch, my attention returned to the scene. I reminded myself that her words were for Sarada’s question which I didn’t hear.

“Okay, I’ll go change.” Sarada disappeared upon ascending the stairs.

Sakura went back to her task. She started to prance around the kitchen, accomplishing multiple tasks at once. Her thick locks swayed along her practiced movements. Her skilled hands moved about her domain.

And I mused when the last time I was this thoroughly amazed as…

She tested the broth, added a little bit of salt.

She shaped the rice balls, placed them artfully on a plate.

She rinsed the lettuce, garnished them with tomatoes and citrus.

She paused for a moment, probably debating if she should have the same thing in the morning.

She stacked her used utilities. She wiped her few spills.

She washed her hands then wiped them dry. She slid her apron off then hung them by-

The phone rang. With a raised brow, she picked it up. She pinned the receiver between her temple and shoulder.

“Dr. Uchiha speaking,” Her relaxed expression was replaced by concentration. “How are the children, Nurse Michiko?”

She began fixing the table-placemats, plates, spoons and forks-

“He finally woke up?!” Her calculating eyes glistened with relief. “Thank goodness! Now, after you check his sutures, I want you to give him this concoction that I made…”

-cups of tea, bowls of soup, a tray of rice ball and a serving of salad.

“…yes, place all the reports on my desk.” She switched ears. “Tell his mom that he’s first on my rounds tomorrow. Yes. Thank you so much!”

She returned the receiver. She went by the window. She leaned on the sill. She’s probably checking her mental list, to see if her work was done.

Her back showed off the Uchiha crest. A warm sensation spread across my chest. A dazed sigh escaped my lips, 'when was the last time I…’

Gradually, the memories relayed like flipping pages of a book.

Awakening beside her. Kissing her awake. Falling in love. Cooking her breakfast. Watching her breast-feed. Fighting over the bathroom. Laughing at inside jokes. Tapping our foreheads. Wondering about them during work. Musing what’s for dinner. Returning home. Wrapping my arms around her waist. Kissing her neck, her temple, her forehead. Enveloping Sarada’s small frame. Waiting for dinner. Listening to Sarada’s babbles. Receiving her sloppy smooch.

Having supper together. Cleaning up the table. Preparing for bed. Closing my eyes. Occasionally making love. Falling in love. Falling asleep. Feeling secure knowing that this was more than a dream.

Sakura clasped her hands in satisfaction. She turned around then smiled to herself. She gaped at the starry sky; a part of me already knew her wish. She laughed at herself. “You know, I cooked your favorite dish.”

Then she shifted her gaze at the Sakura tree, her emerald eyes directly looking at me.

My heart beat began to rise. Dry mouth. Sweaty palms. I got lost in her maze.

Everything went blank. All focus was on her. And I surmised uncharacteristically, 'everything is her.’

God. What did I do to deserve this perfect piece of art?

“What are you looking at, mama?” Sarada appeared all of a sudden. Her onyx eyes followed her look. I held my breath, realizing that I had lost my grasp of the chakra-masking jutsu.

I backed away, trying to refocus my chakra.

She stared at my direction for ten nervous seconds before giving me a sweet grin, “Nothing.  She replied lightly. "I thought I saw a falcon on that tree.” She pointed at me.

My shoulders tensed.

“Falcon?” Sarada squinted, confusion written on her face. “All I can see is the Sakura tree, mama.”

“Yeah,” Sakura giggled knowingly. She put a hand on Sarada’s shoulder then led her to the dining table, “Guess it’s just my imagination. Let’s have dinner!”

Then relaxed again.

Sarada raised an eyebrow at the 'Sakura tree’ before dismissively shrugging. “A-ah… Before that mama…” she rummaged through her duffel bag in a hesitant manner. Focused eyes told a story that she had rehearsed for what was to come. She then carefully pulled out a ribbon-bound plastic container. With a nervous smile, she greeted, “Happy mother’s day!”

'So Naruto was referring to…’ A wave of guilt crept in.

“Eh? B-but the breakfast you cooked for me earlier is enough Sara-chan! You shouldn’t have!” Sakura timidly accepted the parcel yet her lips curved from ear to ear.

She opened it and revealed a dozen of syrup-coated anko dumplings. A surprised gasp escaped her lips, in an instant, her smaragdine eyes widened in pure delight. “Oh wow! Thank you so much, love!” She unceremoniously pulled her daughter in one of her bear hugs.

Sarada returned the affectionate gesture, wrapping her arms around her torso and burying her face in her braids. “I-I thought that this could be like… Papa’s sort of… representative..?” She laughed weakly.

A glint of cognizance flashed in Sakura’s eyes before stifling a chortle. “Is that so… What gave you that idea, love?”

Sarada glued her look on the floor as her fingers fidgeted the hem of her skirt. “B-because I saw the seventh t-treating Auntie Hinata a-and-” She bit her lip, trying to surpass a heave.

Sakura’s smile wearied. She placed the sweets on the dining table first before gingerly squatting down to Sarada’s eye level. She placed a gentle hand on her cheek. “And?”

It was perhaps her mother’s tender gesture that encouraged her to look back at Sakura’s eyes. Sarada bit her lip, scrunched her brows then shed a guilty tear.

“M-mama… I know that you’re tired of this question, b-but where is papa?”

I felt my heart break along with her voice. I gritted my teeth as thousands of contrite words flooded my mind. Every one of them, I rejected for I knew there’s no excuse that would bring back the times I was away.

I clenched my fist until it’s pale white. 'And more to come.’

“He…” My wife thought for a moment, trying to find the right words. She threw a gander at the Sakura tree then started, “remember the story of the falcon?”

Sarada wiped her wet cheeks. “T-the falcon living on the Sakura tree…”

“The Sakura tree that is located in a sacred forest. A sacred, bountiful forest which is targeted by many selfish people. So, in order to protect its home, and the forest, the falcon took it upon itself to fly around the world to defeat the enemies.”

Sakura nodded. “Papa… is like the falcon.” Sakura gently angled Sarada’s head to my direction. Our onyx eyes clashed. “He’s on a very important mission to protect the village.” She raised a hand then tapped Sarada’s forehead. “To protect you.”

I felt my eyes brim. I leaned my body on the Sakura’s trunk as all of my strength mysteriously drained. The admiration that I felt from watching Sakura earlier, intensified. This time, it’s mixed with pride and joy and overflowing gratitude.

So much so, my heart ached with urge, an ample amount of courage to perpetually announce to the world (in many ways than one) that, 'This is Sakura Uchiha. She is my wife, the mother of my child.’

The most amazing woman in the world.

“Always remember, love, our hearts are connected. No matter what happens, wherever papa is right now, he’s always thinking of us.”

Sarada threw her arms around her mother’s again, “I love you mama.” She sobbed. “Thank you so much for taking care of me… even if papa…”

“Shh…” Sakura rested her chin on Sarada’s head then brush her soft, raven tress. She glanced at my direction again before saying, “we love you too, our sweet, sweet love…”

I stood my ground even if the rest of my being was demanding me to join their huddle. I stood my ground even if her viridian irises were pleading aimlessly. I stood my ground even if all I wanted to do was to go home.

Naruto’s advice whispered in my head; I decided to wait for midnight to come.

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