#141-Kabutops, The Shellfish Pokemon

Though most dome fossils are resurrected as Kabuto, there are extremely rare occasions when dome fossils do produce Kabutops. Kabutops has a large shell armor that looks bulky, but can actually be tucked in to help it swim faster. Kabutops uses its claws to slice open Pokemon to drink their fluids.

December 14, 2012 Motive

(Excerpt from an electronic conversation in 2013)

Why do you think Adam chose December 14th 2012? He’d been planning for years, the photos found of him with magazines in his pockets (holding a rifle and shotgun), with pistols and the Bushmaster to his head, etc. were 2 years old. My best educated guess is that Nancy was threatening to sell the guns and move… she went on 9 trips that year and was leaving him alone most of the time. His 2-3 years of planning, depression, abandonment, fear of losing the guns, and anorexia (metabolic imbalance) all came to a head. She had all the forms to sell the guns in the evidence list and also her friend reported she was talking about it.. I wonder if she told him and he freaked.


#140-Kabuto, The Shellfish Pokemon

Kabuto cannot be found in the wild in the present-day anymore, but the fossils can be found along the East coast and be revived at renowned universities. Kabuto used to live on beaches, and had a strong swimming ability, apparently aided by being able to spray water at high pressures.