A woman by the name of Mrs. Mary M. Starr  reported that a bright light awoke her between two and three in the morning. She went to her bedroom window to find the source of the light, and discovered a mysterious UFO hovering above her clothesline.

The craft had large, square windows and through them she witnessed two alien creatures pass by one another with what she assumed to be their right arms held up in the air. The creatures had no hands, it is unknown whether they had legs or feet, and their “heads” were transparent cubes with bright red cores and their rubbery bodies appeared to flare out like a skirt.

They are now known as they Old Saybrook Blockheads.

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Connecticut bill would allow police to use armed drones

  • Should police be allowed to use weaponized drones?
  • That’s the question Connecticut lawmakers are debating right now with House Bill 7260, which would allow law enforcement to deploy drones to release tear gas, bullets and bombs.
  • Proponents of the measure say that it’s necessary and that it would be “extremely narrowly tailored.”
  • “Obviously this is for very limited circumstances,” Republican state Sen. John Kissel, co-chairman of the Judiciary Committee that approved the bill and sent it to the House, said, according to the Associated Press.
  • “We can certainly envision some incident on some campus or someplace where someone is a rogue shooter or someone was kidnapped and you try to blow out a tire.” Read more (4/27/17)

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