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I was going through old photos and I found these. I think they’re so beautiful, but I remember when I took them I was disappointed. It was winter of my freshman year of college, during finals, nighttime and it started to snow. I took my camera outside and shot a bunch of photos around campus and when I got back inside and looked at them, I hated them. I hated them because they didn’t capture what it felt like to be in the snow. Sometimes with photography you need time for the memory of the true appearance to fade. 

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Listen once in a while. It’s amazing what you can hear. On a hot summer day in the country you can hear the corn growing, the crack of a tin roof buckling under the power of the sun. In a real old-fashioned parlor silence so deep you can hear the dust settling on the velveteen settee, you might hear the footsteps of something sinister gaining on you, or a heart-stoppingly beautiful phrase from Mozart you haven’t heard since childhood, or the voice of somebody - now gone - whom you loved. Or sometime when you’re talking up a storm so brilliant, so charming that you can hardly believe how wonderful you are, pause just a moment and listen to yourself. It’s good for the soul to hear yourself as others hear you, and next time maybe, just maybe, you will not talk so much, so loudly, so brilliantly, so charmingly, so utterly shamelessly foolishly.
—  Russell Baker, Class of 1995 Commencement Address at Connecticut College